who is this hottie?? 9 comments


idk who this guy is but ive been seeing him on myspace alot on roleplay accounts?? who is he??

Ryan Alexander, who the heck are you? 89 comments

I normally hate “who is this” posts.

Ryan Alexander/Ryan Manual.
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Your usual emo heart throb.
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This dudes, been going around facebook, chatting up SIF’s and skanks.
It’s pretty certain that, this “Ryan” is faker i mean look at his victims, all cyber freaks gagging for some hottie cock.

Victim 1- “Clairey”

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on the left..
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Victim 2 – misty.

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Victim 3 – Lily

on the right.

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and some other gremlins,

he claims to have cheated on them all with this girl,

“Brodie Wicks”


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obvious fake is obvious?

its amazing how much you can find out from formspring 😉

any whizzle, i just wanted to know who he is becuase im not fair to pick on fattys ad uglys they have it hard enough as it is.

Ryans formspring; http://www.formspring.me/ryanscottalex
Ryans Facebook;

Is this bitch fake? 21 comments

So i’m pretty sure this kids fake. He says he lives in Germany, yet he speaks PERFECT English. Wtf? And he only has 161 friends. Does anybody know the real person? Linkz.

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“Askel’s” facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001220651918

okay, who is this? 13 comments

please help me find this guy! this is some girl’s ‘friend’ on facebook, and i am 90% positive that they took his picture from myspace or something.

i’m really sorry to be posting this her, because i realize a lot of you are sick of these, but i checked everywhere.

this is obviously NOT a self post.

I need dirt on @gavinlindemuth 13 comments

I need dirt on this kid, @gavinlindemuth

Anyone have any?


Who Is She? 14 comments

so, im sick with the stomach flu and i’m somewhat creepin on my friends facebook cause who the fuck goes on myspace nowadays? alright 2007. and I stumbled upon this chick..

damn shes smokin. i dont remember her name. something with an s. and she i think was from central jersey, anyone wanna help me? shes bangin

Who is he? 22 comments

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Who is he?
Link or name is fine.

manwhore – dustin taylor stout 50 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Sorry Dustin, but we can’t resist approving a Taryn Elizabeth post.  At least we categorized you under “yummy boyz.”  AND WOW–EVA GLAM?!  I HATE THAT BITCH!!!  She kicked me from a Stickam group chat 4 years ago before I was StickyDrama, just because I wasn’t on cam.  Dumb slut.]

Dustin Taylor Stout
Here we have an asshole. Who brags about fucking girls he’s never met. He is nothing but a joke. Hes not internet famous so he needs a reality check, and fast. Hes not attractive, he tries way too hard to become the scene that has already died. Sorry dustin. Maybe next time. Let’s take a look at his three victims.

Taryn Elizabeth
This is his first victim. Claims he loved this girl and gave her everything. But when he fucked her over. He made her life a living hell. Talking down to her, making her miserable. Telling people this and that, that he didn’t fuck her. Welp he did! But if she was so fat, disgusting, and embarassing, then WHY date/fuck her? For fame?

Eva Glam
His second victim. They were good at first. But then of course Dustin was being Dustin and fucked her over too. Just like the rest of them. Another internet girl. Once again looking for fame.

Jame Doll
His third victim. Which is the most recent. Jame Doll ended things with Dustin I think 2 weeks ago. Apparently he hit her or something. And she left. Cheated on her with a girl. If this is correct. She lasted the longest. Looked like they had something going. Until, then again, dustin was being dustin. In his live on stickam he bragged about how he would fuck her once more if he could. Trashy much?

Kind of funny how these three girls live in Arkansas. And have a high friend count. Maybe he was looking for publicity? Maybe I’m wrong but this is what it looks like. He’s pathetic. Why does he brag so much? Nobody care about him, or his stupid life. Hes not going to end up anywhere so why is he trying so hard. Like I said hes not attractive so why does he act the way he does? Stop being cocky because you have no reason to. Get a real life, one away from the internet.




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