Still Jonny Vanity? 19 comments

So i have a question ?

how does self proclaimed internet celebrity Jonny Vanity go from this ?
to this ?
a eyebrowless , flawed disgusting faggot wanna be scene kid ?

check it out.

stickam –

lofl fail 🙂

Hey Dahvie of BOTDF, you’re fat. 53 comments


Vanity scandal? 7 comments

Well when I read about this new “boytoy” of Vanity’s I decided to check it out. I went to his live to find them both, Jonny and “Antix”, discussing the blog so I made a profile on stickydrama so I can post this:

Jonny Vanity: kill me clay
Jonny Vanity: i want to die
Jonny Vanity: so kill me
Antix: if you didnt make it then explain why the pics on the blog come from the same pics on your stickam?
Jonny Vanity: 🙁 i didnt make that blog
Jonny Vanity: i swear to you
Jonny Vanity: i swear on my life
Jonny Vanity: i swear on my dead brother :'[
Jonny Vanity: who meant more than anything to me
Jonny Vanity: u want proof of how far im willing to go to prove i want to be with you :[
Jonny Vanity: how about hte proof on my wrist
Jonny Vanity: :[
Jonny Vanity: i might as well killed myself
Jonny Vanity: you’d be better off with me dead

Photo from the previous blog:

Photo found on his stickam:

The profile that’s private

Ok so let me get this straight, Jonny Vanity made that post to self-promote his own fame using his new boyfriend…. and he finds out… ouch. Basically, Antix is saying that the pics on the previous blog came from the same profile as the pics on his stickam, a private profile might I add.

So now they’re breaking up and it seems and Jonny is going to kill himself. Happy holidays?

Jonny Vanity and His NEWW!? Boy ? 24 comments

Jonny Vanity has a new boyfriend?
and he’s a firecrotch ? lol
I was lurking mr.”famous’s”
live today and couldn’t help but notice that he has a new boyfriend.
who goes by the stickam screen name of antix
Wow Jonny really ? you could do so much better?
I mean come on hunny your “the queen of scene”?
Heres the latest picture of jonny vanity


Now, heres a picture of jonny vanity’s new boyfriend


Really jonny ? you could do better i mean yeah its you but come on hunny a redhead ? and an ugly one at that

Here are the links

Jonny vanity –

Vanity’s boytoy –

The REAL Dahvie Vanity 79 comments

Thought you all deserved a little lesson on the wonders of hair extentions & make up!

Here is my exibit: Dahvie Vanity!



Stay beautiful! xoxox

NM Scene Kids = iFail. 11 comments

The Scene Kids from New Mexico are all so trashy.

Here are a few examples:

These four are the worst of them all they think they are the shit and are always drugged out:

And here are the wannabe Scenes from NM:

_Doesnt Anyone Realise that the scene died just as soon as it started?_

you have to be kidding me. 32 comments

while browsing through the slums of myspace, i ran upon this little number….or should i say,BIG number.
at first glance you think “oh,another overphotoshopped,scene skank”
behind the scene angles,you find this
hunny let me start off by saying if you are going to photoshop yourself skinnier,PLEASE make your thunder thighs even..and your arm,LMFAO that is just a fucking joke.
your photoshop skills are worse than taryn’s and amor’s combined,you honestly kind of look like you scalped amor and ate her remains.

and vanity?!?! lol has anybody else noticed anybody with the word “vanity” after their name is completely fucking hideous?
with acception of anthony [whom is yummy =d]
i must say she is a new exception to the word SIF

don’t be lazy, do some crunches,fatty


introducing dani vanity a well known internet “celebrity”
wow so fail 🙂
introducing jonny vanity a also well known stickam celebrity
lol == dani vanity == jonny vanity == dani vanity == jonny vanity == jonny vanity

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