@Edenshizzle, @FreddyMichael beg “Daddy Botts” for money 23 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This daddy is none other than Botts, aka “Daddy Botts,” a notorious old pedofag on Stickam.  Botts, whose legal name is Keith Botts, is fond of having young boys give sexually explicit webcam performances in exchange for money—including Freddy Michael, who is now 17 years old.  Botts has incestuous fantasies and likes to call all these boys his “son.”  Sick fuck.]

Now, before I start, let me say that I actually like Eden. From what I’ve seen, he’s a sweet guy and cares a lot about the people he’s close to, but when I was on his live last night…I couldn’t help but laugh and how pathetic he was acting.


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Anonymau5, April 2, 2010

what a bunch of faggots

Eden Shizzle, April 2, 2010

let me just say I never performed sexual acts on cam for him (id admit it if I did)
but I have sent him n00dz

and im sure a lot of you would too for 1,000 bucks.
don’t deny now kids!
but ya, I don’t mind this post. doesn’t embarrass me at all
I did ACT pathetic on stickam.
keyword: act

and before anyone bashes me to “get a job”
I do have a job out here in tx
I got that job within the first two days of moving here

I just know how to hustle n play

just clearing that up
kk love yall <3

ps. im a horsefaced mule faggot
yes, I get it


Anonymous, April 2, 2010

im 12, and whats going on here?

FreddyMichael, April 2, 2010



Eden Shizzle, April 2, 2010

here everyone add this!!! follow me!
LOOK its twitter.com/edenIMAMULEshizzle bhahahaha i love fucking with this site now

Sticky, April 2, 2010


I couldn’t resist explaining Botts in my note, but the author just @replied you without adding URLs. I thought that was good enough, since the RSS tweeted through my Twitter.

alexlaven, April 2, 2010


Sticky, April 2, 2010

On a more serious note, let me just say I’m not going after Botts for being an old cocksucker. Not at all. I’ll be an old cocksucker myself someday. But there are some lines that should never be crossed.

The problem is his habit of sending money to barely legal teens, and in this particular case a minor, in exchange for sex shows. And how he calls them all his “son,” you know what his fantasy is! He’s old, but still got another 30 or 40 years left in him. If he’s paying minors for virtual sex now, how long until he lives out his fantasy IRL? It’s not a gay or a straight thing. It’s just as sick some old man who calls female minors “daughter.” Botts has done this for YEARS, he paid Alex Emergency and Jay the Bi God for this sort of thing too, watching them fuck while calling them his sons. This dude is just creepy and is going to horribly fuck up some young boy’s life some day.

anonymous, April 2, 2010

Damn. 😮
I wazzz therrr

Relates, April 2, 2010

This guy is a criminal, and sexually exploiting a minor is very far from funny.

zZzSarahzZz, April 2, 2010

ew botts is a freakk o_O

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

ive already reported freddy to his local police department for streaming child pornography..

Eden Shizzle, April 2, 2010

^except he didnt know the cam was on when he was naked so it obviously is not his fault. it may be my fault cuz i was live. but hay. U AINT GON DO SHIT. hahahah guarantee it, anon pussy

Lisa, April 3, 2010

lmfao @ “Nay fucking nay”

JennJenn, April 3, 2010

ohwow. I remember when Botts first started stickam, he seemed just like a funny old dude, maybe slightly autistic etc. I always wondered why he kept getting banned. He’d always tell me his new accounts when I was into stickam and he’d call anyone his kids. He also has an IRL son who has been on cam a few times, I wonder if anythings happened with his real son. That’d be something to look into and possibly how he gets all this money since he’s online so much.

Girlgerm, April 3, 2010

All sorts of classiness……ahem.

Bex, April 3, 2010

Oh boy. At least it’s not really his dad? lol

Anonymous, April 4, 2010

eden you fucking WHORE

Shaneandstuff, April 4, 2010

Eden, owning up to it doesn’t make it any better. Fact is you’re a whore. Literally, you’re selling your body for money. And if you have a job, why do you need the extra money from “daddy”?
Did you ever think about your future? This post COULD COST YOU A JOB in ten years. Think before you do stupid shit like this because it’s going to end up here on Sticky.

george bush, April 4, 2010


Eden Shizzle, April 4, 2010

i dont sell my body, because its just over the internet. who gives a fuck about that shit? ahaha if it was in person that uh NO fuck that, im not into hollywood handjobs with strangers

i just need extra money to PAY RENT but u know what
what i did was wrong sure
but u know what else else?
i forgot


Gogorama, May 5, 2010

A whore is a whore be it in person or not. It is especially seedy on line at least in a magazine it is a professionally done JOB! And you accepted money from a known pedophile which means you are in a way supporting pedophilia buy allowing him to continue in his trade. This kind of shit will cost you many things because people will assume you too are a pedophile having been consorting with one. And I for one am happy to spread this shit around.

1. It makes it brings it more to the forefront that this kind of behavior is common on bothsides thus in a way making many more normal or less stigmatized so people like you and him can get professional help.

2. He gets you and people like him busted for tafficing in this kind of trade.

Though I feel like this is a lot of fake self post shit to get attention because you don’t have friends in real life to hang out with. This trend of building an on-line life is scary people don’t know how to act normal around other people anymore.

And you need money to pay rent, that makes you even more of a whore. It also means you need a job, or you need to stop spending your hard earned money on porn yourself. Though whoring yourself does pay well, I can see the allure. I can’t imagine ones dignity or esteem will last long. But I don’t know I know porn stars who love what they do and are totally well adjusted people. So maybe you’ll turn out fine, just stop dealing with pedophiles and creeps.

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