Aw not again!! 12 comments

I wonder if she was “scammed” into this shoot too, and then “tricked” into doing anal this time.

Molly pt. 2!

Rise of pointless (whorish behavior) youtube vids. 13 comments

ending tail: is pretty much girls who are extremely busted! (shitty mainstream models)…suffering from an acute dose of day to day gesturing from the opposite hence way to much confidence.

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@mmmkikikannibal possible new boyfriend @VeganMikey ? 55 comments

I stumbled upon Kiki’s twitter page and noticed she was following someone else BESIDES her sister.


It’s actually pretty funny how much Kiki contradicts herself.

Like how she goes on and on about how she wants the perfect guy, and no offense to anyone but last time I checked a satanist covered with tattoos isn’t the best candidate for someone looking to get married and have 6+ children. I’m sure some satanists have children but they probably aren’t very good role models. (I’m referring to his background on Twitter that he’s a satanist) And I didn’t know satanist’s were into bleach blonde ditzy whores. Either he’s one of those ” I’m hardXc0re 666 I worship Satan” kinda people, or he’s just another guy in a band using her (What a shocker that would be)

Oh and here’s the best part 😀

He’s taken. Yet another contradiction. If any of you watch Kiki on Stickam you would know she always goes on about “taken men are a no-no” and that she’s not sleazy enough to do such a thing. Oh and what happened to that 2 year break from relationships? Guess she can’t keep away from the dick for too long 😉 I give her props though, it’s probably really hard to stay away from guys since they all want her. I know what you’re all thinking “she’s just following him on twitter, that doesn’t mean they’re dating” but how many of you seriously believe Kiki is JUST friends with him? I’m sure Mama Kannibal would approve of her 17 y/o daughter dating a 22 year old scum bag that lives in Vegas 😉

(By the way sorry for the shitty screen caps)

@Edenshizzle, @FreddyMichael beg “Daddy Botts” for money 23 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This daddy is none other than Botts, aka “Daddy Botts,” a notorious old pedofag on Stickam.  Botts, whose legal name is Keith Botts, is fond of having young boys give sexually explicit webcam performances in exchange for money—including Freddy Michael, who is now 17 years old.  Botts has incestuous fantasies and likes to call all these boys his “son.”  Sick fuck.]

Now, before I start, let me say that I actually like Eden. From what I’ve seen, he’s a sweet guy and cares a lot about the people he’s close to, but when I was on his live last night…I couldn’t help but laugh and how pathetic he was acting.


@Andysixbvb Cheats & Dumps @PoutyScouty for Fame Whore @theHannabeth 111 comments

Hanna Beth obviously doesn’t care that people think she’s a slut, does she? First Trace Cyrus, then Deryck Whibley (Avril Lavignes ex husband) and now Andy “Sixx.” The bitch is obviously looking for more ways to become “famous.”  Andy cheated on long-time girlfriend Scout Taylor-Compton and then dumped her for that dyke Hanna Beth.

@TheHannabeth Twitter

I guess this wouldn’t be a shock to some though, Andy and Scout have been on and off again for years and cheating on each other. But it must be a slap in the face for Scout that Andy would dump her AFTER Scout takes him to her movie premier and after parties for her new movie “The Runaways.”  It was obvious he was using her for his own advantage all along though. Maybe Hanna and Andy ARE perfect for each other. Both are fame whores that will end up no where. Hanna is getting uglier by the day and Andy’s little groupies will grow up eventually.


Team Andy or Scout?


And if you say “Team Hanna!” you deserve to be slapped across the face.

How long do you think Hanna and Andy will last? I say 3 weeks TOPS.

Vanity Lush, Matthew Lush, James Shea, boobs exposed! 11 comments

I was in James Shea’s live yesterday when Matthew Lush’s “sister” Vanity Lush was showing off her boobs to everyone! After awhile she left, we all thought she was banned by a stickam admin. A few moments later I noticed she was live, so I decided to go and lurk. I got more then I thought I would, Vanity Lush continued to show her boobs and her vagina to over 100 people. Vanity Lush continues to say her brother is Matthew Lush, and after showing off her body she was banned. About 30 minutes later I hear from sources she was unbanned, Vanity Lush said “All it took was a call, and now I’m unbanned!” She still insists she’s Matthew Lush’s sister.

Stay classy Vanity “Lush”!

[Sticky’s note:  I normally embed links that this into the post, but I wasn’t going to spend the time  blurring out all these fucking Stickam logos.]

Here’s James Shea mass kicking everyone from Vanity Lush’s live!

@YTJacquelynLove is a skank 34 comments

Ive been avoiding talking shit about this skank for a while but the last few days of warped tour were the last straw… this girl has been homie hopping from band bus to band bus since last year when she was very openly fucking mike fuentes of pierce the veil. she also has been known to hook up with tmills the self proclaimed “rapper”,  josh white the owner of this city is burning , andrew whiting from attack attack, joey wilson and I’m pretty sure she had a threesome with corey laquay from a skylit drive.  she romps around LA wearing almost nothing in heels with her long ass extensions. i dont even think shes old enough to get into clubs legally. she looks like a fucking gross ass tranny and hangs out with them all the time, I don’t want to name drop but *cough cough* ANDIE IVY who has also been known to be a fuckin slut.

ive had enough of this nasty bitch, she doesnt even look like her pictures in real life. shes fat as fuck and has braces

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? @NICHOLASinHD 5 comments

I wouldn’t have thought my random bored search for a millionaire would lead me to him.  Haha. I need to lay off watching millionaire matchmaker.

see the rest of his ad here:

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