who is this hottie?? 9 comments


idk who this guy is but ive been seeing him on myspace alot on roleplay accounts?? who is he??

Who is the Real Jessica Dulong? 13 comments

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whats this chicks real name?
her fake name is jessica dulong, we dated and everything. she fucked me over shes a fake.

Ryan Alexander, who the heck are you? 89 comments

I normally hate “who is this” posts.

Ryan Alexander/Ryan Manual.
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Your usual emo heart throb.
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This dudes, been going around facebook, chatting up SIF’s and skanks.
It’s pretty certain that, this “Ryan” is faker i mean look at his victims, all cyber freaks gagging for some hottie cock.

Victim 1- “Clairey”

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on the left..
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Victim 2 – misty.

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Victim 3 – Lily

on the right.

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and some other gremlins,

he claims to have cheated on them all with this girl,

“Brodie Wicks”


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obvious fake is obvious?

its amazing how much you can find out from formspring 😉

any whizzle, i just wanted to know who he is becuase im not fair to pick on fattys ad uglys they have it hard enough as it is.

Ryans formspring; http://www.formspring.me/ryanscottalex
Ryans Facebook;

okay, who is this? 13 comments

please help me find this guy! this is some girl’s ‘friend’ on facebook, and i am 90% positive that they took his picture from myspace or something.

i’m really sorry to be posting this her, because i realize a lot of you are sick of these, but i checked everywhere.

this is obviously NOT a self post.

Who’s this scene-ish Girl? 21 comments

She looks more emo than scene. But, I found pictures on photobucket of her. It looks more like a girl than a boy though, but I’m not quite sure. I’m guessing girl. MySpace, Facebook, anything?


Who is he? 22 comments

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Who is he?
Link or name is fine.

Please anyone any info on this amazing girl? 10 comments

I know this isn’t the place to post this but stickyn00dz is down and I’ve been dying to figure out who this girl is for over a year now! Please any info at all…



I don’t give a fuck if it’s a failpost this girl is perfect!


[Sticky’s note:  I’m glad to see MyDrama users bringing up-and-coming networks like Tumblr onto this site, thanks!]

As some of you know there is some skank who started up a site called smackbrookelle claiming she will ‘expose brookelle’

Its really funny because she never posts ANYTHING and sits on her computer 24/7 answering the same lame ass questions.

This has been going on for months now and she is too scared to reveal who she is.

So us 4 friends have started a site …


For all you people who want to discuss who you think she is and give examples why you think its them!



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