New lows of Kevin Kemo 17 comments

Infamous and desperate suspected man-girl Kevin ‘Kemo’ Lactose has reached new lows on his quest to play ‘hide the sausage’ with yet more SIF’s and STI infected 15 year olds with internet access.
Kevin the self proclaimed ‘Man About Town’ Kemo has in the past created a comical and failtastic website to find his ‘perfect girl’….aptly described by him as ‘must have all 4 limbs, hair in the right places and a non-saggy vagina’. As well as publicly cumming in his pants over being complimented and told he looks like Ian Vuitton by the Insane Clown Posses newest member Amor Hilton.

He has now succumbed to the lures of the free dating website.

Plenty of Fish.

Here are some of the lovely ladies the deluded blue-haired troll boy could be contacting:

It would not surprise me if Kevin attempted to jump on the Statutory-Rape Bandwagon in an endeavor to gain both the love and fame that he so desperately craves and fails to achieve.

Your failure never disappoints. I pity you Kevin.
His Plenty of Fish Profile:

Direct your abuse here:

Chris and Sam Label Themselves as Visual Kei 15 comments

The E-famous Chris Dakota and Sam Llansing from the UK.

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These guys have been inspiration for a lot of scene/emo people.

But now it seems that they label them self as Visual Kei

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And ive heard that they dont really like the “scene”. but that might be just a rumor.

They proparbly where scene before. at these pictures he has the diamond necklace that a lot of scene people use.

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