@botdfmusic Dahvie Vanity Takes Off His Makeup!? 81 comments

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[Sticky’s note:  Ummmm … is this REALLY DAHVIE ?!]


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zigzag, May 15, 2010


Anonymous, May 15, 2010

sorry anthony but fat or not you do look like dahvie in the face (i feel bad for you)

Anonymous, May 16, 2010

anthony, how can you say that’s you?
you don’t look like him, and those tattoos are the same as dahvie’s…

Anonymous, May 16, 2010

The picture was taken directly before he got his neck tattoo.
This is him, it was on his friend’s facebook..so. Yeahh.

I need eyebleach.:|

Jake Fatality, May 16, 2010

hahaha, he didnt look fat before

Jake Fatality, May 16, 2010

Ì like the new thingy that gives Anthony a pic of himself lol

Anonymous, May 17, 2010

Everyone has a bad picture. Whoever posted this is a real fucking pussyass faggot. I love Dahvie, stop being dicks, he’s a good person.

Anonymous, May 17, 2010

he is a pedo rapist

Brett Tastic, May 18, 2010

personally, i love dahvie, i love jayy, and i love their music. everyone has at least one bad picture, and if you say you dont your a damn lier. have fun thinking ur better then him because ur talking shit about him<33

sexxymuffin, May 19, 2010

aww poor dahvie he is so fat now!

sexxymuffin, May 19, 2010

but id still fuck him

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

LOL i’ve never laughed so hard at a post in my life.
Not only the picture, but Sticky’s note, and the fact that Anthony just came out of the woodwork and was basically like “FUCK THAT SHIT.”

anonymous, May 21, 2010

LOL looks like someone needs to lay off the fast food and the bottles of jack

Jessi Slaughter, May 23, 2010

I know dahvie personaly and thats him right before he got his neck tattoo they went to go eat then get it theres 2 other pics from that day at the tattoo parlor ill post them later

me, May 24, 2010

hey what does it matter nobody looks perfect all the time

TiFFany.Temptation, May 28, 2010

Makeup was made to make you look better! We’re just not used to seeing him without makeup, so it’s different. So don’t even try to say you don’t look beterrrr with makeup on. I’m his best friend, (no lie, I’m on BOTDF’s top friends, I’m Tiffany.Temptation) an he’s perfect either way. <33

SlamMastic, May 29, 2010

He looks like he drinks more then I do! lol.

Melissa, May 29, 2010

erm… yeah thats Dahvie and he’s lost weigh cuz i just saw him in concert about a week ago. He actually has a nice body now:)

anonymous, May 29, 2010

oh good im glad <3 ^^

Anonymous, May 31, 2010

im glad he got that new tatoo. now im less grossed out by the lines on his neck

Th3 KiLl3R K@t, June 3, 2010

Everyone has atleast ONE bad pic….this 1 is his,but he looks a lot better now & he has lost a bunch of weight.So none of you guys should be commenting about how he looks once you fuckers probably look 1000 times worse (think about THAT)
He is a talented guy & you shouldn’t judge him for being chunky,wich he isn’t anymore.So fuck off

iheartdahvievanity, June 5, 2010

awww look at mah lil pudge muffin!

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

actually, that is him.
His arm tattoos.
he may have not gotten the tat on his neck when this picture was taken.

HYRFYTDTY, June 28, 2010


AWonderingSoul, July 2, 2010

Is he wearing a wig in this or no?
‘Cause his hair in his myspace photos match kinda…. I think this picture his hair just isn’t straightened.

Karlee, July 8, 2010

People can’t look their best at all times. It’s good he feels he doesn’t need to live up to everyone else’s standards.
<33 you Dahvie : )

OhMahGawsh, July 11, 2010

._. Wow..He’s HUGE

Anonymous, July 14, 2010

eeeew just… ewww

Anonymous, July 19, 2010

How this possibly be him the tattoos don’t match. On dahvie’s left arm there’s a person and look at this dudes tattoos. Can’t be dahvie!

Nikki, July 24, 2010

god! stop hating, if you think hes ugly or some shit, keep it to yourself-__- no one wants to hear your whining and bickering about the sexiest guy alive (unless its good stuff ;D) i love you dahvie <3!

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