really @candicealice? 25 comments

are you so desperate for followers that you really made an Event on myspace for your own twitter?

ps, you look horrible when you stick out your tongue like that, not cute.

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Anonymous, December 12, 2009

she deleted it

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

audrey kitching did it too! they are getting so annoying.

Lex, December 12, 2009

I get like 20 of those a day, I assume it is computerized spam.
Those dumb deleted profile messages are annoying as well.

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

shes cuter than you

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

Everyone has been doing that. Candice is amazing and far from desperate.

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

Fuck this post. Fail. Candice didn’t even fucking send this out personally. Myspace has been doing that to a lot of people. She’s one of my good friends. You’re the desperate one, ass.

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

lol lolololol how dumb maybe she should consider no people are following her on ~twitter because they dont give a shit what shes doing

STALKERRR, December 12, 2009

how funny. she had just made a comment about hating how everyone was in her “business and life.” inviting people into, probably isn’t a good idea in the first place. lol.

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

@anon 7:21pm

how is almost 1200 people “nobody” seems like enough to me

Way more people than would ever care about what tire doing I’m sure

Anonymous, December 12, 2009

uh huh sure she didnt send them out herself..riiight.

Derek Hart, December 12, 2009

um everyone is doing that shit now.

kc, December 12, 2009

sorry guise that I jumped on something that I thought was a little odd. I’ve now gotten like 10 of these stupid things.
so actually, sorry candice for thinking you were trying to promote your twitter. I still think you’re a horrible model.

Anonymous, December 13, 2009

myspace doesn’t just randomly know people’s twitters….it may get to sent to a lot of people on their friends list, but they still had to start the “event” them self…….and it’s really annoying, it’s like when everyone was using the categories in the friends lists to put people in one to tell them to go to their stickam or twitter

Anonymous, December 13, 2009

why would anyone want to follow your ugly cunt. you dirty cunt shitter die

Anonymous, December 13, 2009


KrisWithAK, December 13, 2009

this is spam its doing it on everyones profile

Anonymous, December 13, 2009

Twitter’s stupid, but I guess if you’re gonna have one, there’s nothing wrong with just letting people know.

Anonymous, December 13, 2009

i think shes cute 🙂

Victoria Laza, December 13, 2009

I love how people defend it by saying “everyone is doing that.”

That’s just brilliant.

DannyMassacre, December 13, 2009

I get SOO many a day.
They’re driving me crazy.

blablabla, December 13, 2009

Myspace doesn’t automatically detect if you have a Twitter. LOL
Mine doesn’t get sent out. I think you have to put that somewhere, or if you link your Twitter to go on your Myspace mood, it’ll automatically do it.

@7:20pm, it’s a little mean calling her desperate for assuming something, lol. I don’t think kc was trying to insult, she was just annoyed. But kc’s comment (9:48pm) WAS funny 😀

blablabla, December 13, 2009

Ooooohhh nvm, she WAS trying to insult, now re-reading.


Anonymous, December 13, 2009

Yeah I get like a billion a day. My brain is going to fucking explode.

crypt keeper, December 15, 2009

It’s not spam because it’s doing this to “everyone” Everyone is just doing it, which btw is fucking annoying.

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