My coattails are stitched… No comments

@mmmkikikannibal: My coattails are stitched to my back.

There’s a thin line betwe… No comments

@stevie_ryan: There’s a thin line between beneficial giving and destructive giving.

It’s not good to take car… No comments

@stevie_ryan: It’s not good to take care of people that take advantage of you just so they can avoid responsibility.

@PaulSkinny Good. I’m doi… No comments

@ChrisCrocker: @PaulSkinny Good. I’m doing good with my situation too. Happiest I’ve been in a while. 🙂

@BreatheKyleEven ummm I’m… No comments

@JeffreeStar: @BreatheKyleEven ummm I’m gonna take u to the best cupcake place when u get here!! can’t wait!

@PaulSkinny It’s not heal… No comments

@ChrisCrocker: @PaulSkinny It’s not healthy and it only makes things go in circles.

@BessByers yay! tokyolux@… No comments

@RealAudreyKitch: @BessByers yay!

@Gaskill woohoo! will do… No comments

@RealAudreyKitch: @Gaskill woohoo! will do

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