@TilaOMG Featured in Oh My God’s Music Video “My Own Adventure” 1 comment

Chicago indie-rockers Oh My God have lured renowned Myspace/MTV  starlet *Miss Tila
(Tequila)* into appearing in their new /My Own  Adventure/ music video. At once dreamy
and seamy, the video follows  a very seductive-looking Tila (in her first rock-video
cameo) as  she investigates provocative sounds coming from a gas-station  bathroom.

The song, /My Own Adventure/, is a standout cut from the band’s  latest album, /The
Night Undoes the Work/ /of the Day/ (Split Red).  The video features an exclusive
remix by Grammy winner Justin  Niebank, who has engineered, mixed or produced for
everyone from  Eric Clapton and Albert Collins to Daughtry and *Taylor Swift*. Oh  My
God have had their songs licensed to film and TV, have twice  seen their music videos
chosen as official selections of the  Midwest Independent Film Festival and have been
profiled in an MTV  mini-documentary sponsored by Coca-Cola and appearing during
/Making the Band/.

@tilaOMG Stealing Other Blogger’s Content? 31 comments

It has come to many people’s attention that Tila has stolen—and dumbed down—several pieces of work from a man named Vigilant. The fact that the articles that this man wrote are completely insane to begin with make Tila look even MORE  idiotic than she already is.  I don’t really care about the content of the articles, just the fact that the whore stole someone’s LIFE’S WORK and told everyone it was hers, by throwing in some incessant yelling and exclamation marks.

The Stolen and Original Work:

Original: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=1676

Tila’s Stolen Shit: http://misstilaomg.com/2010/06/11/truth-lady-gaga-amongst-others-turning-to-the-devil

Proof @TilaOMG is nothing but a dream killer 15 comments

[Sticky’s note:  God I hate this chairdancing birdface whore.]

Below is a video shot around mid December of tilas future “baby daddy”.

From what i heard through the grape vine is that she was planning on breaking up with casey (obvious publicity stunt) through confusing she had been impregnated by this “estranged” man. but after there bond had been broken (the man in the video) and after casey died. she still carried out with her plan foiled plan of ruining more life’s!.this time proclaiming rapper the game and a slew of others!.

[Note to the the original uploader] it was smart of you to upload this directly to your facebook.

Not only is she crazy, but highly contagious dream killer!.

after reading this i hope she licks her lips in awe like she does in every video pretending to have swallowed a load. but only this time it will be of sweet karma!.

p.s ’tila army’ are people who want to see your ragged vagina = friendly horny apes.

Boycott TilaOMG On ‘Celebrity Rehab 4’. 11 comments

Consider your show to have hit rock bottom your rantings are going to plumbed (severely!).

Pill addiction my ass all this is to her, is a 9 episode (is it?), simple ploy to plug her shit bag label and music!.

she alone has more ‘haters’ than your whole show combined along with sober house.

P.s shes been bragging about this (big come back) for about a year on her now deleted twitter page (indirectly) of course!.


@TilaOMG Shave Your Pits! 48 comments

Rank!!!  Also, while you’re at it shut down that faux gossip site (horrible horrible).

Go back to showing your vag and grinding your babymaker in the air and having meltdowns on Ustream again.

P.S.,  I think everyone has seen your nipples and disgusting refund gap to many times…no need to point out.

Tila Mental Case Whore Tequila 12 comments

Anyone who knows the thing known as Tila Tequila..
And has Local television should know that the Shot of Love Star Recently Just lost her First and Perhaps only Fiancee. Mrs, Casey johnson.. Until She Died before Tila was to Conceive caseys Lovechild and they were to get married..

Tila went 90-Nothing with the Papz At her door Soaking up all of what hollywood Would give her For the Death of her Coked up Love Mistress..

Not long after Caseys Death Tila Sponged for More people speaking her name..

Even Forgetting the Very person whos Name gave her an extra 5 mins on 15 mins of Fame..

[Seriously Tila?]

WOW!! Is this the Price of fame That all these Internet Celebrities are Craving?

Who Will be the Next Myspace Star to Make it To this Point of Craving Fame?




I’ll show you my snatch if you stay a fan? plox! 23 comments

Basically in many words if you sign up for tila t’s new daiting site you get to see her snatch..(she couldn’t do full whore on ustream) so she just made her own website instead!..to keep her so called “tila army” pleased. but if you look closely you can see her harassing and degrading grown ‘mindless’ adults who sit around blocking and defending her trashy ways..(her fans even talk shit) i mean come on when your own fans start calling you out on your own website.. don’t you think it’s time to ease on down the whore train?.

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by the way she likes call the people who tell the truth “haters”..fyi

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