iowa whores, up for review. 8 comments

Atleast lindsey (aesthetik_) had some class, and dated just justin. Handheldheidi just down right cum guzzled corey texas to the max. Their frequent trips down to austin led lindsey into her 1 year relationship with justjustin leaving heidi out in the cold, trying to suffice anything that was left with Corey texas, who left her face down (literally.)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She then moved in with stickam entertainer (oh and hugest tits ever) brookie cakes, who told me personally that heidi had many many guys come stay at their apartment while she did tons of drugs to use as an excuse for her obvious slutty behavior. She must’ve left a bad rep in Austin because all I hear from everyone about her is how much she sucked. She’s been known to have been friends with jessica unicorn tits,mileena mae(porn star from minneapolis, mn),sarah rivers,and lindsey(aesthetik)—who are all loosey goosey hoebags, you are what you surround yourself with.
Now best friends with john hocks ex girl friend Ericka, heidis two-faced personality goes unnoticed. The reason John and ericka broke up was because john was frequently fapping on cam and talking dirty to heidi behind erickas back. And in attempts to save herself before rumors surfaced, heidi told ericka that john had been one-sidedly sexually harassing her. What ericka DOESN’T know is that it WAS 2 sided. Heidi enjoyed seeing johns herpies infested dick as much as he enjoyed fapping it for her. Ericka should know about the time brooke came home and heard heidi and john in the other room

WTF IS THIS???? 66 comments

welp, some girl whom i dont know decided to come in my live and talk shit, not really caring i let her say what she had to say. Banned her then went and looked at her profile and this is what i found……
ima fatty, and im pretty gross but fuck, look at this chicks nose son.

Lesson of the day , dont talk shit when you HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK

@itsChelseaLynn is a used up has been 51 comments

Chelsea, your photos all look the same, you were never really Myspace famous, you were just in your friend Jennifer Genuine’s shadow, you’re ugly, trashy, skanky, and you need to stop posting bulletins on Myspace bitching about shit and being all emo. It’s getting old. Get over yourself because the world is seriously over you.

Ugh so SO trashy. It’s disgusting.

You’re so un-famous now that Sticky Drama doesn’t even have a category with your name on it. Even nobodys like Daniel Hilton do.

This girls IS A MESS 24 comments

I’ve dug a little deeper into “albino” JamieDawn and I have fond out that is girl is a train wreck waiting to happen.

According to her myspace, this girl is 23 years old?

Miss. JamieDawn is actually 15 years old.
Yes, 15.
Although she does drink like she is 23 years old, although her myself and twitter has both claimed on multiple occasions that she is straight edge.

Jamie has claimed to have had a drug and alcohol problem starting at the ripe age of 11.

This 15 year old has already dropped out of school and has multiple tattoos

Lets not even mention those nappy extensions.

According to her ex-bestfriend, Ashlyn (, stated, over her myspace status and I quote:
“Jamie had sex with a 20 year old in the same room as her twin sister”
Now, her “twin sister” being Cassie Clarke (, who “stole” her boyfriend of a whole month! Justin (

The 20 year old is unknown, although it is rumored that her and 22 year old Collin Mitchell ( had/are having a relationship.

This is screaming John Hock approval.

Jamie’s Twitter has shown some not so 15 year old talk:

This girl Jamie is a m e s s


“Michael Massacre” Actually Female “MuahShelly” 93 comments

Michael Massacre, a scene ‘boy’ flawlessly coming out from Connecticut, had every girl head over heels in love. His Myspace profile would flaunt how “being fake is disgusting and filthy. Being fake is the newest trend.” Well, hypocrite much? Michael Massacre, with his disgusting teeth and freshly bleached hair, is probably the fakest person to walk this planet, next to the kids that walk your hallways that talk about All Time Low.

Don’t believe of all you see, dearest children. The truth must come out.

Michael dated about six girls before telling them that he was actually a girl.

See the resemblance?

“Michael Massacre” is actually “MuahShelly.” Or in this case, Michelle. Shelly, as her friends call her, is a sorry excuse for a human being. She’s extremely grody and a shameless liar. She even went as far as going on stickam with a poor quality camera to hide her few feminine traits. This poor girl is in need of an orthodontist, a haircut, and a trip to rehab. That’s right, not only is she a huge pot head, but her mother is as well. Her nose is disgusting, long, and weird. It looks like a hook. She’s literally built like a chubby 10 year old boy.

Point proven. Did I mention her girlfriend? Meet Liz Morgan.

Liz was one of “Michael’s” girlfriends. And a complete homophobe.  At first she didn’t even believe Michele when she finally told the truth, and “came over her hatred” for the sake of their “love”.  What a load of shit. Liz is hundreds of miles away in Wisconsin along with 3 of “Michael’s” ex-girlfriends.

Everything about this girl is fake and pathetic. Feel free to talk shit about her and let her know how much you hate her.



First off, I am not intending on being immature.

But considering this is sticky drama, I will not hesitate to say what needs to be said.

This dumb bitch is the epitome of a scenecumdumpsterfail!

She recently moved to NYC from Kazakhstan, in hopes of being a model and/or rockstar LOL.
[She also plans on going to Cali to become a stripper and a nude cam model]

She lived in my friends house for about 2 months, eating her food, shaving her STD infested roast beef curtains with my friends razor, she was a slob, she slept half naked on an air mattress in the living room all day with the covers barely covering her.

And that was just the beginning.

She has prostituted herself numerous times, and not to mention left used condoms in my friends backyard.

She has stolen money, and someones credit/debit cards which were later found disposed of in the garbage.

She is trying to con people, such as pretending to be a psychic and has already stated herself that she uses people left and right.

She claims to never have money, but along with the credit/debit card papers found in the garbage was also a western union paper, stating she receives hundreds of dollars from someone in Kazakhstan every month.

While staying at my friends house she used the house phone, although she has a cell phone AND Money (Apparently), to call people in other states and countries and talked for hours and hours everyday, which ran up my friends time warner bill to $800 and caused my friends internet and phone to be disconnected after she was finally kicked out!!

BTW That same friend that she stayed with recently had a panic attack, and if I wasn’t there to call an ambulance with my cell phone, she might have died considering the house phone was turned off because of this cum slurping whore.

And my friend never asked her for a penny and was nothing but generous. Great way to pay her back right?

So watch out for this bitch trying to scam and use people, she apparently has no morals or respect.

She calls herself “Bless” (More like a curse if you ask me)

She’s also known as “Torchi”, “Torchi Fallen” or “DJ Torchi” and is currently looking for a band to “Sing/Scream” in lol.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Her page

Nikolai Is One To Stay Away From! 36 comments

Having a past and gladly no future with Nikolai, he’s come to be someone you can not trust.

Beginning with how many girls he’s managed to get pregnant. The number is unbelievably high, Once you tell him, He’ll continue to talk to you until you get the abortion than, he’ll dump you right back on the street like you were nothing.  I only know about 2 or 3 of these situations in the past 8 months, who knows how many more this has happened to.

Losing respect for someone is easy. I watched him date a friend, fuck her, take her virginity, and stopped talking to her the day after. Only to talk mad shit on her to the next girl he’d date and get pregnant then once again, leave. Not only does he sit here and do this to tons of girls who knows how many STD’s this boy has! I’ve known of many accounts of him fucking without a condom, can you say NASTY! and TRASHY!

Drugs? Can I begin to count the amount of drugs this boy can consume in one fucking day. I know he is a heavy coke and meth addicted, and I know of accounts of him doing xanax, and ecstasy. Who knows what i’ll find out next? heroine, shooting up? He’s a worthless soul and is doing nothing with his pathetic life. He’s 18 and STILL in high school and not even close to graduating. Not to mention he is the next pedofile in the working. He was 18 dating a 13 year old!

Really do you want your daughters dating this? He has to be fucked up on something.

Please Ladies, do the world a favor and stay away from this boy! He’s nothing but bad news. He lives in the 818, Los Angeles valley, and loves to hit on little girls and get them pregnant. Keep safe! and don’t let your daughters date him!



lolwut? 38 comments

first things first, nothing more satisfying than spitting in Melissa from the millionaires’ hair, which I did at San Diego’s Warped Tour ’09. considering the fact that her overinflated hair is hiding secrets and STDs, i may have just been feeding the STDs more moisture which they need to survive.

I know it wasn’t very nice of me, but that’s the point, besides, it was the perfect opportunity. your crabs will thank me later.

secondly, can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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