LaSIF Allure 53 comments

Okay so I keep coming across this girl on myspace named Lashawna Allure.  At first I though she was decent looking by her default. Until I looked at the rest of her pictures and threw up in my mouth a little. I checked more into it and REALIZED that she is angled and has no body shots. AUTOMATIC SIF.

OH MY GOD! Get clothes that fit you girl. Those buttons are literally about to pop right off your fatass.

then there is this picture..what is THAT?! Is your dog taking a shit OMFG!! HAHAHA SICK. I also totally see the resemblance of patrick renna from the sandlot. EW.

OKAY sweetie dont suck in so much you might collapse your lungs. AND that angle still makes you look like a FAT bitch.

Shannuh Heartbreak … More Like Shannuh Earthquake 98 comments

So I usually don’t have much to save about SIFS, other than the fact that they are pathetic.

But one fattie struck my attention when I saw various answers to some of her formspring questions.

exhibit a:
She was asked whether or not she has stretchmarks, and of course, she states “no”.

orly? is that why you have huge ass stretchmarks on your back?
don’t lie about it,fatass.

also,she claims she’s a “model”,which apparently doesn’t take much these days ahemamorahem.

[Sticky’s note:  Naughty naughty!  No Molly Morrison clips, please.]


i HARDLY call that modeling.

i’m pretty sure you’ll know which one she is, i’m sorry but this bitch has to be pushing 400. she needs a reality check, she’s not cute, she’s WAY too full of herself,and she’s a fucking bitch.
AND to top things off, she thinks she can be a suicide girl.

Seaworld needs to contain their pets a little better.

Harmony Flashpink: “Scene Failure?” No. 59 comments

This girl used to call herself Harmony Flashpink. Now she calls herself Harmony Dollie/Toxic.
Her real name is Tessa Johnson (or Johnston).

No, she is not a scene fail. She is just a FAIL in general.
[ NOTE: I’d like to apologize for the lack or pictures. If you’d like to see more, you’d have to go to her myspace and/or old photobucket in the provided link. ]

First of all, she lies. Everything she says is a lie.

[ NOTE: Some of these are things she said BEFORE people started to call her out on her lies. Unfortunately, this was before I knew about the trail of interesting drama that were to follow. So, no scrnshots. ]
Her lies:
She lives/lived in Chicago.
Has/Had 13 (or some weird number) diseases due to her irresponsible mother during her pregnancy.
She was a fashion designer.
Worked with members of Tokio Hotel (as their designer).
Was pregnant in the past with Johnny Radke’s child (member of Kill Hannah).

Her profile was pasted all over with pictures of random band members, and Jenn Curbstomp.
Now this is when people began questioning her. There was a hiatus on profile, then it was edited, saying that ‘whoever owned this account was fake’, then later it was deleted.

You may be wondering, ‘Okay it could’ve happened. How do you know it was her who was doing all the faking and lying?’

All it took were to compare the source(s) of her images posted on her profile. Don’t get it? Then read on. Don’t care? Then skip this next paragraph.

Right-click, Properties. If you do that to an image, it’ll show you a link or a location where that image is ‘hosted’ from. I did that when Harmony first began posting pictures on her profile. (Note that this was not her myspace. It was her Gaiaonline account, where you are free to post any picture you desire on your profile just by providing a link.) The source of her images, all of them in fact, were from an account on Photobucket, user Red_Rebal666.

After her hiatus, she came back as Harmony we know (most of you may not know) today. She got a brand new profile, posted more pictures, and of course, I checked the source. Sure enough, it was Red_Rebal666 on Photobucket.

Poor girl has ridiculous looking extensions. See for yourself here:

She claims she is size 6, when her muffin tops are overflowing. No really.

She made a fansite for herself, and claims to have multiple fakes.

She edits guys into her pictures to make it seem like she knows and hangs out with them.

A while ago she made a video on YouTube, saying that she was going to take some time off the internet, to improve on herself.

Well, she came back. Non the wiser, doing the same thing over again. She is trying so hard, SO hard to fit in with a crowd.

Harmony, or Tessa, whatever. I hope you read this and realize how you’re just trying too hard to be a person you’re not. All I see under your name on YouTube are all the video responses to your videos, and they’re bashing you. You don’t have a brother named Gavin, and Randy or Leivi or whoever doesn’t do your hair and makeup. You don’t have a friend named Athia, you just made it all up. For what? So you can make yourself believe that you’re someone you’re not?
[ NOTE: She deleted all her previous videos on YouTube. But there is ONE account that has some of her videos uploaded. ]

@jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker’s new clothing line, Frosting Attire? 25 comments

A few months ago, there was a post about a message argument between Stacie Spunkers and Jackson Jawbreaker. (Here)

While the convo was nothing more than an interweb catfight, I found something interesting;
“During this wonderful conversation he stated that hes going to have his own clothing line and is working on music in 2011.
What a load of rubbish, made me laugh.”

After doing some snooping on his Formspring and Twitter recently (for an unrelated story) I found this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I followed the link from Twitter and found this.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have to say, I was shocked to find out that he wasn’t just trying to make himself sound more important. While the Tshirt design looks very cliche among ‘scene’ clothing lines, it actually looks legit. And, if he is, do you think he’ll start a music career as well? If you’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to be in his live the few times he has actually broadcasted, you know that he sounds like a scratchy prepubescent girl. Keep it off iTunes hun. (This myspace was in his top, I assume its the official one for his line.)

fat b*tch 19 comments

fat bitch,

she’s a lying, cheating whore.

the pictures on her myspace are so deceiving,  like kelli compton.

@RachelMuffinNJ, over-confident SIF 40 comments

This girl has nothing better to do than sit on stickam all day with her 5 thousand friends, whom she says she’s met in person. She’s 16, she thinks she has a fanclub of haters, who are not hating on her, they’re hating on the fact she’s taking up half of the internet with her chins, her cheeks and her stomach. She calls everyone who doesn’t have as many friends as she does ‘unimportant’ because we don’t sit on our asses all day getting fatter, pretending to be c00l3r 0nl1n3. Hasn’t your mom always told you don’t try to be anything you’re not? She hella works the angles, she’s nothing IRL,  maybe if she removed someone of her ridiculous make up, her shitty weave and worked out, she’d have a nice boyfriend, some real friends and a life outside of stickam 🙂 She’s a SIF, everytime she is on live her background is so bright she looks like a damn floating head, she never moves because she is scared someone will see her triple chin, she tells ME  I need to get off the internet and quit causing drama, but she messaged me and commented me calling me the ugly one saying all of this bullshit, so Miss Muffin, I think you deserve a post for everyone if they don’t already know, to know how ugly and fat you truly are.  They don’t call you Rachel Muffin for nothing huh? But I think you left off the second half of your nickname Rachel MuffinTOP, am I in the ballpark?  Fail post, Idgaf. But it’s called a Treadmill honey, find one.


Couldn’t fit your whole leg in the picture Rachel? And I love the sidekick covering the face so you can’t see how many chins you REALLY have.


On the right you can see how her shoulder NEVER ends because she’s a fatty 🙂 and She tucked her shitty extensions into her armpit so you wouldn’t be able to see her armpit fat. And the sad thing about the whole thing is, she’d be halfway okay and tolerable if she wasn’t scene scum, and a bitch to everyone 🙂

And I found your twin babygirl!

I’m sorry your mom never told you that you had a twin =/ She was too ashamed to be seen with TWO fat ugly fucks in public 😉 She decided you were enough.

Can I have your autograph after this still honey? I’d like to hang it on my wall, I’ve always loved you in those commercials ‘So easy a caveman can do it!’ 😉

TarynElizabeth. 23 comments

What the fuck’s up with your leg dude.

new | <b>Dream if you'll live forever, Dream for me. Broken down, I've tried to pick up the pieces. You lied. You live for yourself.</b> | TarynElizabeth

What’s up with the eyebrows…Just wondering..

Blonde is Gone | Forgive and Forget. | TarynElizabeth

@natalievans: The nobody who will steal your bf girls. 28 comments

This girl is Natalie Evans.

Earlier, I though she was a sweet innocent girl that I’ve seen on a fake myspace page passing as “Kristin Khaotic”. But in reality, I’ve done some research about this “myspace sweetheart”, and she turns out to be just another Hanna Beth. Natalie or how she prefers to be called, “Ali” Evans, is a band promoter (groupie more like it) and she hosts a TV show or so she claims. She lives in NJ (figures) and hangs out with a bunch of local bands to “help them”. “me and her dated for about a yr n god, she was such a bitch, she is bipolar as fuck i cant stand her” says one of her recent ex- bf’s. She can swear she is internet famous bt she really isn’t. The only way she will get famous is when she starts doing “STD/AIDS” commercials. She is such a bitch, I tried talking to her and all she could say was “You have a bf?” like how desperate can you be girl?

She twitters about nothing literally, she is a nobody trying to be someone, example: Mary Massacre, Brookelle Bones and all those other people trying to be famous via myspace and whoring themselves. Natalie, give up. You will not get anywhere by sucking famous people’s dicks. And to add more, this whore was ENGAGED, yes, ENGAGED. She was telling everyone about it one day in her stickam chatroom (which she never logs on anymore, unless she has a new one) who the hell would ever get married to this girl? I know I wouldn’t and so shouldn’t you. Do I feel bad for her? Honestly, yes. She needs help, she is obese and her face is horrible. Natalie, or should I say “Ali”, there is such things as surgeries to fix that huge nose of yours and that face that makes you look like a camel. Fix yourself, then take some nudes and post them up “accidentally” all over your myspace, you whore. This is a fail post but I could care less, I just wanted people to know how this bitch can be before you even talk to her, believe me, waste of time. And she claims she is a virgin…you judge that youself. STOP PHOTOSHOPPING YOURSELF THAT MUCH, god I don’t even know how you face the outside world without your photoshop. Put some clothes on whore, I love you fucking whore =]

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