Letter to the Editor: 16-Year-Old Victim of Sean Savvy “Wants Brett Thurber in Jail or Dead” 80 comments

StickyDrama often receives letters from our readers and the subjects of our posts.  For various reasons, we do not post or reference every item sent to us.  But since some of these “Letters to the Editor” are intriguing stories waiting to be told, we will now begin posting them in their entirety, without any editing, and with the understanding that StickyDrama does not necessarily agree with their content nor vouch for their accuracy.

This letter came to us yesterday from a girl who was 16 years old when she was screen-recorded by infamous capper “Sean Savvy,” who has been identified as Brett Thurber. She consented to our posting her letter here.

I am now 17 years old.

When I was 16 however, I was stupid enough to be targeted by “Sean Savvy.”  I didn’t know anything about capping, or that it was even possible to do things like that.  Sean Savvy took advantage of me.  He took advantage of the fact that I was naive and immature.  He took advantage of the fact that I was on Zoloft, an antidepressant which is known to decrease inhibitions.  He capped me in the most vulnerable state, masturbating with a brush.


He put this video of me, on that damn AnonIB site.  Or at least traded this “win” with someone who did put me on that site.

It’s been a year since all this happened.  And I am still unable to go through a whole day with out remembering what he did to me. What I did to myself.  Someone I knew found this video, and sent it to everyone on my Myspace. Then they sent it to everyone they knew and so on. My parents got a hold of it.  My whole life spiraled downward.  I was put into a mental hospital for two weeks on suicide watch. I wanted to die.  And I still do.  I had to move, and separate my whole family.  I used to love playing music, it was my dream even.  But now it’s gone down in flames right before my eyes.  I can’t play music for a living like I dreamed.  I live in constant fear that that fucking video will come out again.

I started to talk to “Sean Savvy” when I got my computer back.  I actually even videochatted with the real him.  Not some bullshit fake.  He is definitely older than 23, I would even say 27.  He’s very smart, too smart for his own good.

He told me he was sorry.  He told me ruining my life wasn’t his intention.  Sorry isn’t enough for all the pain and fear I live in every fucking day of my life.

I want Brett Thurber in jail, or dead for the pain he’s caused me.  I have nothing to lose either.  Nothing to lose anymore.

I’m just letting you know.  Brett didn’t just target people over 18.
He targeted a 16-year-old.  He targeted me.

The Return of SeanSavvy/ZachZesty? 16 comments

So I think i found out what the old pedo Brett/Sean/Zach is up to. You would think having the police show up at your house would make u finally stop faking and recording girls on stickam but I guess pedos are just that fucking stupid.

Anyway,based on the people whose lives i see him modding and the shit hes got on his profile which is similar to ZachZesty’s id say odds of him being said persons are highly likely. Biggest tipoff to me is the fact that he made this account shortly after Sticky outed him to everyone and he ended up deleting his account. Also the fact that he has multiple pics of a scene kid similar entertainer banner and saying my mom thinks im cute on his profile.

Yes, i realize its not much evidence but considering ive seen him mod in a another looping fakes live tonight im faily certain im right. Hopefully this outs them yet again before another girls family gets the police involved as happened before.
http://www.stickam.com/omnomnomjosh <——— Brett/Sean/whatever
http://www.stickam.com/profile/matt_9281 <—— the fake i saw him modding for and yes i know hes fake he banned me for asking him to wave before lol

Happy Heroing in b4 failpost no one cares blah blah blah

“Sean Savvy,” “Zach Zesty,” “BCCC” Alleged to be 23-Year-Old UC-Berkeley Student Brett Thurber 61 comments

Multiple sources have alleged that Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old University of California at Berkeley engineering student, is the individual behind the online character “Sean Savvy,” who is also known to have used the aliases “Zach Zesty” and “BCCC.”  Aside from his online reputation as a prolific capper of underage girls, the individual behind those characters has become a person of interest in two separate incidents that have drawn attention of the police and other state agencies.  Both cases are redolent of incest, involving a mother and child.


Most AnonIB users are probably familiar with the below cap, depicting a 36-year-old mother in San Jose, California, and her 16-year-old daughter.  The mother is rumored to have been arrested not only for watching her daughter webcast sexually explicit performances, but also participating in them.  While the mother and daughter did not touch each other, both exposed their breasts and made highly suggestive hand gestures to their viewers.

The mother also performed at least one solo performance, in which she exposed her vagina to the camera and vigorously masturbated.

Our readers will also recall the recent case of a teenage mother whom “Zach Zesty” recorded while she masturbated—in the presence of her one-year-old child.  The child was “playing drums on her” breasts at some point during her sexually explicit performance.

In both cases, outraged viewers and StickyDrama readers reported the above-mentioned incidents to the authorities.  While we are uncertain to what extent, if any, police and other agencies acted, we have been told that in the former case the mother was arrested and in the latter children’s protection services visited the mother’s home.

So who exactly is the individual behind “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty,” and where can he be found?  StickyDrama was asked by a network news producer to use our blog and reach out to our readers in order to identify and locate him.  From the many responses to our public request for information, we have pieced together a fairly clear portrait of the individual in question.

Concrete evidence is scant.  But the sources who responded to StickyDrama’s request for information—some of whom have been online acquaintances of StickyDrama for years—have been remarkably consistent in their stories.  By most accounts, “Sean Savvy” is Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old engineering student at the University of California at Berkeley.  (UC-Berkeley is among the top-ranked public universities in the nation and, coincidentally, is where StickyDrama earned his undergraduate degree.)  There is some variation in the sources’ information; certain sources put his age as high as 27, and certain sources claim he is a recent graduate; but all are in agreement as to the individual’s name and field of study.

The one point on which there seems to be considerable disagreement is the so-called “real Sean Savvy,” the teenage boy depicted in the capper’s profiles.  At issue is whether the boy was somehow blackmailed into posing for the capper, or whether he willingly supplies the capper with prepared loops and images (supposedly in return the boy receives copies of the girls recorded using the capper’s fake accounts).  The same boy seems to supply deceptive photos and videos for both the “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” aliases.  StickyDrama has been linked to some of the real boy’s online profiles, on which he gives his age as 17 years old—another significant fact, since he supposedly provided sexually explicit photos and videos of himself to the capper masquerading as him.

Contrary to most allegations left in StickyDrama’s comments, most of our sources indicate that “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” did not blackmail or threaten girls to give sexually explicit performances.  He relied solely or mainly on deception.  Had he only targeted legal adults over 18 years of age, he probably wouldn’t be in such deep shit:  There’s nothing unlawful about deceiving adults into getting naked on camera using loops and fake identities.

In any event, this story is still developing.  StickyDrama encourages anyone with more information and updates to contact us at contact@stickydrama.com


Google cache of http://stickam.com/zachzesty3

Information Sought on “Sean Savvy,” “Zach Zesty” 57 comments

StickyDrama is reaching out to our readers in a request for information about a notorious capper, who used aliases such as Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty to screen-record sexually explicit performances of underage girls.  It is our understanding that Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty are in fact the same individual who resides in California.

It seems the person who called himself Sean Savvy is a person of interest in an investigation pertaining to the video from which the following frames were extracted:


There have been several MyDrama posts concerning this character, but those have mostly served as a warning.  StickyDrama is attempting to learn his true identity and location—full legal name and street address.

Please email contact@stickydrama.com with any information.  You can remain anonymous.

Zach Zesty cached Stickam profile


Sean Savvy … Again… 9 comments

Can he plz get hacked or something?

I went in his live & there were people in there  but his cam was set facing a bed & the caption read “NOT HERE BUT MY MODS WILL GET NAKED INSTEAD” ….

so i took the “not here” advantage & told everyone he’s fake.

OOPS. immediately banned! How could that have happened if he “wasn’t there”??

& now i have some guy named Narc messaging me saying i need to stop telling people about sean because he trades caps with him.

I’m sorry but if you’re honestly asking me to stop telling UNDERAGE girls that some nasty old pervert is recording them & pretending to be this “sean” kid … i simply cannot.

i hate morons like you “sean savvy”


you’ll forever be loved & i’ll give you a present (no pun intended) :]]