Kitten F*ck is DISGUSTING. 44 comments

So this chick that goes by the name of “Kitten Fuck” think she’s so hot shit wearing gallons of eyeliner and no pants. Her piercings are gross, her ‘pouty’ wanna be Oliver Sykes lips are annoying and the amount of eyeliner she wears is horrid. How can she look in the mirror and find herself attractive? I mean come on… look at her. She’s fucking hideous.
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More Scene Fails 46 comments

When will these fucks realize that the scene is fucking DEAD? Or at least it needs to be.
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Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out.

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Ans yes, they are being serious.

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Oh my God. Words can’t even express the amount of eye bleach I need right now.

Pretty Much Sums Up @NinaHeartley 28 comments

In a nutshell by the way this is just for the lawlz!.

Nina Alvarez a.k.a Heartley Poser/Slut/Ex Myspace Scene Queen.

Shes clearly showing off her specialties.

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LOL ^^ stop trying so hard just be yourself.same thing goes for your friend bonnie in the video.

Has anyone else notice that former scene kids are now completely lost. looking for new grounds.

Youngest Scene Whores? 33 comments

There are these girls who claim to be scene. They are on Facebook and myspace. Their names are “AppleJax” and “DynoKittY”. They are trying to be sluts and “Future Porn Stars”. They look no older than 11. They are sickening, trashy “scene kids”.

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The Successor of Scene 48 comments

Every generation has had its alternative scene.

Punk, New Romantics, Grunge, Goth…

In the 00’s we witnessed, and most people on this site took part in the whiney self obsessed fad ‘Emo’, and in the mid to latter half of the decade it’s more bitchy, narcassistic and fashion conscious spawn ‘Scene’.

Both have provided teens with an identity, internet addiction and many bad fashion moves and friend choices (eg John Hock)

What this post is concerned with is, what will be the successor in the 10’s?

Nu Rave came and quickly failed (thank god) with it highlighter colour scheme and overly hyped bands such as Hadouken!

Hipsters are the new indie-preps

Gyarus? I don’t even know how to explain this one…

So what I want to know is, what do you guys think will be the next big alternative teenage thing?
Suggest and Discuss :]

@MommaMascara aka Sarah Mascara, the ugly myspace whore 36 comments

You probably have came across this troll on myspace…

She thinks shes “mature” and “intelligent” she misspells everything and not on purpose might i add. She’s pregnant by a 16 year old ‘juggalo’ kid & shes 20 years old. She has no life and no friends, except for the 12.8k friends she has on myspace. She’s on the internet 24/7 & complains that ppl stalk her. Who would stalk a boring ass troll like her? No one likes her in Bakersfield CA so she says she was born in Germany. She copies everyone and posts the most embarrasing pictures anyone can take. To make matters worse she posts numerous pictures of the same thing, usually at a slightly different angle. She applies make up like a clown and has fucked up hair.

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there were so many funny ass pics to choose from that i couldn't decide which ones to post.

go to:

Dannie Wright – Band Drama 9 comments

Apparently, some of the ex-members of Toronto screamo band Die The Villain aren’t doing as well as they claim.

After singer Dannie Wright left to join Burlington dance/rock band SlowMotionNoise, and to get away from the “bt00tal” direction the band was going, the four remaining members decided to form a heavier band. They put up a MySpace page promising music soon, but have yet to deliver. Actually, the lead guitarist left the band a couple of months back.

Now, some of the members have asked Dannie to come back to form a pop/rock band. Real br00tal, right? Throw up your metal claws and scream “DOO WOP DOO WOP”! For those who know these guys, we can recall the drama and sh*t talk that went back and forth on their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Rumour has it, Dannie refused the offer to focus on his current band SlowMotionNoise and his other projects on the go… or maybe the boy has some sense after all and knows to stay away from that drama waiting to happen!

the REAL Diana Dagger 33 comments

So theres this ugly as fuck,sausage tittied,wannabe scene queen from yuma az

her name is DiAnNA DaGgEr~~~*


she wears cheap as shit hot topic extensions,has a squidward nose,and talks about having money and being glamorous but she cant even afford photoshop or a decent camera.

she also wears this disgusting hannah montanna wig

and talks about how everywhere she goes people stare at her.

yeah hun,maybe its because you walk around like A MOTHER FUCKIN CLOWN!

her mother doesnt even love her enough to tell her she looks like a fuckin clown prosty

she dresses like this for attention and she doesnt even go to shows or support the scene.

she also tries to start shit with all the REAL scene kids who actually go to shows and have friends.

she makes her own fakes and scene queen videos on the internet


she acts all tough and shit but she cant even back her shit up

she hasnt gotten the memo that scene is dead and she should stop buying all her clothes in the clearance section of hot topic

shes just generic mexican wannabe scene trash whose gonna end up nowhere.

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