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StickyDrama has been adulting for a minute, but the death of Stickam royalty is a sure-fire way to wake us out of our online slumber.

Stevie Ryan, former Stickam star and actress, was found dead at her residence in the Mid-City district of Los Angeles on July 1, 2017. She was 33 years old.




Ryan had recently posted on social media that she was devastated by the death of her grandfather. She was also rumored to be depressed. Although StickyDrama never met her in person, we did have a telephone call with her back when she broke up with the lovable suckable Adam “Red Pants” Paranoia.  She did seem a bit unstable then, at the very least manic; we would not be surprised if her recent and understandable bout of depression over her grandfather exacerbated a pre-existing mental illness.

While Ryan arguably found fame thanks to her Little Loca personality, to StickyDrama she will always be Sceney Sceneable, a parody of scene queen and untalented cum dumpster Kiki Kannibal.

Her passing was widely reported in the mainstream media and confirmed by the Los Angeles County Coroner. “Coroner’s records showed an autopsy and investigation determined it was a death by hanging as a result of a suicide by the actress,” the Los Angeles Times reported.


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Jake, July 3, 2017

Holy shit. This is depressing as fuck. Rest In Peace, Stevie. I’ll always remember Scene Kid Love, your legacy on Stickam, and how you called out Kiki Kannibal and her mom.
You were one of the greatest.

Daniel, July 3, 2017

>Death by hanging in LA
>LA is full of corrupt coroners & police who do the bidding of rich celebrities.

So in other words this is a cover-up and she was killed.

Amanda, July 3, 2017

She was clearly deeply depressed if you watched her Snapchat. She struggled with medications not working and she was currently medication free in order to do TMS treatment, where they essentially zap your brain. So So sad.

2008, July 3, 2017


Satan, July 4, 2017

Get help if you need it people. Sticky get comment from Adam Paranoia Franklin.

Xavier, July 4, 2017

Her last podcast is quite interesting:

She talks about having dreams of the “grim reaper” visiting her lately.

Benji, July 5, 2017

rest in peace <3

Xavier, July 5, 2017

>dies at 33
>33 is a popular occult number among conspiracists
>the 27 club and the 33 club
>all these news/media outlets talking about her death even though she wasn’t that popular
>says she “hanged” herself due to being depressed & sad about her grandpa’s passing
>on June 30th (a day before her death) on twitter she says some guy stole $350 from her who she was buying pot/weed from
>and she blasted him for it

Seems suspicious. Did this drug dealer kill her? Are the police even looking at this angle?

2008, July 16, 2017

I just listened to her last podcast. Weird.

Anon, July 18, 2017

Holy shit a new post???

fuck stevie ryan, November 12, 2019

good. i’m glad she’s dead. fucking whore

scenecoreofficail, February 29, 2020

omfg what a downgrade. whats up with all the kiki drama???
cuz i never got the fill-in on this :/

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