Remember Sammi Scene? 49 comments

yeah probably not. she goes by sammi leigh now.

anyways, she’s pregnant! with a huge ass belly, quite cute actually. but that’s not what I’m really posting about. let’s address the issue with her hair.

beginning of the pregnancy:

a blackish shade.

further in:

with purple.

and now:


didn’t anyone inform this girl that it is dangerous to dye your hair while pregnant? it’s very bad for the baby…those chemicals don’t just sit on your head dear.

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RyuHazuki, October 10, 2009

Who!? and why should I care!?!?!?

ohnoezjerry, October 10, 2009

i hope her baby comes soooon
its been foreverr
she is super pretty

good luck girlll

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

This is to cute, I didnt know she was prego! :]
I hope everything goes okay.

michaelchrist, October 10, 2009

man, no one fucking cares about sammi dying her hair.
she’s been pregnant for so long, and if it’s going to be fucked up by some hair dye why do you care? idk why you think people care about anything you have to say “kc”
i mean really. you think people will care about some prego bitch dying her hair, just because YOU said it? lmfao.
get real=

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

She posts new pictures of her belly every fucking day and their all photo dumps
It’s annoying
I’m pretty sure she has no life since being pregnant
She’s always on

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

It’s not dangerous to dye your hair when you’re preg. It’s just a myth.

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

i used to work in a hair salon, there are dyes that are safe to use while your pregnant, most are actually.

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

My question is….Why does she feel the need to document her life on myspace even more? 10 new pictures every day? And don’t you think she would have grown out of riding on those silly trains by now?

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

Actually, I’m pretty sure that she’s coming out with a new train! It’s called “PREGNANTxBRUTALITYxPERFECTION”, and you can only join if you’re pregnant and scene.

Absent, October 10, 2009

The mirrored tap looks like a cock with a condom on….

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

they’ve actually proved that bleach isn’t harmful and the only thing about color is that it might turn out weird because of your body chemistry, it doesn’t effect your child… also purple dye is a vegetable dye so it doesn’t have any chemicals.

goddiela, October 10, 2009

wow her tattoos gonna stretch lloll

clo, October 10, 2009

anon @ 12:50 is exactly right, there’s absolutely nothing harmful with bleach or vegetable-based colours, and most demi permanent colour is safe too..and it seems like she could be using a demi, since she changes it so often

&^%$#@, October 10, 2009

thats not true at all, ive colored/lightened plenty of pregnant women’s hair. usually they just simply have to ask their doctor. this is a dumb post. gtfo

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

Why do you care so much?

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

this is so irrelevant…honestly who even is this girl and WHO the fuck cares about what she does with her hair other than you? lame.

jimmythastalker, October 11, 2009

i always wanted n00dz of this girl she is super pretty like what jerry said

i like how a myspace whore like her lives in jerzey

Misty Mistake, October 11, 2009

she uses baby safe dye.
shes a hair stylist its easy to get.

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

dude,if you people don’t like her so fucking much,quit going on her page and
looking at the pictures she posts.
oh well,she likes to be on myspace.
shes aloud to be.
shes probably done more with her life then a lot of you.

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

why dont you people just shut the fuck up.
why dont u guys go to and go complain about all the girls that post pics of their stomach everyday.
its a fucking natural thing and shes on bed rest so no right now shes doesnt really have a life because its crucial for the sake of the baby to follow your orders from the doctor.
you dont know her and prolly never will and if you dont like her pictures or her then dont fucking go to her myspace.
its like you have an obsession with her and if im wrong then stop posting stupid shit about her. oh and for your information dip shit no its not dangerous to dye your hair and no the chemicals do not sit on your fucking head they get washed or rinsed off.
i swear people are dumbasses and btw i enjoy her pics because it reminds me of when i was pregnant and used to do the same shit!
fuck you guys!
sammi im here for you girl!

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

shes so cute<3 milf for sure! i want her.. hahahaha is she single?

Veronica_in_Psycholand, October 11, 2009

It’s actually not bad for the baby to color your hair while your pregnant. They just suggest you don’t do it, because the color can react differently due to the changes that occur during pregnancy, so your result wont always be what you were expecting.

xxrufi0xx, October 11, 2009

is this seriuosly something worth being posted? are you fucking kidding.

truw, October 11, 2009

shes fine.whats her myspace ?

kc, October 11, 2009

anon @ 10:14 I’m not obsessed with her. seriously, one post and I’m obsessed. you’re an idiot.

I only noticed because she posts bulletins all day long, so excuse me for looking at her pictures and wondering about her hair colour. I didn’t know that it was fine for pregnant women to dye their hair, SORRRRRY.

and no, this isn’t that great of drama, but decent drama has been few and far between.

she is single and her link is

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

anon 10:14, most likely her, js.

Ginnnyyy, October 11, 2009

I’ve always thought it was beautiful that women document their pregnancies, even if it’s on MySpace. She’s a proud mother, and she’s going to be a good one.
And also, I know it’s been said a thousand times, but here’s just for good measure.
When you color your hair the only part of your body it affects is your hair and sometimes your scalp. The chemicals do not get absorbed into your body, if that was the case then bleaching would kill you.
When people talking about adverse hair dye affects with pregnancy, it’s referring to chemical imbalances in your body do to hormone fluctuation. The color will sometimes come out strange and not what you wanted it.
And I’m also pretty sure that this conversation was had ON her MySpace IN her picture comments if I do say so myself. So I’m pretty sure if whoever posted this just took the information from the comments, and not even looking it up.
It would actually help a lot of people posting stupid things like this if they would do a quick fact check before making accusations. But, that just my opinion.

, October 11, 2009

her belly isnt even that big. “huge ass belly.”

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

Haha Stupid Shit, Since When Can You Not Color Your Hair Pregnant? I Went To Cosmo And Know That You Actually Can. FAIL POST.

Kiah420, October 11, 2009

I come across some of her vids the other day and had to LOL, she has a mass lisp and crooked eyes. Poor thing, I dread to think wtf the baby’s going to look like.

kazulk, October 12, 2009

half the shit doctors say are because they want u to spend money

alyssaaaa, October 12, 2009

she and i use the same makeup 🙂 just pointing that out, because theres really nothing else to comment on for this post.

Misty Mistake, October 12, 2009

actually honey, she ain’t single.
there’s a very nice looking boy at the bottom of her page.

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

lmfao she’s still ugly as fuck,i dread seeing what that thing inside of her is going to look at, and lol, she has another man taking care of her,and her soon to be bastard child

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

like* not at.

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

Anyone who talks shit is jealous

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

Aw she’s cute, leave her alone.
Being pregnant made her less scene and more real.
Fuck off.

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

lmfao what is there to be jealous of?her teeth look half rotten and she talks shit about her baby’s daddy,but i’m sure she wasn’t complaining when he was fucking her her every night. she’s grown up? yeah right, when you’re “grown up” you don’t talk shit about someone that you earlier said was the love of your life etc etc, i think she’s just mad he moved on to bigger better things,which isn’t saying much considering she’s ugly and anybody can do better

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

And you’re grown up by getting involved with business that doesn’t consern you in any way? You don’t even know anything about her. I’m not a “fan” or whatever, I just think she’s a normal girl and you people that talk shit have nothing better to do.

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

The blonde is icky. She should have left it purple.

Anonymous, October 13, 2009

anon 8:14,you’re on stickyDRAMA,of course people are going to talk shit,don’t like it,get off the site

Britnee, October 19, 2009

i’m pregnant and i asked my doctor if its ok to dye your hair and it IS after the first trimester in a well ventilated room.
you just can’t bleach your hair.

girlgerm, October 19, 2009

hahah hair dye doesnt affect people when preggo….. jesus you people are dumb, i feel the worst for those who are “hairdressers” Hair dye sinks into your pores and breathing in the chemicals isnt good for anyone….it can affect pregnant women yes, mostly in first trimester. Its not a myth. Now im off to my crack pipe and bottle of vodka cause its not bad while pregnant,or so people on stickydrama told me…

jason tate loves bukkake, October 25, 2009

n00dz or fuck off

Anonymous, January 6, 2010

i am a lisenced cosmetologist and it is a MYTH that dying your hair while pregnant is bad for the baby.
its safe.

Anonymous, March 11, 2010

I think it’s retarded that people are saying it’s safe to dye your hair with bleach while being pregnant. Does anyone know what the hell bleach does? It takes coloring out, of hair, clothes, anything you put it on, it breaks down the build that a product has. And it’s safe? Really? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a Poison Control number on the bottle and several warnings as well.
Brb, I’m gonna brush my teeth with bleach because it’s safe.
fuckin morons

coolieo, April 19, 2010

shes ugly and cocked she needs to gtfo and thats why her ugly ass aint withh the baby daddy

Jessicalynxx, May 29, 2010

Wow, its hair dye, grow the fuck. I know lots of moms who dyed there hair, and their baby’s are perfectly OKAY. Besides why would you bother sitting here and bashing Sammi, if you don’t like her, or you think she’s ugly, they DON’T LOOK! Its not like someone’s forcing you to look at her every single day. Its not like anyone is concerned with your life or how you live it, so why are you so concerned with her’s? Shes a normal person, and she’s quite gorgeous, and so is her son, and no he’s not a bastard child. His father is with Sammi, so STFU, and GROW UP. No one asked you to stalk her life. >.<

A!, May 29, 2010

Um… she never dyed her hair while pregnant! It was like those fake colorings that wash out, no dyes at all. Okay? She’s not stupid. She is rather smart and obviously knows what is bad for her baby during pregnancy, and now that she has her son, he is beyond beautiful and heathy 🙂 <3

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