What Has Hanna Beth Done To Her Lips?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Scene Queen Resembles Plastic Surgery Addict Pete Burns 13 comments

In November of 2015, House of DVF gave voice to the thousands of silenced fans whom Hanna Beth has blocked, ignored and lied to when it posed the question on everyone’s mind:

“Are your lips real?”

Hanna denied DVF’s  suggestion that she’s had lip injections, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Hanna apparently ignored what should have been a wakeup call, because her most recent Instagram photos are replete with trout pout:

Hanna Beth hanna-2 hanna-3 hanna-4


Compare Hanna’s unnatural appearance to plastic surgery addict Pete Burns, whose lips actually exploded with pus owing to infection caused by cosmetic enhancements.

Pete Burns

Hanna: You’re naturally very pretty. Lay off the plastic.

@jeffreestar- New music video for “Beauty Killer” 19 comments

To be honest, I’m really surprised no one posted this already, but I’ll spare you my griping.

Honestly, I think the video and the song are both steps forward for Jeffree. But the first thing I noticed about this video is that it seems to be on a MUCH smaller budget than the last one, Get Away With Murder. Whoever directed the video did a fair job of making the budget cut look “on-purpose”, though.

The second thing I noticed is Jeffree’s collagen lip injections. I don’t judge him for having this done, but if you pause the video at any time when his mouth is open, you can see that they look swollen and mis-shapen- not like real lips at all.

Jeffree has also personally responded to comments on the YouTube video about his less-than-perfect teeth.

Has @mmmKikiKannibal had a nose job? 11 comments

I don’t know but to me it kinda looks like it, or is it just good photo shop.

But either way it looks perfectly refined and button like, instead of beak-ish.

@iJustine gets a boob job? 7 comments

Justine Ezarik AKA @iJustine is one of the few “successful” e-celebs. Despite being ridiculously untalented she has been seen on USA Today, ABC News, CNN, Fox News Channel, Spike TV, Law and Order, Wheel of fortune, and has even helped host the 2009 MTV VMAS. She also has an astounding 1 million+ Twitter followers.  But after a quick glance at her Myspace page it became very apparent that something has drastically changed since 2009.

Looks like a certain lady has been putting her money to good use. Now her jugs match her face.


@krissykills LA’s newest nip tuck? 6 comments

so I’ve been snooping around on twitter lately and I happen to come across this on twitter and I couldn’t help but notice..

so after I saw that I did a lil more snooping and saw that alot of her other friends were saying that she’s been missing out, which means she hasn’t been going out & she’s “recovering” from something…but what exactly is she recovering from? anyone know?
I think maybe she had a boob job or something done with her face(nose) or something.
I’m really curious

Krissy‘s twitter (:

@DarrenShuman Has A Hole Nobody Would Touch 73 comments

Darren Shuman, a friend of Nick of Radiation Year, was crashing over at StickyHouse for a few days.  For a little while, Amor Hilton badly wanted him to rummage around her vag.

But then the fancy took him to remove his half-inch labret piercing and show us a hole that nobody would touch.  Not even Amor.  Still, we had the fortitude to whip out our handy dandy videophone and recorded what we consider to be quite possibly the grossest video ever posted here.  Yeah, grosser than that girl who let her dog eat her pussy, grosser than the bitch with one arm fucking her boyfriend, even grosser than that video of some fat faggot breaking a glass bottle up his ass.

[kaltura-widget wid=”0_r7f0a5sb” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]

Most labret piercings are much smaller than a half-inch, mostly because labret’s don’t stretch.  In order to fit a whopping half-inch gauge into his labret, Darren made the wise decision to have that section of his face cut out with a scalpel.

Ah, youth.


@therubenmartins Plastic Surgery? 35 comments


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Look the cheekbones!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Jeffree Star, Plastic Surgery Nightmare? 15 comments

I know everyone claims not to care about Jeffree Star, but does anyone notice how (increasingly) freakish he looks?

Like in this picture, you can see his chin is crooked, and it didn’t used to be:

And around his lips and chin look bumpy almost here:

I liked how he looked in like 2007:

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