LaSIF Allure 53 comments

Okay so I keep coming across this girl on myspace named Lashawna Allure.  At first I though she was decent looking by her default. Until I looked at the rest of her pictures and threw up in my mouth a little. I checked more into it and REALIZED that she is angled and has no body shots. AUTOMATIC SIF.

OH MY GOD! Get clothes that fit you girl. Those buttons are literally about to pop right off your fatass.

then there is this picture..what is THAT?! Is your dog taking a shit OMFG!! HAHAHA SICK. I also totally see the resemblance of patrick renna from the sandlot. EW.

OKAY sweetie dont suck in so much you might collapse your lungs. AND that angle still makes you look like a FAT bitch.

Who is the Real Jessica Dulong? 13 comments

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whats this chicks real name?
her fake name is jessica dulong, we dated and everything. she fucked me over shes a fake.

Kitten F*ck is DISGUSTING. 44 comments

So this chick that goes by the name of “Kitten Fuck” think she’s so hot shit wearing gallons of eyeliner and no pants. Her piercings are gross, her ‘pouty’ wanna be Oliver Sykes lips are annoying and the amount of eyeliner she wears is horrid. How can she look in the mirror and find herself attractive? I mean come on… look at her. She’s fucking hideous.
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ew Ashlea 29 comments

mmm suck in more please

also i think she got into a fight or something. or maybe this is just her without makeup:

Where did Adam Heartbreak go?? 17 comments

So I used to see pics and youtube videos of adam heartbreak everywhere but hasnt posted aything new or been seen on any websites for quite some time… rumorz of him and andy sixx hanging out bur i havent seen and pics or anything… where did he gooo

adam heartbreak

KekeKaos is a fat scene wannabe! 16 comments

This is kekekaos, she’s a fat ass scene, emo wannabe! She has horrible teeth that makes me sick, and has poor done dimple piercings. Trailer park trash.. She tries tooo hard to find a bf and hopes to get laid that would at keast give her the time! she makes me sick! all she ever talks about is how she;s been single for a year and cries over her ex bf’s! No one wants to date you babe. lose a couple….I mean alot of pounds and somones might ket you suck their dick!

who is this girl? 15 comments

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@steven_weber LMFAO!! 41 comments

He used to look like this:

(in the right)

To this scenie myspace whore, 😆

Not to mention he NEVER washes his hair, its always grossss. LOL

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