pedo friend of the day :’) 14 comments

i lol’d hard js :’)

Pedofile 2 comments

Is a 45 year old pedofile that captures teen boys jacking off on stickam. he will ask for people to trade with him.

Be awars he is a pedofile if you are a friend of his deleate him immediately.

Upgraded Chloe Cowlishaw 17 comments

For once Cowlishaw doesn’t look like a crack head clown. She looks-dare I say-pretty???

Personally, I’m tired of making fun of her appearance, we all know she looked like shit. Let’s hope she keeps the new look, and we can focus all of our negative energy on the many other things wrong with her, such as lack of intelligence and her obsession with sniffing her upper lip.

Of course, her lips still looks fucked, and unfortunately they look real. What the fuck kind of parent would pay for their 14 year old daughter to have lip injections?! I’m pretty sure that’s not legal.

Speaking of fucked up parents, I have great concern that her father is a pedo wanting to get into his daughter’s pants. Did anyone else notice that Chloe’s dad was a little too into her new belly button piercing? JS.

^click for link^

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he wants to fuck her.


Nikolai Is One To Stay Away From! 36 comments

Having a past and gladly no future with Nikolai, he’s come to be someone you can not trust.

Beginning with how many girls he’s managed to get pregnant. The number is unbelievably high, Once you tell him, He’ll continue to talk to you until you get the abortion than, he’ll dump you right back on the street like you were nothing.  I only know about 2 or 3 of these situations in the past 8 months, who knows how many more this has happened to.

Losing respect for someone is easy. I watched him date a friend, fuck her, take her virginity, and stopped talking to her the day after. Only to talk mad shit on her to the next girl he’d date and get pregnant then once again, leave. Not only does he sit here and do this to tons of girls who knows how many STD’s this boy has! I’ve known of many accounts of him fucking without a condom, can you say NASTY! and TRASHY!

Drugs? Can I begin to count the amount of drugs this boy can consume in one fucking day. I know he is a heavy coke and meth addicted, and I know of accounts of him doing xanax, and ecstasy. Who knows what i’ll find out next? heroine, shooting up? He’s a worthless soul and is doing nothing with his pathetic life. He’s 18 and STILL in high school and not even close to graduating. Not to mention he is the next pedofile in the working. He was 18 dating a 13 year old!

Really do you want your daughters dating this? He has to be fucked up on something.

Please Ladies, do the world a favor and stay away from this boy! He’s nothing but bad news. He lives in the 818, Los Angeles valley, and loves to hit on little girls and get them pregnant. Keep safe! and don’t let your daughters date him!



Fakey McFakerson 6 comments

Ok children gather round and listen up. And by children I mean all you young and dumb stickamers. (There are plenty of you.)  You mature smartasses who know better or pretend to, can move along.   This Guy Kataack  Is a fake.



(If i don’t include a pic you won’t even read this)

His prey? Any young gay/bi cutie dumb enough to fall for it. He counts on you to well… have better things to do than pay close attention to his cam.  But to also have no problem getting naked for someone you’ve known for all of 10mins.  (sounds familiar don’t it)

Cause if you did pay attention you’d notice that his cam goes black for a few seconds from time to time. And if you did take time to get to know a person rather than whip out your dick and let that be your guide. You know that he’s always, always, always wearing the same thing on cam. A blue hoodie no shirt underneath. That is until one of those lovely and mysterious blackouts happens, then his cam will come back, he’ll stretch overhead and remove his hoodie all together. (seriously, that’s the sequence, I’ve seen it many times)

You see the thing about this particular guy is that he has so much video to work with from cam4 that he even has videos to match requests you make of him. You know in an attempt to prove he’s a fake and/or get him naked. Ask him to do something he’ll change the subject repeatedly (most likely back to getting you naked on skype.)  Well we were able to eventually bust him.   The one request we made of him was actually carried out. Which had me thinking I’d been wrong all along…until said act was repeated again in the exact same way a few moments later. We’re talking obvious video loop. I was just lurking and it was obvious to me so how others don’t catch it I’ll never know.  I explained all that so it wouldn’t come off as another omgimsomadatyouthatimgonnaputyouonblastonstickydrama type post. God knows there are plenty of them.  And if you still aren’t convinced well i have the cam4 stills to prove it.

So kiddies if you’re still listening I won’t bother telling you not to get naked on the internet we both know you will anyways. And that would almost make it seem like I had a point and anyone who reads this site knows that nearly all of these posts have no point.  So we can’t have that. But here is a tip check out peoples pages for fucks sake!!  When you do, a few things might send up some red flags in your mind.   If they only have 1 pic RED FLAG! If they’ve been on the site for over a year and have hardly any live views RED FLAG! If they’ve been on the site for over a year and they’re hot and still have like 2 friends RED FLAG!  Of course none of that is written in stone but those can also be easy signs that you’re dealing with a fake.  There are lots of fakes on stickam that get away with it just because they put up a vid. This guy for example has been made mod in a few rooms.  Yeah, people are that fooled.  So if you read this and learned something or came away with a little understanding good. And if you passed this up completely while you browsed for cute and/or ugly people to check out or make fun of. Then good; I’m sure you’re nudes will end up online soon enough .

Once again, this has been an Observation.

Yet Another Possible Pedophile Lurking Deep In The Bowels of Stickam 7 comments

This is my premiere post here on stickydrama. SO here goes…

Early morning August 11 as I was logging into my Stickam account I found that I had a new friend request pending. As usual, I immediately clicked over to see who it was, and the moment the page loaded I was disgusted. The thumbnail sized profile picture of Mr. David Aaron Garcia is grotesque!

It is my deepest regret to admit that, after seeing the horrifying picture, I just HAD to go to his profile and see what kind of monstrous being could possibly be behind the profile. The page loaded, and my eyes were bombarded by a larger version of that deeply disturbing thumbnail previously mentioned. Not only that, but there were 3 other pictures of this demon spawn that left my stomach in knots.

Then I saw the age… 30! 30 years old, horrific pictures, what could possibly next you ask, his Friend’s List!! Oh yes, as if this beast wasn’t bad enough, his friends list, which has slowly grown from 10, to 28 in the time it took me to realize he had to be stopped, and is surly going to gain in numbers, is chalk full of significantly younger boys. Now I know that this shouldn’t have shocked me at all judging by the lifeless filth that made the profile, BUT what did shock me is that all of those people on the list had to have personally added him. Which means they ALL had to have seen the repulsive thumbnail picture as well!!

Anyways, I’ll end this by stating that I can guarantee he will most likely end up being banned for the same reasons 99% of the other pedo accounts were. So please, IF you end up getting a request from this vermin, DON’T add him! It only encourages this kind of behavior in others.
^^Link to the Beast^^

Thank you!

A glorious fuck you to Mr X 99 comments

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Is anyone else tired of this old wanna be scenester who likes to have boys jack off for him on Stickam rubbin his mother fucking nose in shit that he has no business?

This nosy old cunt likes to butt into EVERYTHING and try to up-stand people by taking his faux moral high ground with his preachy bullshit!

GET OVER YOURSELF HOLY FUCK.  That trailer your living in with your highspeed connection needs to be pushed into the the motherfucking ocean.

PEDO ALERT 14 comments





Guy named elgipsi from stickam


Wanted two boys to get on cam with

him. Here are photos in which were taken

of the 31 year old male from France.





Yes discusting, I know. Please watch out for him.

He seriously need to banned from stickam because all he is here for

is for young twinks. Please report this guy. Thanks.

 BTW-Right he lookjs like a Gi-Joe? Haha

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