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    StickyDrama Sues Stickam, GoDaddy, Router; Lawsuit Might Prove Router’s True Identity 41 comments

    “Jesus Christ,” whispered the Court Clerk at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles as she entered StickyDrama’s Small Claims filing into her computer.  “You’ve got a very interesting claim here,” she said after regaining her composure.


    This Monday StickyDrama filed a lawsuit against Advanced Video Communications, LLC, the company that owns the Stickam trademark.  Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are, Inc. and John Doe, aka Router, aka Psychotic Router, aka r0uter.  The amount for which we are suing: $7.41.


    Our readers can download a full-res copy of the lawsuit here. In order to reduce headaches and hatemail, certain contact info has been blurred out.  Our Small Claims case number is LAM 09M12298 and our court date is scheduled for February 8, 2010.

    Of course, StickyDrama has no intention of really suing AVC or GoDaddy.  Rather, we had to name them as defendants because we chose to pursue the case in Small Claims Court, which cost only $30 to file.  A lawsuit is necessary in order to issue AVC and GoDaddy subpoenas for  their records on Router.  On the other hand a full-blown civil lawsuit, in which we sued only Router and just served AVC and GoDaddy subpoenas, would have cost upwards of $5000.  Neither Stickam nor GoDaddy can voluntarily provide us with any information on Router, thanks to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Once Stickam and  GoDaddy have responded to the subpoena and Router’s true identity—which we have been told by one of Router’s victims is Garrett Graff—has been established in court, StickyDrama will amend our claim to drop AVC and GoDaddy as defendants.

    Where did the $7.41 figure come from?  Funny you should ask.  Apparently in retaliation for our recent post in which we published what one of his victims believes to be his legal name and address, Router attempted to “frame” StickyDrama by falsely naming us as the domain registrant for  It turns out that Router used GoDaddy to register the domain, the same domain registrar that we used to register  Since he controlled that domain through his GoDaddy account, he was able to change its registrant to whatever he liked in GoDaddy’s WHOIS database—and, in an attempt to make it look like StickyDrama was the owner of, he declared us to be the registrant.


    Our readers will recall that is the domain of the now-disabled WordPress blog on which Router described cyberstalking, blackmailing and enticing minors into sexually explicit webcam performances. While technically it is not illegal to describe blackmailing children into sexually explicit acts peformed via webcam, it’s not a very good idea either.  Furthermore, since Router knew that StickyDrama was in fact not the owner of, and since he intentionally declared that we were its owner in an attempt to harm our reputation, Router committed libel.

    Yes, Kiki. Someone libeled StickyDrama.

    But lIttle did Router know that whoever is the registrant of a domain is also that domain’s legal owner.  Once StickyDrama proved our identity to GoDaddy, as the owner of the domain we authorized GoDaddy to transfer from Router’s GoDaddy account into our own GoDaddy account, thereby putting the domain under our direct control  We quickly made the domain registration private again in order to undo Router’s libelous statements.  The total cost of our efforts:  $7.41.


    Ideally, GoDaddy would comply with our subpoena and turn over their billing records for Router’s account, which would prove that Garrett Graff is indeed the individual behind Router and responsible for all Router’s illicit acts.  But just because we filed our lawsuit doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to confirm Router’s identity. AVC, GoDaddy or even Router could move to quash our lawsuit or subpoenas.   Only time will tell.

    One thing is certain:  Since GoDaddy retains account records for at least 7 years, whoever owned the domain prior to November 25, 2009 will eventually find himself in a shitload of trouble.

    Jayjay Jaye: caught pedophile! 59 comments


    For the past month I’ve been looking into this shady character who goes into Matthew Lush’s room under the name of Jayjay. He claims to be 23 years of age residing in California and appears to be a normal person, until you get entangled by his lies. He lures 14 year old girls into his live with sad excuses about how he is suicidal and just wants to talk. After he gets the girl to know him he says hes a former cancer patient, girls never liked him and he rarely gets a boner now. At which point he proceeds in getting innocent girls to “try and get him hard”.

    It’s shocking and appalling because when you’re inside his live most of the time he is planning his next prey. He is currently playing innocent 14 year old Juliet *******. He made her think she’s in love with him and now she will do anything he pleases. He has played plenty of girls before and I think it’s time this comes to a stop. It’s not right for deranged 23 year olds to be corrupting the minds of innocent little girls, extremely not right when he uses cancer as a fake excuse to get girls to feel sorry for him, get naked and love him.

    If anyone has any information about his whereabouts I’d like the authorities informed. His facebook changes with prey currently he goes by the alias Jayjay Jaye.

    Here’s the profile of the 14 year girl who should be warned.

    “Sean Savvy,” “Zach Zesty,” “BCCC” Alleged to be 23-Year-Old UC-Berkeley Student Brett Thurber 61 comments

    Multiple sources have alleged that Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old University of California at Berkeley engineering student, is the individual behind the online character “Sean Savvy,” who is also known to have used the aliases “Zach Zesty” and “BCCC.”  Aside from his online reputation as a prolific capper of underage girls, the individual behind those characters has become a person of interest in two separate incidents that have drawn attention of the police and other state agencies.  Both cases are redolent of incest, involving a mother and child.


    Most AnonIB users are probably familiar with the below cap, depicting a 36-year-old mother in San Jose, California, and her 16-year-old daughter.  The mother is rumored to have been arrested not only for watching her daughter webcast sexually explicit performances, but also participating in them.  While the mother and daughter did not touch each other, both exposed their breasts and made highly suggestive hand gestures to their viewers.

    The mother also performed at least one solo performance, in which she exposed her vagina to the camera and vigorously masturbated.

    Our readers will also recall the recent case of a teenage mother whom “Zach Zesty” recorded while she masturbated—in the presence of her one-year-old child.  The child was “playing drums on her” breasts at some point during her sexually explicit performance.

    In both cases, outraged viewers and StickyDrama readers reported the above-mentioned incidents to the authorities.  While we are uncertain to what extent, if any, police and other agencies acted, we have been told that in the former case the mother was arrested and in the latter children’s protection services visited the mother’s home.

    So who exactly is the individual behind “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty,” and where can he be found?  StickyDrama was asked by a network news producer to use our blog and reach out to our readers in order to identify and locate him.  From the many responses to our public request for information, we have pieced together a fairly clear portrait of the individual in question.

    Concrete evidence is scant.  But the sources who responded to StickyDrama’s request for information—some of whom have been online acquaintances of StickyDrama for years—have been remarkably consistent in their stories.  By most accounts, “Sean Savvy” is Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old engineering student at the University of California at Berkeley.  (UC-Berkeley is among the top-ranked public universities in the nation and, coincidentally, is where StickyDrama earned his undergraduate degree.)  There is some variation in the sources’ information; certain sources put his age as high as 27, and certain sources claim he is a recent graduate; but all are in agreement as to the individual’s name and field of study.

    The one point on which there seems to be considerable disagreement is the so-called “real Sean Savvy,” the teenage boy depicted in the capper’s profiles.  At issue is whether the boy was somehow blackmailed into posing for the capper, or whether he willingly supplies the capper with prepared loops and images (supposedly in return the boy receives copies of the girls recorded using the capper’s fake accounts).  The same boy seems to supply deceptive photos and videos for both the “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” aliases.  StickyDrama has been linked to some of the real boy’s online profiles, on which he gives his age as 17 years old—another significant fact, since he supposedly provided sexually explicit photos and videos of himself to the capper masquerading as him.

    Contrary to most allegations left in StickyDrama’s comments, most of our sources indicate that “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” did not blackmail or threaten girls to give sexually explicit performances.  He relied solely or mainly on deception.  Had he only targeted legal adults over 18 years of age, he probably wouldn’t be in such deep shit:  There’s nothing unlawful about deceiving adults into getting naked on camera using loops and fake identities.

    In any event, this story is still developing.  StickyDrama encourages anyone with more information and updates to contact us at

    Google cache of

    Johnny Death @ogkushking 26 comments

    For those of us who hate the loser johnny death (because we all know he is a creep) I saw him under his new stickam id its_johnnydeath and get this. he put his age as being 16 i guess so he can get into underage girls live.


    But I saw him in brigitteisadrug’s live last night who he says is his gf.  I started talking shit on him saying how he is a creep and stuff and i messaged him and asked him where he was staying since he got kicked out of daddy’s condo and he said he just bought a brand new condo.  I asked him if and the key word is if he did buy one is it with the money he stole from people he laughed and then said he was a mod in her live and banned me so i guess the creep will never change.

    Brandon Arceneaux fake. Yeah.. 11 comments

    stooopid fake Zachy Baby.
    and he is a fake ass bitch.
    Talk it up, like there is really anything to talk about..

    real dude:

    Victim Identifies Pedophiliac Cyberstalker “Router” 35 comments

    A pedophiliac cyberstalker known as “Router” has been identified as Garrett Graff, 22, of Livonia, Michigan, according to one of his own victims seeking justice.  Livonia is a large suburb located 13 miles northwest of downtown Detroit.


    First registering on live streaming social network Stickam under the name “Psychotic Router,” Router targets young boys exclusively.  Some of the victims were in their late teens, but others were as young as 12, 10, and 9 years old.  In this post we will explain his modus operandi, and present 3 specific cases in which we feel enough evidence exists for authorities to act upon.

    Studies have shown that most pedophiles are below average intelligence.  Not Router.  His calculated strategies make him adept at the art of terror, and his preferred tool is blackmail.  If Router finds an image or video of a young boy naked, he approaches the boy and threatens to mail his nudes to his family unless the boy submits to more sexually explicit performances.  If he doesn’t have information or images to blackmail a victim, he uses deception.  Posing as a friendly Stickam user, he strikes up conversations with potential victims in order to learn information about them, a technique known in online parlance as “socialing.”  He often uses a video recording of a young female to fool boys into believing they are befriending a girl; if his victim is gay, Router poses as an attractive young boy.  Thus beautified, he asks a victim to get naked on webcam or send nudes.  Of course, at 22 years old and quite rotund, the real Garrett Graff is neither particularly young and definitely not attractive.


    But Router might ultimately be hoisted by his own petard.  On his now-disabled website, he described how he enticed a 12-year-old boy to perform sex acts on camera; Router attempted to justify his actions by writing that the boy claimed to be 13 years old, circumstances no less disgusting nor illegal than if the boy had been 12.


    Such a blatant admission seems out of character for someone as cunning as Router, who uses IP proxies and private domain registrations to hide his true identity.  It’s not very smart to boast in writing that you knowingly enticed minors to masturbate on a webcam for you.  But the greatest flaw of intelligence is often pride.

    In another case, Router obtained an old screen-recording of a 17-year-old boy.  Instead of deals or enticements, Router immediately made threats against the boy.  In an outrageous perversion of the law, since the victim is under 18 years of age, Router threatened to have the boy arrested for production of child pornography if he did not perform more sex acts.


    StickyDrama’s phone calls to the FBI’s San Francisco Bureau confirmed that there is no agent Olivia Estrada at that Bureau, nor probably at any other Bureau for that matter.  But Router’s clever lies are terrifyingly believable.  Citing recent court cases of teenagers on trial for “sexting,” Router often convinces young boys to acquiesce in his demands.  (Situations such as these are yet another reason why StickyDrama believes it is wrong to prosecute teenagers for sending out their own nudes in a non-commercial manner.)

    The youngest known victim was 9 years old when Router targeted him.  We do not know much about him besides his age, but have been told that Router fooled him using a loop of an attractive young girl.  While Router apparently never threatened this victim and the naive boy willingly performed for Router, Router’s “branding” and streaming of the recording certainly qualifies as production and distribution of child pornography—note the “Router” watermark in the lower right.


    StickyDrama has never been contacted by the boy above, but other victims claim to have spoken with him, and tell us that the experience has left him terribly embarrassed and ashamed.

    The victim who sent StickyDrama the above LLC registration form believes Router to be Garrett Graff because, during the course of his getting-to-know-the-victim routine, Router let slip that his real name is Garrett and that he lived in Michigan.  Router also claimed to own a company through which he operated as well as, for which Stickam sent a trademark infringement complaint.

    After spending months going through the State of Michigan’s Corporation Division, the victim found Graff Web Development, LLC, owned by Garrett William Graff—a perfect match.

    Router refused to confirm or deny whether the LLC registration form was indeed his.  But shortly after being shown the document, he posted on his blog that he was moving to San Francisco, CA, where he claimed to have been offered a job at technology magazine PC World. A few weeks later he took the blog offline.

    In a phone call to PC World, StickyDrama was told that no person named Garrett Graff was employed by the company.  We suspect that Router’s claim was a lie intended to throw us off his trail.

    So assuming that Router has been correctly identified, what means of redress are available to his victims?

    Stickam’s policy is to encourage its users to make their own complaints with the authorities.  Despite receiving countless complaints about Router and being well aware of his cyberstalking, the company is unable to do much more than ban whatever account he uses—a punishment easily circumvented by re-registering on another account.  The Electronic Communications Privacy Act prevents Stickam from taking more serious action like reporting Router to authorities such as police or the FBI, unless the company is ordered to do so by a court, either by subpoena or search warrant.  So appealing to Stickam (or other social networks) directly will get no real results.

    Obtaining a subpoena is fairly quick and simple—if you can pay the 5 to 7 thousand dollars in attorney and court fees, a prohibitively expensive sum for almost any teenager.  The police or FBI can ask a judge to issue a search warrant—if they are convinced to pursue a case.  But law enforcement officials often decline to investigate all but the most horrific cases.  What might be unbearable torture for one of Router’s victims—and unquestionably a crime—might not be a priority for the authorities.  The key to making Router’s case a priority is lodging as many complaints as possible against him.

    If you have been victimized by Router, alert the proper authorities.  Do not dial 911 or your own local police; instead make a non-emergency phone call to the Detroit FBI at 313-965-2323. Make a complaint against Router for online harassment and enticing minors to perform sex acts via computer.  Provide an agent with what you suspect to be Router’s identity and address.  Make sure you write down and save the name of the agent with whom you make the complaint.  Ask for and save the case or reference number.  Then post agency, agent’s name, and case number in the comments of this post.  Hopefully, as more and more victims refer to the same case number, authorities will feel a compelling reason to act.

    FBI, Detroit Field Office, 313-965-2323

    Dinosaur Daniel on Stickam XD 14 comments is a fake.
    this is what he really looks like

    that is him & his son.
    he has sent his ex multiple pictures of the kid saying it was his son which helps as more proof.
    do not trust him. he will record you if you show anything.

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