SubbySEX? Should be SubbyUNDERAGE sex. 52 comments

I think its immature how someone would post shit about people without knowing them? I know both Subby and Frankie and Frankie doesnt go around doing shit that. On the contrary Subby, you date multiple 14 year olds and play them. You even go as far as asking them for sex as one of your girls stated (Victoria from rancho). You played her and other girls saying “your the only one” while fucking Tatiana Jackson as well. You say he’s ugly? YOU HAVE A FUCKING GAP YOU CAN SHOVE A QUARTER INTO in your mouth.

Get to know people before you spread shit.

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Anonymous, June 30, 2010

he does he claims ppl add him cause ppl add him and ppl on their friends list add him bullshit bullshit.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL, July 20, 2010

@that tatiana jackson “girl” didn’t anyone ever tell your mother not to drink during pregnancy? sheesh. could your eyes get any farther apart? why don’t you hold off on the blur tool and try to push those bad boys in an inch or two. (;

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