Brandon Arceneaux fake. Yeah.. 11 comments

stooopid fake Zachy Baby.
and he is a fake ass bitch.
Talk it up, like there is really anything to talk about..

real dude:

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notstupid, November 21, 2009

Who cares about him anyway…

?, November 21, 2009

brandon who?

Anonymous, November 21, 2009

Who has 3 different names? And who in the fuck quickly implies that their, “Dad Has Died From Cancer” in their about me!!?!?!? This fake has issues.

Anonymous, November 22, 2009

Does anyone in Fort Myers even care about Brandon anymore? Yet alone people on Stickydrama.


wtfjustsaying, November 22, 2009

Then don’t waste your time reading or posting a comment!


youwillneverfindout, November 23, 2009

lol i wonder what he’d say about this 😉 i love this. haha people must really obsess over him.

Anonymous, November 24, 2009

^^^^^ hes the dude

youwillneverfindout, November 24, 2009

actually no 🙂 im not brandon, but i do talk to him on a daily basis. haha <3

Brandon Arceneaux, November 26, 2009


wtfjustsaying, November 28, 2009

Seriously what?

Apparently, he likes picking well(ish) known people to fake.

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