The Truth about “tdomf_e8e13” 3 comments

For awhile a bunch of people [myself included] were getting upset and annoyed by all the posts by “tdomf_e8e13”
A lot of people thought it was all the same poster, just spamming the MyDrama section with pointless shit.

Here’s the truth since I noticed some people didn’t get the memo yet:

In case the image doesn’t show up, it was answered by Sticky on his formspring:

Failpost? idgaf :]

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ohihio, May 27, 2010

finally someone showed these retards

anon, May 27, 2010

yeah finally someone posts this! i got annoyed at people claiming it was only 1 person.

zigzag, May 27, 2010

I was one of those people lol xD
Because I mean it did really seem like it was all the same person.
They all were about pretty much the same things, and “tdomf_e8e13” isn’t really a
title that everyone thinks would be the same as anonymous.
I figured Sticky would just put “Anonymous” as the title for anonymous posters lol
Oh well :]

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