@jbigga thinks his music is good. 15 comments

Alright so @jbigga’s new song “FUCK THE WORLD” just premiered on youtube, & just like every other song he has it’s terrible.

He asks all the people that watch the video to listen to the song then ask if he “pwns” botdf. Hmmmm going through all of these comments @botdfmusic pretty much wins. They are BEYOND better than you. You @jbigga are a trashy piece of shit who can’t make music. just stop.

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AN0NYM0U$, May 20, 2010

and botdf aren’t trashy peices of shit who can’t make music?

Shaneandstuff, May 20, 2010

J Bigga got lame after he stopped making fun of people. I Hate Jeffree was epic. Everything else since then = shit.

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

Why don’t you people ever listen to REAL music??
Stop giving these wastes the time of day by encouraging them to further embarrass themselves,
because it also wastes your OWN precious time talking about them.

KingRexTX, May 20, 2010

BOTDF is fun and dirty they do their own thing, James here has just been trying way too hard to break out into the scene,
but guys on a serious note pray that he can make babies with his new wifey

Anonymous, May 21, 2010

I personally thing botdf and jbigga are awesoe, so just stop all the fucking hatin

Anonymous, May 21, 2010


Anonymous, May 21, 2010

keep your opinions to yourself, you only look like a fool right now.

Anonymous, May 21, 2010

j biga suck cock

Anonymous, May 21, 2010

BOTDF pwns u j biga fails at life 😀

Anonymous, May 21, 2010

nobody really liked you and who ever does dosent really like themselves

Anonymous, May 21, 2010

why dont you talk shit and sing about the illuminati you pussy ass bitch

shaniqua williams, May 21, 2010

jbigga, make a song about pussy popping.

lawl, May 21, 2010

that guy looks likes a douche

dont worry about it, May 23, 2010

this guy is like a frekin 30 yr old lowlife who thinks his music is the BEST when its pure shit doesnt even make sense n the beats suck!! he needs to get a real life instead of putting his retarded ass music on the web n promoting them cus there terrible!!!

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