Scene is dead, you didn’t get the memo? 12 comments

This girls donned herself ‘Kitty Amor Valentine’, she worships Amor Hilton and fittingly slaps her makeup on with a shuvel.

She’s either just an OTT Wannabe, or shes seriously delusional…as this was on her facebook:
‘? Verified Official Celeb.
? Verified Account official
Real ?????????? 100%
? Official Sitemodel®
? Verified © Profile Original & Official®’

Yes those are coon stripes dyed into her fringe, not just extensions…and no this wasnt uploaded in 2007….it was uploaded March 31st 2010….I am dying of secondhand embarassment.

You may recognise this SIF from a previous post, idk
It may just be my personal opinion but by the time youre 17/8 you should be starting to grow out of fads, and stop dipping your fringe in pink paint.

Heres a tip lassy, if you’re so uncomfortable with your looks that you have to over photoshop, you need to pick up some Slim Fast and sort it out…though to get rid of that massive bumchin, surgery is the only way forward.

This couple is so scene that their wardrobes combined must create the whole of Hot Topics stock, and their combined friend count must rival Jeffree Stars. How much did the phone cover cost your ashamed parents?

The MS Paint tattoos aren’t fooling anyone. And the fact that you actually have a good body doesnt make up for the fact you look like an utter slut.

This girl seems to be some delusional ‘e celeb’.. as hses made herself a facebook fan page
PS do you trip over those ratty, unmatching $5 extensions?

Girl I want to find the person who cut your hair and personally punch them in the face, but why did you make it even worse and add the completely unblended extensions?

I didnt think failure on this level was possible 0__o

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xcoolx, April 20, 2010

Fuck sake New Stickydrama >:[ this wasnt supposed to be fucking published! It was just a draft! kjdghvlkjv

Anonymous, April 20, 2010

what a super dumb post. and i’m pretty sure that not all those pictures are of the same girl…

Why do you care anyways? did your e-boyfriend dump you for the fake myspace girl? Get over it, plenty of half-retarded fake e-boyfriends on the internet!

Anonymous, April 20, 2010

Wtf at all the awful sticky posts >.<

Jake Fatality, April 21, 2010

scene isn’t dead! >__<

Anonymous, April 21, 2010

ummm the last girl is ashface
shes a raver
not scene

Lisa, April 22, 2010


I was totally thinking “She’s not too bad, quite pretty actually…” until the bikini pic, then it just all went downhill from there…

Anonymous, April 22, 2010

Self post because well,
You started to compliment her soon as the bikini pic showed up >.<
GTFO you look like an ugly wrinkly bag of hair nails bone and teeth(which are probably covered in brace wire)

Anon, April 23, 2010

They aren’t all the same person. The 2nd to last one is a girl called “Bunny Hilton” lol And someone on her FB Fanpage told her she was on Stickydrama, and she said she “wasn’t impressed” lol
Also on her Formspring she got a question that asked if she used photoshop.

This was her reply:

“I photoshop a little bit, but mostly to put my name on pics… other than that no”

WOW what a liar! x]
Really “Kitty”?
So if we met in person…
-your face would be completely flat looking, with an orange tint
-your neck would look white and completely natural
-your eyeliner would look like you went over it with black sharpie like 10 times

I really hope I never see this girl in real life, cause if I do it’ll scare me to death! XD

Eliza, May 10, 2010

The last photo,
is Ashface, shes an amazing person
you don’t know her, why the fuck are you spreading shit about her?
Honestly, you can’t just go around, spreading pictures of beautiful girls on the internet and putting them down
when you have never spoken to them in your whole life, thats fucking low.
Your an embarresment, and you should be honoured to have a picture of Ashface
that picture should be treasured not labelled under “Scene is dead”
and why the fuck would you label her anyway, it’s not like you know her.
Its like me saying wooowwwwwww, your so fucking ugly – and i’ve never even seen your face before.
It just doesn’t make sense.
Grow the fuck up.

KittyValentine, June 23, 2010

lol wooowww jealous whore lmfao

Anonymous, July 6, 2010

The scene isnt completely dead. Some girls actually pull it off quite well.

Cydnie Gaytz Baldwin, July 27, 2010

Don’t post that about Kitty…. I know her for reals and have you not seen her new photos? She isn’t scene… OK it says March 31st cuz she had to make a new facebook! Numbnutz…. GAH! And Really? I don’t think scene is dead…. You see how many people are still “scene”! GAH!

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