@JeffreeStar’s “Size of your Boat” Tops iTunes Electronic Charts 38 comments

Jeffree Star has just recently released a new single featuring female rapper (is she?) Muffy called “Size of your boat”

In only but a few hours of its (early) release date it made #1 on itunes top albums chart under the genre electronic.

What’s your opinion on Jeffree’s New chart topping song? Will this be the tune you have on repeat this summer?

Dannie Wright – Band Drama 9 comments

Apparently, some of the ex-members of Toronto screamo band Die The Villain aren’t doing as well as they claim.

After singer Dannie Wright left to join Burlington dance/rock band SlowMotionNoise, and to get away from the “bt00tal” direction the band was going, the four remaining members decided to form a heavier band. They put up a MySpace page promising music soon, but have yet to deliver. Actually, the lead guitarist left the band a couple of months back.

Now, some of the members have asked Dannie to come back to form a pop/rock band. Real br00tal, right? Throw up your metal claws and scream “DOO WOP DOO WOP”! For those who know these guys, we can recall the drama and sh*t talk that went back and forth on their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Rumour has it, Dannie refused the offer to focus on his current band SlowMotionNoise and his other projects on the go… or maybe the boy has some sense after all and knows to stay away from that drama waiting to happen!

Chris Goss Going Goth? No comments

So i’m guessing yall heard of chris goss and wonder where in this fucked up economy barack obama led world he’s been? I figured he’d be in new jersey with all those scene mallrats but i guess not so I checked out his myspace over thanksgiving break since i hadnt looked at his myspace since…summerish this year and came to find his music has improved alot and his look. He’s still a big motherfucker and prolly makes girls wet who drive volkswagon beetle cars and crash whereever they see him walk down the street. He’s also a very good advice giver in the wanting to get buff and staying fit department, thanks chris for all that advice. moving on…now that i think of it the title of this post is almost a tongue twister but in the words of chris goss “who gives a flying fuck”

You may think he’s another one of those “just make music to be e-famous” stars like Brandon Hilton, Petey Plastic and sadly JakeWolfCrunk who hit his demise with kiki kannibal last month. Chris Goss actually has shows he performs at with his music LIVE. His blogs tell the whole story and his mentality is most likely making the best music possible and getting a fan base sure he might make a few myspace songs for lulz cuz he’s chris goss and more interesting song titles and samples in his songs. He’s also got another new invention…the chris goss handsign…throw it up

failpost or not, love it or hate it idgaf


Hi, I’m @Brandon_Hilton 65 comments

This will be my first and last post on here. Basically I just wanted to get some information out on Stickydrama.

I have been on the internet for almost 3 years now. And in that time have put a lot of myself on the web. Whether positive or negative, there are people that like me or dislike me. Things have happened to me that I regret, and things have happened to me that I embrace.

Rumors on this very site have hurt me and even helped me. I admit I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past. But as a human being sometimes that happens.

I’ve been given compliments, attacked, threatened, and harassed, it’s nothing that I haven’t brought on myself.
In the past 2 years, I’ve tried to make my own personal dreams come true, whether in music, in love, or life in general.

I realize it takes a lot of work to get to what I want to accomplish and I have an entirely new set of goals. I’m spending all of my time working on my music. I’m working with a new producer & vocal coach and trying to make a career. I’m just like anyone else, trying to make it in this industry.

I’m really excited about my music now, and I hope you check it out. If you like it, thank you and if not no worries. I know everyone has their own style and taste.

Here’s a little taste from my upcoming album, let me know what you think


“Hollywood Rehabilitation” by @Petey Plastic 12 comments

StickyDrama’s friend Petey Plastic just released “We Are Stars,” a new single off his free EP “Hollywood Rehabilitation.”  He also remixed his song “Star Fuckers.”

Hope you like it!  (lol … hey, he’s our friend.)  Good luck, Petey!


The Plastic Ho3s 10 comments

Petey Plastic and Hunter is a Ho3 formed an electro band whose music we’re thrilled to post. Petey is a dear friend of StickyDrama and a mod in our chatroom; we don’t know much about Hunter but we liked him after seeing his n00dz.


Listen to Petey and Hunter’s music

Digital Cities 2 comments

Digital Cities can thank their super-duper hot friend Dennis Hegstad for asking StickDrama to post their music, which we did in exchange for the privilege of rimming Dennis over Easter.

Listen to their music

Kristopher Andrews 1 comment

Kristopher Andrew’s Stickam profile gives his orientation as “confused.”


Allow StickyDrama to clarify things for you, Kristopher: You’re a faggot!
Listen to this faggot’s music

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