@BOTDFmusic’s New Song “You Dun Goofed” About @JessiiSlaughter 30 comments

Personally I like it. c: But that’s just me.

And another thing, I saw this:

In the comment section of the video. Wdf.

And then Dahvie’s response,



“Bitch!” by Steven Joseph 9 comments

I was on facebook this morning and seen that I was invited to a “fan page” of this rapper by the name of Steven Joseph (must have some spiritual connection to jesus).. anyways he wrote a song called Bitch! which features a fat girl with talentless rapping / singing. This was posted on youtube a while ago I guess.. waste of human life / good music

this fan page of his has almost 1000 people who are either over weight or scene that like him.. what else is new?


@TilaOMG Featured in Oh My God’s Music Video “My Own Adventure” 1 comment

Chicago indie-rockers Oh My God have lured renowned Myspace/MTV  starlet *Miss Tila
(Tequila)* into appearing in their new /My Own  Adventure/ music video. At once dreamy
and seamy, the video follows  a very seductive-looking Tila (in her first rock-video
cameo) as  she investigates provocative sounds coming from a gas-station  bathroom.

The song, /My Own Adventure/, is a standout cut from the band’s  latest album, /The
Night Undoes the Work/ /of the Day/ (Split Red).  The video features an exclusive
remix by Grammy winner Justin  Niebank, who has engineered, mixed or produced for
everyone from  Eric Clapton and Albert Collins to Daughtry and *Taylor Swift*. Oh  My
God have had their songs licensed to film and TV, have twice  seen their music videos
chosen as official selections of the  Midwest Independent Film Festival and have been
profiled in an MTV  mini-documentary sponsored by Coca-Cola and appearing during
/Making the Band/.

@KayvonZand Releases “So Gone” Music Video 9 comments

@KayvonZand, StickyDrama’s favorite camel from New York City, today posted the music video for his single “So Gone” on his YouTube account.

Ummm … discuss.  lol

@JeffreeStar’s “Size of your Boat” Tops iTunes Electronic Charts 38 comments

Jeffree Star has just recently released a new single featuring female rapper (is she?) Muffy called “Size of your boat”

In only but a few hours of its (early) release date it made #1 on itunes top albums chart under the genre electronic.

What’s your opinion on Jeffree’s New chart topping song? Will this be the tune you have on repeat this summer?

Fan’s Reaction to Beauty Killer: “Come On @JeffreeStar, That’s All You Got?” 45 comments

Alright, so all I could think was that @JeffreeStar would make the best, and I mean the sickest music video for “Beauty Killer.”  That’s actually one of my favorite songs off of his album, which was released September of last year.  After seeing his previous video for “Get away with murder (GAWM),” I seriously thought that @JeffreeStar would go all out this time.  He even said in his twitter that this is a “different” side of him.  It does show him and disgusting @DanielLucasOX naked on a couch:  WOAH, now that’s something the crowd hasn’t seen before, right?

I admit that I still love jeffree and all but, come on he has all this money that he spends on Coach bags, clothes and what not—but he couldn’t put anything into that video?  It’s seriously 3 wigs (plus his regular hair) on a white background, 1 scene on a couch nude with Daniel, and 1 with Jeffree in his blue wig on a chair.  And there’s that occasional ugly crown with his blue hair that he bought at Party City.  But honestly Jeffree, you’ve bored your crowd.  Fire @AustinYoung and get the director for GAWM because this music video SUCKED.

Beauty Killer Music Video

Crunkcore Artist “Neon Noah” Quietly Rising 15 comments

[Sticky’s note: Yeah yeah … slim pickins for Music posts lately. Oh well.]

So i have noticed this one solo crunkcore artist known as “Neon Noah”

He has been rising exceptionally well in the past 4 months since he had started making this genre of music. Spanky and other artists like him such as BrokeNCYDE all rose pretty fast within a year’s span.
Spanky is in a band known as “DotDotCurve” they rose on the internet with their music in the past year, they are now doing solo projects, BrokeNCYDE also was on the rise but they were in groups, making it possibly easier to rise to their goal and meet demands.

“Neon Noah” has made a well good rise in the past half a year, i can see his future and it brings my attention to him. I am going to continue following him and see where his music talent takes him. With every song i see improvement and that is very hard to find in artists that do everything on their own with little money to spend and no record label. To keep updated on
“Neon Noah” here is his music myspace page. Let us all support this man and what he does let him know what a great accomplishment he is making!


Contact Me Jason Merelli here on StickyDrama for more info!

Thanks Sincerely,
Jason Merelli

Dannie Wright – Band Drama 9 comments

Apparently, some of the ex-members of Toronto screamo band Die The Villain aren’t doing as well as they claim.

After singer Dannie Wright left to join Burlington dance/rock band SlowMotionNoise, and to get away from the “bt00tal” direction the band was going, the four remaining members decided to form a heavier band. They put up a MySpace page promising music soon, but have yet to deliver. Actually, the lead guitarist left the band a couple of months back.

Now, some of the members have asked Dannie to come back to form a pop/rock band. Real br00tal, right? Throw up your metal claws and scream “DOO WOP DOO WOP”! For those who know these guys, we can recall the drama and sh*t talk that went back and forth on their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Rumour has it, Dannie refused the offer to focus on his current band SlowMotionNoise and his other projects on the go… or maybe the boy has some sense after all and knows to stay away from that drama waiting to happen!

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