@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Reunited? 19 comments

Aw, how nice. Not that anybody gaf.

Yet, I still find it semi-ironic that Connor seemed to wait till he was on a “talking/flirting” basis with another e-celeb (Chris Crocker); before he decided to apologize to MattLush.

Connor, you’re never going to be famous — so stop trying to catch some glitter that might fall off of Chris, just like you tried to do with Matt — before he dropped you like a bad habit.

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Anonymous, May 19, 2010

Connor is STILL trying to feed off of peoples fame, but he shouldn’t pick matt, since matthews fame has pretty much faded completely away.
So chris… Don’t fall for it

danwritessins, May 19, 2010

^ exactly.

Connor, May 19, 2010

..I’ve been friends with Chris for years. Cool assumptions.

LOL!, May 19, 2010

Fucking idiots…Connor is clearly way too good for FAggoty Matthew Lush

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

lol wasn’t matthew the one crying like a little girl over connor..

danwritessins, May 19, 2010

Dear “Connor,” (if that’s really you,) that still wasn’t one of the main points of this post. The fact is that you USE (already) famous people for a personal gain; attempting to get some fame off of them by being with them.

& Wasn’t it you a few years ago who posted on yahoo answers “how do I get e-famous?” or something of that nature?

lmfao, please. Don’t target one minor concept of this post & ignore the other facts and the true discussion.

wowwwwwwwww, May 19, 2010

for once danwritessins actually just put big boy pants on ,in that last cmnt

LMFAO, May 19, 2010


Anonymous, May 19, 2010

very true dan

SassySally, May 19, 2010

I think it’s lovely how you’re calling these people “famous”. 🙂 This is the internet. They are not famous. The only “e-celeb” that is even close to being famous, IRL, is Jeffree Star. (although i hate to say the name)

worry about your own. i thought people that were in the “spotlight” didn’t worry about others? since you are in the spotlight more than everyone else, right dan?

“I’m not famous, I’m just in the spotlight more than you.” -danny boy

fucking sick abomination. the only spotlight you’ll ever see is the fucking light that the screen of your laptop emits. 🙂
you’re fucking hideous. you look like shit, smell like shit, and you act like shit.

*shits satanically upon your body*
the act has been committed 🙂
*flips skirt and pigtails*

yo ushoujld really think about fixing your doodoo eyebrows.
they SMELL LIKE SHIT (as mentioned before, the three acts of being shit. LOOK LIKE SHIT, SMELL LIKE SHIT, AND ACT LIKE SHIT)
^remember these montras, as they will help you later in life.
when you’re applying for a job 🙂

what are your talents, Dan?
well. *giggles* :3

*Act 2 has been committed. :)*

Conceptual Conceivers, May 19, 2010

🙂 🙂 🙂 !

Am i famous now? *sucks dick of crockus*

how about now? *fingers Ronda Williams, a 32 year old waitress in Memphis, TN*

Or now perhaps? *Types on internet, living in mothers basement at age 54; large bald spot reflecting the “spotlight” of the computers sexual glow, photoshopping the apple size nipples on my sagging C cup male breasts*

Marshall Di’shauns, May 19, 2010

How’s this for a bad habit? *sticks pinky up anus and sniffs*

Pretzalia Matthews, May 19, 2010

OH! yes honey, you are a star now! you’re gonna be so big :’) (Mother’s tear of satisfaction)
*donates wireless keyboard*
this will help you in your quest for fame! now you can post on Stickydrama from your very own bathroom! 😀
you will be bigger than everyone combined!
the fattest bitch on earth! with not even a molecule of a life! 🙂

SassySally, May 19, 2010

*Act 3* – The Fame Quest

I was working late that night in the hospital. I was doing a routine check. I was wearing a short white skirt and thin blouse without my bra. As I was about to enter the last room for a check, someone came form behind me and covered my eyes with his hands. My heart started to beat faster. Who could it be? I tried to take off his hands, but then he responded; Just relax and come with me! How could I relax, my breathing was heavier, and I felt anxious as we walked along. We entered in a room, and I was a bit nervous. He told me to keep my eyes closed, so I did. He than looked the door and took a silk scarf, wrapping it around my head, covering my eyes. The silk scarf felt so good on my face and it smelled very nice.

He than started to kiss my neck, sending chills down to my spine. I started to get excited form his kisses. He put his hands on my breasts arousing my nipples through my blouse, making me moan softly. I started to feel the tension building up, as he continued to play with my breasts and kissing my neck from behind. He suddenly stopped to touch my big boobs and took a step away from me. I was confused, and still blind folded. He then put his hands on my ass, bend me over, pulled my skirt up, revealing my round ass and my lacy thong. He than came closer to me, pushing himself into my body. I felt his cock getting bigger and harder inside his pants.

He got out his cock, pulled my thong to my ankles, and he buried his cock deep inside me. I bit my lip, trying not to scream, as I felt vibes going through all my body. He started to fuck me harder, thrusting deeper and faster. Oh, it felt so good. I pushed my ass into him, my pussy soaking every bit of his manhood. He pulled his hands down to my tits again, twisting and pinching my now hard nipples. I moaned out, as he continued to slide in and out of my wet cunt. I couldn’t see anything, and that made me even more excited. I felt my orgasm was building up, as my body started to shiver, and my legs were feeling weak. Taking me form behind deep and hard, he started to kiss my neck again and bit my ear, making me orgasm. He felt my liquids running down his shaft, and slowed down for a moment. Ohhh fuck, I was in haven.

He picked up his pace again, pumping my tight pussy. My pussy was clenching his cock. Mmmm I just love your tight pussy- he said moaning out! He then got one hand down between my legs, and started to rub my clit. Fucking me deep and teasing my clit, making me scream out in pleasure. My pussy was squeezing his cock so hard. He inserted every inch of his huge monster deep into me, thrusting in and out harder and harder. I was about to orgasm again, and I felt he started to shake as well. I pulled my hands behind him, putting them on his ass. I needed to feel his load in my pussy, so bad. So I buried my nails in his ass, pushing him all the way into me, making my pussy aching. He couldn’t take it any more and blew his hot load deep inside me. The moment I felt his hot cum in me, I had another orgasm, crying out loud. I pushed him again deep inside me squeezing every drop of his cum into me. I felt drops of his cum running down my pussy. I put my fingers deep into my pussy, and then licked them tasting the mixture of my juices and his cum. Mmmmmm it tasted so fucking good.

Nurse sex from behind I took off the scarf and only managed to see his back as he was leaving after giving me the best sex in months.

Now i know, that i will be famous for sure. 🙂
the spotlight is finally on me!

Relates, May 19, 2010

matthew is a pedo. <– the only good thing to ever come out of Audrey Kitching's mouth

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

Oh man stop fucking spamming, tad bit sensitive are we now?
Win post in my opinion personally, except that the poster actually is a jerk .-.
Anywho, good thing you’re a stalker,
But ferrealz, Connor’s break up video showed that he was getting brainwashed, and now he’s “sorry” again???

ironjeffreyxDD, May 19, 2010

lol i think matthew izz kinda hott XDDDD

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

i think you are about two years late to find anyone who cares

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