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For the past month I’ve been looking into this shady character who goes into Matthew Lush’s room under the name of Jayjay. He claims to be 23 years of age residing in California and appears to be a normal person, until you get entangled by his lies. He lures 14 year old girls into his live with sad excuses about how he is suicidal and just wants to talk. After he gets the girl to know him he says hes a former cancer patient, girls never liked him and he rarely gets a boner now. At which point he proceeds in getting innocent girls to “try and get him hard”.

It’s shocking and appalling because when you’re inside his live most of the time he is planning his next prey. He is currently playing innocent 14 year old Juliet *******. He made her think she’s in love with him and now she will do anything he pleases. He has played plenty of girls before and I think it’s time this comes to a stop. It’s not right for deranged 23 year olds to be corrupting the minds of innocent little girls, extremely not right when he uses cancer as a fake excuse to get girls to feel sorry for him, get naked and love him.

If anyone has any information about his whereabouts I’d like the authorities informed. His facebook changes with prey currently he goes by the alias Jayjay Jaye.



Here’s the profile of the 14 year girl who should be warned.


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blainebrodown, December 5, 2009

os. no one is going to be a LYING exposed pedo and get away with it on my watch.


Anonymous, December 5, 2009

hahahahahaha!!! JAWN

Anonymous, December 5, 2009

i hope his ball cancer spreads to his dick and it falls off. it should happen to all fucking pedophiles youre disgusting jayjay.

anonymous, December 5, 2009

Ok, none of this is true… I KNOW both of them… And to be quite honest I’m appalled at the fact that you people listen to this bullshit. I know the person who created this post… He’s a troll and an e-terrorist. He likes to spread rumors about people and get people on his side. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that he thinks he knows so much about Jay? Jay is not a pedophile nor has he ever been a pedophile. He’s never even said anything along the lines of “trying to get him hard” and this is total BS… What a stupid post.

Anonymous, December 5, 2009

He is sexually attracted to people 10 years younger than him. HE IS A PEDOPHILE AND IT CREEPS ME OUT YOU DEFEND SOMEONE SO VILE!

Anonymous, December 5, 2009

Anon at 11:07, sorry dear but your VERY AND CLEARLY wrong.
He attracts barely teenagers into his Live, and ALWAYS pays special interest on THEM, therefore his older Lover Stacyviacomsuks always gets upset over this.
He is 23 years old, he should be attracted to girls his own age. It’s sickening. He’s a CREEP.

Anonymous, December 5, 2009

juliet looks like a dude and is emo as shit. shes worse than stacy and thats sayin somethin

Anonymous, December 6, 2009

im so glad this PEDO is off stickam

Chad, April 22, 2010

i remember going to matthew’s chat a while ago,
and i was always moving and changing position on the webcam,
and he said something like ‘you gave me boner even though i’m straight’.
and i’m an underage guy.

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