@MatthewLush’s Fag Hag Burns Lush Shirt in Effigy 26 comments

Matthew Lush’s former fag hag Yeliz gets revenge by burning his shirt.

[Sticky’s note:  Loves it!  Cool photo.  Other ideas:  Lush shirts as lobster bibs and as hand wipes when eating ribs.]

Ex Of Matthew Lush Take’s Dirty Performance Offer From Chris Crocker 31 comments

Lately, the Number of Mid Teen, And Almost Middle Aged Adult Internet Celebritie’s, has grown Like Crazy, New Addition’s Like Connor Jon, Chris Crocker, Daric Rawr, Matthew Lush, Stevie Long, And Alot Of Other’s.

Connor Jon, Who happens to be the X-Bf of Vegan Self Made Celebrity Matthew Lush, Allegedly Back In April, Performed Sexual&Live For Youtube Celebrity Chris Crocker Via Msn. The Two Exchanged Promise’s Never To Spill of the Secret, but a Confirmed Source Reveal’s That Chris Crocker Paid Connor Jon A Measly $100, To Show his Sexual Body Part’s On The World Wide Video Chat, he At One Point In Time Was Involved In.

Chris Crocker’s Rep, Has Yet To Comment, But This Just Make’s Him More Strange than he Already Is.

Okay, @MatthewLush, you are STILL not cute 18 comments

In this picture, Matthew isn’t pretending to stand up for gay rights. He’s not bragging about being vegan. He’s not fucking a 16-year-old. But that face he’s making just makes me want to fucking puke.

Dude, you’re like 25. You are not a lost little boy. And when your hair is this light, you look like a cancer patient. It looks like it’s falling out.

If I met you in real life, I would not want to hang with you, because you are socially retarded.

Sincerely, someone with IRL friends.

[Sticky’s note:  Nice post, Relates.  I totally agree.  He’s a disgrace to cocksuckers everywhere.]

@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Reunited? 19 comments

Aw, how nice. Not that anybody gaf.

Yet, I still find it semi-ironic that Connor seemed to wait till he was on a “talking/flirting” basis with another e-celeb (Chris Crocker); before he decided to apologize to MattLush.

Connor, you’re never going to be famous — so stop trying to catch some glitter that might fall off of Chris, just like you tried to do with Matt — before he dropped you like a bad habit.

Hello, photoshopped legs @MatthewLush 4 comments

too obvious

Is alcohol very vegan, @MatthewLush? 8 comments

“Gay God” @MatthewLush Really Naked Vlog? 2 comments

I was on youtube when I saw current videos being watched:  “Naked Vlog” with @MatthewLush in the icon. I click it about half way through 2:47 says censored at the bottom. I turned off annotation and rewinded. I noticed he’s not really naked. He had pants or underwear on. I know its not a big deal but he just lied to all this little fans about being naked. DARN

But also in the beginning he says hes on an all liquid diet. He shows how skinny he wants to get, which was like anorexic or bulimic looking. WOW

@MatthewLush Broke & Fake 64 comments

You know, dear readers, StickyDrama has been calling Matthew Lush a two-faced stereotype for about 3 years now. But lately we’ve grown flat-out disgusted by his dancing-4-dollars gimmick.

The 20-something-year-old spamgod isn’t a spring chicken anymore. His fake marshmallow-soaked-in-honey smile isn’t able to sell as many crappy t-shirts as it did in his teens.  At least, that’s our best guess, since he recently bitched on both YouTube and Twitter (hey, why not Plurk, Matthew?) that there were only 4 dollars in his bank account.

Cry us a fucking river. A broke e-celebrity … a tragedy … such a tragedy.  And as if a broke e-celeb wasn’t rare enough, there is disturbing evidence that Lush might be a big flaming phony as well.  What are the odds of that!  Anyway Hislatestvictim, whoever the fuck she is, wrote as much on a recent formspring response:

It is unclear how Stacey here knows Lush, but her opinion of his character coincides perfectly with our own.  He’s the stereotypical faggot who gives normal cocksuckers a bad name.  PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON.


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