Dahvie Vanity can’t keep it in his pants. 36 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I recently approved one bullshit post that was ridiculously praising of Dahvie, and now I’m approving this post, which is ridiculously smearing Dahvie.  Where was this concert, exactly which sort of “other things happened,” and the end about his being a hairy beast “with a 3 inch dick” is just too juvenile to take seriously.  Oh and an embedded picture or video would have been fucking nice too.  I’m not going to approve any more posts on this matter unless they contain SUBSTANTIVE evidence or eye-witness accounts, because the lies are getting out of hand.]

about a year ago i attended a blood on the dance floor concert. when it was over they stayed behind to hang out and take pictures with their fans. i over heard dahvie flirting with a lot of the girls, i though he was just being nice. then me and my friend took pictures with them and dahvie said he liked my hair.. i about died. a few minutes later he cornered me outside and we made out and then other things happened.. me being the typical 14 year old girl thought it was awesome and rebellious. npw i realize i was a stupid idiot and im lucky i didnt end up with syphilis and an unplanned pregnancy. oh and p.s. hes a hairy beast with a 3 inch dick.

chris stone is extremely butthurt 88 comments

After being notified that owner of stickydrama.com, Chris Stone, was trying to sue livejournal.com for being butthurt over being mentioned in a community that functioned exactly as his own, community owner Liz Durham nearly went into cardiac arrest from laughing so hard.

Above: Stone featured in a picture he took of himself asking for online validation regarding his hair.

Below: Stone’s attempt at … well, I’m not sure.

Stone was then noted getting pissy and rejecting this post because he can’t stand to see himself ridiculed or read anything written about him in a less than kiss-ass style. Not to be upset, though, because efagz, the community Stone is crying over (god irl lol), is openly criticizing and making fun of him. They only wish he would come join the party, as you don’t even need to make an account to comment! 🙂 However, you do need to join the community in order to see the post regarding his legal failures, as the poster opted to make the security level “friends only.”

– here, all proof is shown regarding Stone’s attempt to take credit for the John Hock case

– here, general discussion on Stone has been opened.

@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L Meet in Studio, Fight on Twitter 99 comments

[Sticky’s noteThe evidence seems to weigh in Kiki’s favor.  In a blog entry, Jonny’s own band confirms Kiki’s description of Jonny’s behavior.]

@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L, ex-member of “Dance Gavin Dance” met in the studio, and apparently things didn’t go so well.

In retaliation, he tweeted a compromising picture of Kiki.  I’m assuming it’s new: her roots are well grown out, and the bra
she’s wearing was in a YouTube video she uploaded about a month ago.

[Sticky’s note:  While Live on Stickam, Kiki said that she did not send that photo to Jonny.]

How did he even get that picture in the first place?

@DannyWorsnop suing @StickyDrama? 15 comments

so @DannyWorsnop (lead singer from Asking Alexandria and Amor’s ex roommate) posted this on his Twitter.  His witty comebacks are great.

@mmmkikikannibal possible new boyfriend @VeganMikey ? 55 comments

I stumbled upon Kiki’s twitter page and noticed she was following someone else BESIDES her sister.


It’s actually pretty funny how much Kiki contradicts herself.

Like how she goes on and on about how she wants the perfect guy, and no offense to anyone but last time I checked a satanist covered with tattoos isn’t the best candidate for someone looking to get married and have 6+ children. I’m sure some satanists have children but they probably aren’t very good role models. (I’m referring to his background on Twitter that he’s a satanist) And I didn’t know satanist’s were into bleach blonde ditzy whores. Either he’s one of those ” I’m hardXc0re 666 I worship Satan” kinda people, or he’s just another guy in a band using her (What a shocker that would be)

Oh and here’s the best part 😀

He’s taken. Yet another contradiction. If any of you watch Kiki on Stickam you would know she always goes on about “taken men are a no-no” and that she’s not sleazy enough to do such a thing. Oh and what happened to that 2 year break from relationships? Guess she can’t keep away from the dick for too long 😉 I give her props though, it’s probably really hard to stay away from guys since they all want her. I know what you’re all thinking “she’s just following him on twitter, that doesn’t mean they’re dating” but how many of you seriously believe Kiki is JUST friends with him? I’m sure Mama Kannibal would approve of her 17 y/o daughter dating a 22 year old scum bag that lives in Vegas 😉

(By the way sorry for the shitty screen caps)




@mmmKikiKannibal’s Morals Are Rock-Solid 38 comments


I agree, the guy is good-looking. But it really gets under my skin how she’s always so outwardly judgmental of people who smoke, but then lusts after unwashed dirtbags who smoke like chimneys. [Cough, stupid-neck-tattoo-boy.]

@mmmKikiKannibal harasses ex @Jakefuckingwolf and his rebound 17 comments

Well, if these 3 don’t love airing out their dirty laundry for all to see?

Practically wrote this post for me.

It started with this:

Wonder who asked Jake that “question?”

It was given around the same time @jakefuckingwolf and @YTJacquelynLove started openly flirting on their twitters just days after Jake kicked Kiki to the curb.

Jake then posted this today:

Which was responded to with this:

By her:

Guess who posted soon after?

She subsequently deleted her posts. But luckily, I managed to cap them 😉

Guess Kiki gets her kicks from harassing the same guy she claimed had been harassing her.

Guess that explains these lyrics, written by Jake Wolf while he was still dating Kiki:

“so i got this gorgeous girly and she really loves to love me. and when we get to fightin’ yeah, she really loves to fuck me. she’ll be shoutin’ she’ll be screamin’. she’ll be sayin i don’t love her. but when i whip my junk out she’ll be beggin’ me to fuck her.”

Who knew Kiki was into S and M?

kiki’s “diploma” 71 comments

if you can tear your eyes away from her grimy fingernails, note the year on the seal…

a bit behind the times?

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