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Sooo… basically theres been this new “scene queen” thats been going by “xXxKaylaxKannibalxXx”.Sound familiar? Exactly. Plus shes been a complete knock off of kiki like WTF? UGH honestly cant stand posers like her ??? Not to mention theres this site called FriendProject that shes been using and her profile looks EXACTLY like kikis b4 she got kick from MySpace (LOL)

Scandalous Teen Model @mmmKikiKannibal Recounts Years of Cyberstalking & Cyberbullies 54 comments

The ever so well-adjusted Kiki Kannibal recently typed several small essays in formspring responses describing her experience in dealing with cyberstalkers. Few online entertainers attract more negative attention than 17-year-old Kiki:  She was banned from Myspace at the age of 14, owing to certain photos she took for a boyfriend; and her family felt compelled to move from Miami to Orlando in order to avoid cyberstalkers who brought their harassment to Kiki’s real life.

For the disturbing curriculum vitae of Stickam’s top-ranked female entertainer, click here.

StickyDrama has sympathy for Kiki: no one, and certainly no child, should have to endure the abuse she describes. But we can’t help remarking that her provocatively sexual photographs, taken throughout her teenage years, must have exacerbated the problem.

Whereas most teenagers do naughty things behind their parents’ backs, Kiki’s photographs and outfits clearly involved parental consent and funding. Tellingly, Kiki’s parents are managers of the Kiki Kannibal Corporation and owners of the Kiki Kannibal trademark. Incorporating and trademarking are wise business decisions, but have these business decisions been deletrious to Kiki’s emotional and physical well-being?


@mmmkikikannibal Makes “Freaky Scene Hair” List 14 comments

YouTube comedy duo Smosh compiled a list of “21 Freaky Scene Haircuts” for their website. Kiki Kannibal found herself as the fourth picture on this list, sporting those oh-so-original coonstripes and god awful hair extensions. Granted, it is a younger picture of her, but she still looks as ridiculous ever.


For shits and giggles 42 comments

Lets just imagine this scenario. Lets say the bill titled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act somehow gets passed [despite Joe Liebermens unpopularity] and for some reason Obama decides to shut down the internet believeing there is some kind of threat. Lets just say for a week. How would these internet celebrities react to not being able to go online and for one day deal with being a regular person? Because we know damn well they don’t get much attention or special treatment in life (or atleast these e celebs exclusively)

amor hilton
Dakota Rose
brandon hilton
Brandon hilton?
Pretty nicki

Pretty nicki?

[Sticky’s note:  Nicki’s not an e-celeb.  Just a sex offender.  Alyssa Marie in the photo behind her is a far sluttier e-slut.]

Just imagine! No stickydrama for them, No relishing in hate comments, no making fake fanpages for themselves. A snap back to reality that they are merely a normal person.

Who would probably go nuts?(Brandon by far) Who might actually go on with their life?(I honestly think amor) Which Kannibal sister would react worse?(kiki). Disagree with my opinions? DISCUSS

@ZitiDeppi – @mmmKikiKannibal Just Got MORE Pathetic 48 comments

We all know Kiki is a narcisstic,self absorbed tool, but now she’s taking flattery to a new level. She’s created a fake twitter profile (I’m sure it’s one of many) and all she does on the fake twitter is compliment her twitpic’s!

This is the fake profile, who is actually kiki:   http://twitter.com/ZitiDeppi

This bitch makes me laugh, she tweeted that she gets mistaken for being Russian whenever she goes out, and on the fake twitter she comments on her photo saying “russian girl”.

How much time does this whore have on her hands?

@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L Meet in Studio, Fight on Twitter 99 comments

[Sticky’s noteThe evidence seems to weigh in Kiki’s favor.  In a blog entry, Jonny’s own band confirms Kiki’s description of Jonny’s behavior.]

@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L, ex-member of “Dance Gavin Dance” met in the studio, and apparently things didn’t go so well.

In retaliation, he tweeted a compromising picture of Kiki.  I’m assuming it’s new: her roots are well grown out, and the bra
she’s wearing was in a YouTube video she uploaded about a month ago.

[Sticky’s note:  While Live on Stickam, Kiki said that she did not send that photo to Jonny.]

How did he even get that picture in the first place?

Kiki Kannibal Ranting to Protest SeaWorld 57 comments

So kiki has recently posted a video on her youtube talking about how sea world is abusing the whales and dolphins.

I was surprised to see its not another vid about some cheap new necklace she made or how shes beter than everyone else, so i decided to watch it and she was she had to say.After watching about the first three mins i was already laughing to myself a little.She says “dolphins are extremely emotional and smart beings, thats how they developed a language with humans they can understand.” Maybe its just me but i didn’t know kiki spoke to dolphins and knew their language and how emotional they were lol. oh and it gets beter 😉 At around 4 mins she starts talking about a dolphin named flipper who committed suicide because it was so unhappy with its living conditions at sea world.WTF LOL!! Il give kiki props for trying to support a good cause but if your going to talk about it and support it make sure you know what your talking about and sound smart about it..At the end of the video she goes to sea world and holds up signs with a group of people protesting. Its funny because she completely seems like she doesn’t want to be there at all but when she sees the news crew coming she starts posing and fixing her hair lol.ATTENTION WHORE? aha oh kiki were so glad you care about the whales and dolphins,enough to google some random shit about it and make a vid about it, and hey you even went to sea world to hold up a sign, it truly touches us. Maybe your starting to grow a real heart?ROFL

I’m scared @mmmKikiKannibal 46 comments

try though Keekz

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