I sat here for quite a while thinking of how I could start this post, and nothing came to mind.  I really don’t know where to begin so I’ll just say it.
When someone rapes a woman LIVE on the internet and turn themelves in, HOW ARE THEY INNOCENT?
You can’t fake proof like that, and I doubt this girl and John Hock (or John COCK as i call him) staged a live rape for publicity.  Especially since a stunt like that would have ruined his life.

Try convincing this girl.


Im not sure if she’s the one on the left, but it seems that in her world, she and hock were made to rule the scene kingdom.

As pretty as she is, she can be sane if she’s madly in love with a RAPIST
and a fugly one at that.

She has started a stickam page as the first step in proving Hocks innocence.
Never mind that he has scarred a poor young girl for life and that hes had a history of being a creep.  He’s hot ,so he has to be innocent right?

Her “About Me” states, “I am one of many Guardian Angels looking over and protecting John Hock from this cruel world all humans have to endure …”


She is on stickam “to Free John Hock from the injustices that have been placed on him by human society … for only GOD may judge him as he straddles Heaven or Hell ”

I think we all know where John is going 😉

Her only hobbies are “Freeing John Hock”

Unsurprisingly, the only thing she loves is “John Hock”

And the only thing she hates is “the people that are doing this to him … and all of the John Hock haters that hate him just to hate … That have never even meet him …”

It gets worse!  She has devised a plan for all her other john obsessed fans to declare their undying love for this scene peice of shit hobbit-look-alike rapist.  She claims that “if anybody would like to chat with John Hock personally … send me your phone number … and I will forward them to him … it is a collect call that costs $2.30 per 12 minutes … no cell phones … times will vary … thanks”

Who would waste money talking to that horny hobbit?


I sure as hell wouldn’t.  I’d probably say something like, “she won’t think he’s innocent when he rapes HER,” but we can clearly see she longs for his shriveled up scene hobbit crotch,and its not rape if you want it.

I don’t see why he didn’t just have sex with her on stickam.

He wouldnt have gone to jail,and her  life would be complete.

stickam.com / johnhockisinnocent

heres her myspace


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Anonymous, January 22, 2010

IT’s actually


John Hock, January 22, 2010

Yeah, leave me the fuck alone, bitches.

egyptianreggae, January 22, 2010

the only thing john hock will ever straddle is underage girls.

george bush, January 22, 2010

lick my gouche pls

@chellllzz, January 22, 2010

sry but egyptianreggae WIN comment lolol

Anonymous, January 22, 2010

I fucking told that bitch how stupid she was awhile back and she replied back saying SHE KNOWS JOHN, etc. etc. and that i can call, but any fucking person could get that number. stupid fucking cunt, taking drastic measures to get fucked. you really have to dedicate a page to him and wait for him to get out of jail to get laid?

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

isn’t rae heartthrob the girl he knocked up like 5 years ago and punched her in the stomach and threw her against a wall repeatedly trying to kill her and the baby when he was all geeked out on meth?

this has to be a joke?

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

Honestly, I would pay to talk to him while he’s in jail, but only to ask how many times he’s been buttraped.

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

Really? He’s in jail hun, putting up a dedication page isn’t going to do shit.

Rae HeartThrob, January 23, 2010

That isnt me you fucking retards.. and no john hock used to be one of my best friends till he tried to fucking sleep with me and when i turned him down he got all jacked off and started talking shit on me tahts when i realised hes a peice of shit.. THATS MY MYSPACE BUT NOT MY STICKAM…

my stickam is porcelainxbarbie and never in my fucking life have i fought for him to get out of jail ii rather he fucking rott there PLEASE and fucking THANK YOU!!!!!

Rae Marie HeartThrob.

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

i’m pretty sure that stickam is a joke, ,js

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

Yeah fail, that’s obviously not really her stickam.

spaz, January 23, 2010


The court case drags on.

I’m pretty sure the stickam page is some kind of troll.

If someone really was a Hock fan, the only tiny bit of help they could ever give him is to never mention him online again. Not that it would help.

spaz, January 23, 2010

Oh and for the TL:DR crowd, the important part of the current state of play in the case:

“The court also understands the event was approximately 30 minutes long and sexual
activity may very well have been displayed by defendant on that part of the tape which has not
been preserved. The state has three witnesses (BA, BE and JR) saying as much and the
testimony concerning these witnesses’ statements was in all respects proper or at least the
defendant is not arguing that anything was wrong with the presentation of their testimony.”

Meaning he is basically fucked. 3 witnesses to a streaming rape is more than enough to put him away.

Then when he does get released he won’t be able to get a job or even rent an apartment. Nobody likes a sex offender.

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

look at her URL

no wonder she thinks John Hock is innocent.
she’s a whore, lol.

chelsea lynn, January 23, 2010

whore me = a old myspace thing to get friends -_-

valerievee, January 23, 2010

@Anon 12:48 lolol.i know right?

Anonymous, January 23, 2010

people still care about john hock? when did that happen?

Aaron Reading, January 23, 2010

Lol @ you not knowing shit.

Johnny Appleseed, January 24, 2010

lolol.john hock fails.

Anonymous, January 26, 2010

how long did it take you to come up with this failpost?

Anonymous, January 27, 2010

rae is a meanie!! 😀 im sexy!!

Rae, February 5, 2010

oh fuck you donny hahahha your a dick with your im sexy bullshit hahhaah

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