Jeffree Star-anger problem? 14 comments

while reading old posts I stumbled across this:

it contains a video, in which Jeffree goes off on some random guy.

and then Anthony posted about Jeffree tazering someone at warped tour, just for throwing some water on his royal self.

There’s also other posts about various cat fights Jeffree has had with other internet “celebrities.”

and most recently, when he threw Daniel off his tour, Jeffree mentioned beating the shit out of Daniel and burning his clothes and giving his shoes away. Also, his newest video features him and his band singing a nice little song about Daniel.

idgaf if this is a fail post. 🙂

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morganfreeman, August 21, 2009

lol it probably tazed the dude because it can’t fight worth two and a half shits., August 21, 2009

i guess somone just got aressted for egging his tour bus wonder if he did anything about that?

JennJenn, August 21, 2009

So you’re basically posting links to other stories with a few sentences in between…
What is this an advertisement?
Tip: If you have to write “fail post idc” Don’t. Fucking. Post. It.

kc, August 21, 2009, I’m guessing he threw a stiletto at the guy? cuz he’s so hardcore.

and jenn, I don’t think it’s a fail post, what I’m saying is that I don’t care if anyone else thinks it is.
I would have just put the actual videos in but I couldn’t make it work. I could have just put the links there, but I manged to hyperlink them.

that being the accomplishment of my day.

Sean, August 21, 2009

I remember that one guy from Metro Station wanted to kick his ass and he called the police. hahaha

michaelchrist, August 21, 2009

kc you stupid fuck, are you obsessed with stickydrama and jeffree star?
there is more to the internet than two fucking people rofl
no one cares about your bullshit jS~

captainstevexxx, August 21, 2009

Jeffree loves the drama, that’s fadamnsho, he does need anger management though , it seems like he has some repressed shit in his head

JennJenn, August 21, 2009

omg. a hyperlink. That’s the simplest HTML. One gold star.
if everyone thinks it’s a fail post and you don’t it’s still a failpost.

kc, August 21, 2009

actually michael, I’m not obsessed at all. I have an extremely boring job that enables me to sit on the internet all day. I just found it interesting. sorry for posting about an internet celeb on an internet drama site.

and jenn, I don’t know how to do anything with html.

ALEXinwonderland, August 21, 2009

Links dont work


Anonymous, August 22, 2009

stop posting. you can’t even link correctly.

Anonymous, August 23, 2009

apparently it was dropdezgorgeous (APPARENTLY) that egged his bus. she hinted at it the other night, & she’s known for her. . .dislike of jeffree tardd.

young gregg, August 24, 2009

jennjenn, he didn’t claim that because he didn’t think it was a failpost, it wasn’t. he just said HE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK if it is. god your an annoying little mean ass swamp bitch.

peanutbuttercake, February 14, 2010

Before he got his tazer he actutally physically chased a guy out of Warped Tour for throwing soda on him. Not sure what year that happend 08 I think. Jeffree is actually pretty damn funny to watch when he’s making fun of people =]

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