Jeffree Star on Dahvie Vanity: “I Never Saw Anything Illegal … But He Still Deserves The FIRING SQUAD!” No comments

Chris Hansen published his highly-publicized interview with Jeffree Star tonight:

StickyDrama shared the opinion expressed in most of the YouTube chat, which is that the interview was anti-climactic. Far from offering any new details about Dahvie’s alleged crimes, Jeffree actually walked back from some of his more forceful statements on the subject in the past.

For example, Jeffree did a complete 180 regarding the infamous tweet in which he claimed to have seen “illegal” activity:

But in tonight’s interview, Jeffree claimed that he never saw Dahvie commit any crime. Jeffree explained, or attempted to explain, that he was merely being “dramatic” at the time. Maybe “100% ILLEGAL” is dramatic. Maybe calling Dahvie a “monster” is dramatic. But saying that you “saw … sexual things”–that’s not dramatic. That’s a very specific observation.

So, thanks Jeffree, for not adding anything substantial to the case, and actually harming it by now saying that, in fact, you never saw anything.

Moreover, Jeffree’s professed ignorance about the situation makes his calls for Dahvie to rot in prison forever, or face the firing squad, all the more alarming. If Jeffree wasn’t a direct witness to Dahvie’s crimes, how can he be so certain that Dahvie is guilty? Because a bunch of women are making YouTube videos? It’s times like this that make StickyDrama feel as though we were the only American who had to read The Crucible in high school. Yeah, we said it.

Towards the end of the interview, Jeffree seemed to seriously ask how to get an official criminal investigation started. Hansen, ever the opportunist, says by doing more interviews! No. An official criminal investigation requires a victim to report the crime to the police. Not running to Chris Hansen, not making YouTube videos, not calling Dahvie Vanity mean names.

Regardless of how useless Jeffree’s interview would be in a criminal case, StickyDrama feels that the writing is on the wall for Dahvie. With all these interviews, eventually some prosecutor is going to want to make a name for him/herself and go after him, “he said, she said” be damned. Hey Dahvie: Now is probably a good time to convert to Judaism.

Chris Hansen To Interview Jeffree Star About Dahvie Vanity’s Alleged Sex Crimes–And Maybe Jeffree’s Shady Past Too? No comments

Chris Hansen is poised to break the Internet (or at least YouTube) this Sunday, when is scheduled to interview the only faggot to make a buck from e-fame, Jeffree Star.

It’s long been known that Jeffree Star claimed to have observed Dahvie Vanity doing yucky things to underage girls back when they pretended to be something like musicians and toured together.

When StickyDrama first learned of Hansen’s announcement, we thought to ourselves, “Well that’s it, Dahvie’s fucked.” But interestingly enough, the replies to Hansen’s tweet have more to say about Jeffree than Dahvie:

This is a developing story–check back for more updates!

Jeffree Star does coke with Nate during twitch No comments

Looks like Jeffree hasn’t stopped doing cocaine during the past years… we can see him taking Nate with him in the kitchen during this twitch live and come back higher than ever and continuously rubbing their noses!

10 March 2015 - Los Angeles, California - Jeffree Star. Arrivals for the Los Angeles premiere of "What Now" held at Laemmle Music Hall. Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Here’s the link:
Skip to minute 19:55 for the action
What do you guys think? Is this evident or not?

I guess we’re back to the good old days, sisters
xoxo GG

@JeffreeStar’s “Size of your Boat” Tops iTunes Electronic Charts 38 comments

Jeffree Star has just recently released a new single featuring female rapper (is she?) Muffy called “Size of your boat”

In only but a few hours of its (early) release date it made #1 on itunes top albums chart under the genre electronic.

What’s your opinion on Jeffree’s New chart topping song? Will this be the tune you have on repeat this summer?

@jeffreestar- New music video for “Beauty Killer” 19 comments

To be honest, I’m really surprised no one posted this already, but I’ll spare you my griping.

Honestly, I think the video and the song are both steps forward for Jeffree. But the first thing I noticed about this video is that it seems to be on a MUCH smaller budget than the last one, Get Away With Murder. Whoever directed the video did a fair job of making the budget cut look “on-purpose”, though.

The second thing I noticed is Jeffree’s collagen lip injections. I don’t judge him for having this done, but if you pause the video at any time when his mouth is open, you can see that they look swollen and mis-shapen- not like real lips at all.

Jeffree has also personally responded to comments on the YouTube video about his less-than-perfect teeth.

Fan’s Reaction to Beauty Killer: “Come On @JeffreeStar, That’s All You Got?” 45 comments

Alright, so all I could think was that @JeffreeStar would make the best, and I mean the sickest music video for “Beauty Killer.”  That’s actually one of my favorite songs off of his album, which was released September of last year.  After seeing his previous video for “Get away with murder (GAWM),” I seriously thought that @JeffreeStar would go all out this time.  He even said in his twitter that this is a “different” side of him.  It does show him and disgusting @DanielLucasOX naked on a couch:  WOAH, now that’s something the crowd hasn’t seen before, right?

I admit that I still love jeffree and all but, come on he has all this money that he spends on Coach bags, clothes and what not—but he couldn’t put anything into that video?  It’s seriously 3 wigs (plus his regular hair) on a white background, 1 scene on a couch nude with Daniel, and 1 with Jeffree in his blue wig on a chair.  And there’s that occasional ugly crown with his blue hair that he bought at Party City.  But honestly Jeffree, you’ve bored your crowd.  Fire @AustinYoung and get the director for GAWM because this music video SUCKED.

Beauty Killer Music Video

@JeffreeStar Does Drugs? 29 comments

So Jeffree tweeted last night that he was high:

Of course he could be lying or being overly dramatic … or he could actually be on drugs. I’m guessing coke considering how skinny he is … maybe he’ll share with Dahvie?

Who is this young boy with @JeffreeStar? 36 comments

He added me on myspace buttttt looks pretty fake to me, any one know the real person’s myspace or something??

Jeffree Star, lul

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