@AmorHilton Tricked Into Porn Convention & Dressing Like a #Hookerclown 47 comments

Once again everyone’s favorite bubbleheaded bobblehead was tricked into a compromising situation.  She was at the Exxxotic Expo promoting her badly shot porn career and Hollywood Handjobs no doubt. I wonder how many of her teenage fans were disappointed when they saw her there and were completely let down.

The coolest person you will ever meet 49 comments

The link pretty much explains it all.
WARNING: This video may cause you blindness.

@AmorHilton’s Russian Doppelgänger @innaclit 40 comments

I was lurking through facebook profiles when I stumbled across this girl. While looking through her pictures I realized that I had discovered Amor’s (Russian Prostitute) Doppelganger. Take a look:

(Her with and without being “put together”, your mouth with and without vomit)

The idea that you can frequently use underwear in place of pants.

And the famous bra. (Which YES, I am aware that it looks more like a bathing suit in her case)

You be the judge.



How to turn a scene win into a fail. 32 comments

I was going to write a slightly more positive post about this girl, saying how perhaps the scene wasnt completely dead and that some people could perhaps pull it off.

However I did some digging, and realised I was going fucking insane, this girl is another straight up UK scene girl mess.
Bar the obvious fact that shes wearing ‘Drop Dead’ clothing in 2010 (fail much?)

I’d like to point out that I originally thought that she was of some ethnic minority background.
but no its fake tan. The phone is going too far in my opinion.
Below is the same girl only a year ago, we’re all thinking she is a poseur, whatever.

But the look at her skin tone! (At least she seems to have toned down on the bad mascara)

WIN or FAIL? Discuss.

@MommaMascara aka Sarah Mascara, the ugly myspace whore 36 comments

You probably have came across this troll on myspace…

She thinks shes “mature” and “intelligent” she misspells everything and not on purpose might i add. She’s pregnant by a 16 year old ‘juggalo’ kid & shes 20 years old. She has no life and no friends, except for the 12.8k friends she has on myspace. She’s on the internet 24/7 & complains that ppl stalk her. Who would stalk a boring ass troll like her? No one likes her in Bakersfield CA so she says she was born in Germany. She copies everyone and posts the most embarrasing pictures anyone can take. To make matters worse she posts numerous pictures of the same thing, usually at a slightly different angle. She applies make up like a clown and has fucked up hair.

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there were so many funny ass pics to choose from that i couldn't decide which ones to post.

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