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I was on facebook this morning and seen that I was invited to a “fan page” of this rapper by the name of Steven Joseph (must have some spiritual connection to jesus).. anyways he wrote a song called Bitch! which features a fat girl with talentless rapping / singing. This was posted on youtube a while ago I guess.. waste of human life / good music

this fan page of his has almost 1000 people who are either over weight or scene that like him.. what else is new?


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Anonymous, July 26, 2010

& where is your song at? I want to hear it & make sure its better than his.

KassiKandi, July 26, 2010

Uhh… I like it.

…….., July 26, 2010


Anonymous, July 26, 2010


Anonymous, July 26, 2010

he told me he was going to put this post up to promote his facebook page and shitty song. definite self post. he also made a fake jeffree star account on facebook to get friends and then changed it to his info. pathetic.

ollietabooger, July 27, 2010

you guys are fucking pathetic this song is good and why would he self post trash talk about himself? fucking idiots go die

Anonymous, July 27, 2010

he barely trash talked himself. he called the girl fat. people dont post about nobodies on stickydrama. who the fuck is this loser anyway

Anonymous, July 27, 2010

To the bitch above me, people post a lot of random shit on here to start drama. And unless your legally blonde (oohh i mean blind) , this HAS started drama and it was CLEARLY dissing him you fuckwad. That girl can sing where as he can only talk. TWAT = FAIL.

Anonymous, July 27, 2010

It’s beautiful and shitty at the same time..

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