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So I came across this video on YouTube of Obsession‘s song “Boys Boys Boys” or Fags Fags Fags, whatever its called…  and found it very funny that for someone who has been fighting with them for awhile now BH really is kissing ass. but for what reason?


he cant even help himself hows he going to help someone else??!


alright i know this was probably a FAIL post but i just had to say something about it guys

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mxrco, April 19, 2010

anyone cares about this faggot anymore

tyla, April 19, 2010

Brandon’s a fucking idiot, he can’t sing, he has this unprofound sense of self worship about him and i can’t fucking stand him.

get a real job brandon, like everyone else… you have no talent – unless being a world class bullshit creator passes for a talent, if only you could do it so people believed you! just give up, you’re one giant face palm on the world!

xoxo, tyla =]

Anonymous, April 19, 2010

By “professional hands”, Brandon means that he’ll give them handjobs to be on their top.

Mark, April 19, 2010

Is he being cereal? HA!!

MP3 Tha Truth Tella, April 19, 2010

I wouldnt call this a fail post… I would called this a SELF POST. seeing as how no one talks about these kids, or listens to their music.

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