“Vegan” @realAudreyKitch Wearing Leather Boots 25 comments


and she goes round in doc martins… wearing the skin of a cow is just icky

[Sticky’s note:  She also eats honey. And wears, uh, this.]

Audrey BITCHing 22 comments


She complains about negative people and says she “could careless” [yes as one word] about giving credit to people.

fail post?

Isaiah Garnica coming out of the woodwork 12 comments

So being my typical nosy self I stumbled upon this image of billionaire and facefreak Jocelyn Wildenstein and designer Lloyd Klein during Palm Springs Fashion week. Then 2 seconds later i realized its singer/model/stickam waste-case Isaiah Garnica between them!!! LOL!!!!

Maybe its Isaiah’s new sugar momma? Or maybe they’re just exchanging beauty tips?


@realAudreyKitch is Wasted Youth 11 comments

Now, don’t get me wrong, i used to absolutely adore Audrey Kitching. But, then when she tried to act like she had a PH.D in everything, and started acting like a total hypocrite. I jump off that bandwagon as quickly as I could.

So, I was looking through some pictures of the NYLON party and I noticed a lot of people, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Cory Kennedy, but there was one pink-haired sore thumb that didn’t belong.

She looks like a complete TRAINWRECK, much worse than queen trainwreck herself, Cory Kennedy.

Cory Kennedy, may have been extremely droopy-eyed and stumbled around,  but at least her outfit looked decent! Audrey’s makes no sense whatsoever. I understand that she’s trying to be “Unique” and be an “individual” but you can still be those two and not look like a clown. AK, i think you missed the exit to the kids party on the freeway…

I also saw on her twitter that she started a clothing line, with i think some of her other friends, called “Coco de Coeur” i don’t know what it means and i’m not going to pretend i do, but it looks like shes making a line of nightgowns. The shirts are over sized, very shear, and burnt out. (not to mention over priced also!)

35 dollars for that? I could most likely find something close to that, at my local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Vintage Store. (Not, hating on Salvation Army or Goodwill!)

I was reading the tweets about this clothing line, and it’s supposed to be affordable. I really don’t think that I would pay $35 for that, i would rather pay $5 for the button that says “Wasted Youth”

Instead of trying to make clothing, which you fail at, why don’t you go copy another fashion blog?


[Sticky’s note:   Sorry, earlier we published an incomplete version of this post.  Please re-trash the pink whore in this post.  And YOU, Ms. VivalaKaylee, next time don’t Submit two posts for review.]

Audrey Kitching-Bitchtastic. 53 comments

So recently Audrey came out with her new Lipstick Prophets line.  As usual, someone stated something obviously they had an opinion about [Aka, they didn’t agree with her].

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Now, I don’t think it was that great of a line either, and yeah, I agreed with the person that posted that. But seriously, if she can’t take any critique then she shouldn’t even be doing this in the first place. For someone who wants fans, she’s doing a worse job at it then Brandon Hilton. Be nice,bitch.

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Hot Tacky mess, or just another scene fail?

Oh god, Kevin Kemo….a clothing range. 7 comments

Androgynous bandwagon jumper and epic failure Kevin ‘Kemo’ seemed to have recently returned to the net, to the sound of multiple cringes and rejoice from various adoring SIF’s.

After seeing Jackson Jackbreakers new food inspired (surprise surprise) clothing ‘range’, I thought I’d seen the worst of the T-Shirt attempts from Z list E-Celeb LOLcows…but no, Kevin has surpassed his previous failings and come up with something even worse…oh god.
As always, its hard to tell if this kid is serious….but be ready to /facepalm.
‘Kemos Fashion Therapy’….coming to an ebay account near you.

So whats next from the main cause of secondhand embarassment? A music attempt? Maybe a fake duet with Elton John? Or perhaps a sex offence? IDK but he’s now got FormSpring….a sure trolls goldmine.

@jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker’s new clothing line, Frosting Attire? 25 comments

A few months ago, there was a post about a message argument between Stacie Spunkers and Jackson Jawbreaker. (Here)

While the convo was nothing more than an interweb catfight, I found something interesting;
“During this wonderful conversation he stated that hes going to have his own clothing line and is working on music in 2011.
What a load of rubbish, made me laugh.”

After doing some snooping on his Formspring and Twitter recently (for an unrelated story) I found this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I followed the link from Twitter and found this.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have to say, I was shocked to find out that he wasn’t just trying to make himself sound more important. While the Tshirt design looks very cliche among ‘scene’ clothing lines, it actually looks legit. And, if he is, do you think he’ll start a music career as well? If you’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to be in his live the few times he has actually broadcasted, you know that he sounds like a scratchy prepubescent girl. Keep it off iTunes hun.

Myspace.com/44317939 (This myspace was in his top, I assume its the official one for his line.)

Why isn’t he famous? 26 comments

First i just wanna say that this ISN’T a self post!! It might seem like it, but i really just thought this model was gorgeous and wondered if he wasn’t famous for a reason. (like everyone hates him because he rapes children, or he actually sucks and I’m just blind.)

undiscovered or untalented?

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