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Sooo… basically theres been this new “scene queen” thats been going by “xXxKaylaxKannibalxXx”.Sound familiar? Exactly. Plus shes been a complete knock off of kiki like WTF? UGH honestly cant stand posers like her ??? Not to mention theres this site called FriendProject that shes been using and her profile looks EXACTLY like kikis b4 she got kick from MySpace (LOL)

Who is the Real Jessica Dulong? 13 comments

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whats this chicks real name?
her fake name is jessica dulong, we dated and everything. she fucked me over shes a fake.

LOLOL Another Taryn Elizabeth Post 28 comments

Here’s some more pictures of Taryn.

What’s up with the fat armpit? Is your shirt too tight or did you just forget to photoshop that out?


Also i didnt know that shorts were supposed to look painted on to your thighs.

And i dont even know why you would upload this one. You look like a haggard giant, all sweaty and gross. And there you go again with that constipated look on your face. You look bigger in this picture than the one posted before this one.

And OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! This is taryn and her lovely mother. Like mother like daughter.

I know alot of you are tired of hearing about this girl. Which the posts usually consist of her horrible photoshoping skills, her fatass, or her being fake. But there’s more. I did some research.

This girl. Jame Doll


Im sure alot of you dont know who she is. Apparently her and taryn got into a fight awhile back and jame beat her ass. I have her added on myspace and found a picture of her and taryn with a caption that says “she’s all fake and photoshop” I looked through some of the comments and seems to be alot of people don’t like taryn, and that jame and taryn did fight. Come to find out, they live in the same state. According to this picture they used to be friends but i guess taryn cant keep friends too long.




Claire Money behind fake ‘Ryan Alexander’ & ‘Tom Lewis’ fake of @JamesJumpsuit 45 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I received a bullshit complaint from Claire, demanding that I delete the Ryan Alexander post.  I told her to fuck off.  I suspect there might be some truth behind this MyDrama author’s allegation that Claire is behind the fake.]

Ok many of you have seen the post and most of you now know that Ryan Alexander is either extremely pathetic for using other people’s pictures along with his. Or just a normal pathetic ugly faker.

After I told Claire that he was fake she said to me she believed me yet later on was insisting to others he was real

Today I seen that she had a different boyfriend named ‘Tom Lewis’ I immediately recognised his face as e-famous @JamesJumpsuit

so I told her on her wall that he was fake but she kept deleting my comments and then deleted me so I messaged her this

The reason I said she just added him is because of this.

All facebookers know that if you change from single to in a relationship you send a request to your other half, you can see that he changed this before he even accepted her friend request. The time I checked he only had 41 friends. The true calling of a fake.

As you can see she has claimed to meet James Jumpsuit who lives nowhere near her. This is making me believe that she is the one that made up Ryan Alexander and is using him now to fulfill her lesbian desires as she making her friends (his ‘girlfriends’) carry out sexual acts over msn.

So I am asking everyone to report both Tom Lewis and Ryan Alexander as fakes on facebook and help this girl get a real life.

Tom Lewis Facebook

Ryan Alexander Facebook
(Yes I know it says Andrew Christopher Michael but it states on his profile he uses Chris as his name hence the myspace being ‘Chris Michael’)

Real or Fake Mi2n & Bleacher Reports of Dahvie Vanity’s Arrest for Stat Rape in San Diego? 37 comments

Check this out:



Looks like the charges are real.

Ryan Alexander, who the heck are you? 89 comments

I normally hate “who is this” posts.

Ryan Alexander/Ryan Manual.
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Your usual emo heart throb.
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This dudes, been going around facebook, chatting up SIF’s and skanks.
It’s pretty certain that, this “Ryan” is faker i mean look at his victims, all cyber freaks gagging for some hottie cock.

Victim 1- “Clairey”

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on the left..
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Victim 2 – misty.

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Victim 3 – Lily

on the right.

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and some other gremlins,

he claims to have cheated on them all with this girl,

“Brodie Wicks”


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obvious fake is obvious?

its amazing how much you can find out from formspring 😉

any whizzle, i just wanted to know who he is becuase im not fair to pick on fattys ad uglys they have it hard enough as it is.

Ryans formspring; http://www.formspring.me/ryanscottalex
Ryans Facebook;

okay, who is this? 13 comments

please help me find this guy! this is some girl’s ‘friend’ on facebook, and i am 90% positive that they took his picture from myspace or something.

i’m really sorry to be posting this her, because i realize a lot of you are sick of these, but i checked everywhere.

this is obviously NOT a self post.

Travis Ruiz: Fake or Not? 24 comments

My friend is dating this boy “Travis Ruiz” on the internet. I think he’s pretty fake.  He won’t call her or send her a picture of himself. He ONLY has a myyearbook.com account. Plus his guy friends are photoshop freaks.

Can someone tell me if he’s real or fake?  If he is fake can someone give me the real guys link so I can prove to her he’s in fact fake?

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