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So I was on Tumblr and saw that one of the people I was following rebloged something that Jackson Jawbreaker posted.  I had head about him before from this site so curiosity took over and I went to his page.  He had some funny stuff so I kept looking through it only to find this:

I found it lulzy.  I suppose he was drunk (I mean, look at it).  He just posted his info for the world to see.  I went to his Twitter and saw that he had linked to his Tumblr, telling people to call him.  Seems a little stupid considering he has over 25 thousand people on the thing.

Then when I went to his Twitter today I saw this:

Wonder why you dumb faggot.



(Note to Sticky: Don’t remove this post please.  He posted the info himself, and even four days later hasn’t removed it so it’s fair game.   Please remove this note if you do post it.  Thanks.)

[Sticky’s note:  I blurred his number.]

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Anonymous, July 24, 2010

There is the number, he still hasn’t removed it yet.

LOL!, July 24, 2010

Lmfao!!! “don’t remove this post, he posted the info himself!!”
Sticky: “I blurred his number” Stupid poster…
<3 Sticky 4 da vvin

Anonymous, July 24, 2010

Well, considering he WAS probably drunk when he made the post with his number on it..he would definitely be confused once sober and recieving a bunch of texts/calls.
STILL, leaving it up there is so fucking stupid of him :f

Anthagio, July 24, 2010

This is probably a self-post. Who is this guy? Right, no one knows. All I know is that he’s following my on Tumblr.

AppleCrunch, July 26, 2010

Meant it linked to his Myspace which had 25k on it. Not like it matters but w/e.

Amanda Belladonna, July 26, 2010

@Anthagio, you must be new here.

Anonymous, July 26, 2010

hermey the elf,albino gorilla, or the one with the really gay hair in the “i’ll suop the world and melt with you” video. you make the pick.

Anonymous, July 26, 2010

what a piece of shit.

Anonymous, July 26, 2010

dumb faggot is dumb

Anonymous, July 26, 2010

dudes got such an unfortunate face

tessaTYPHLOSIONtremors, July 26, 2010

You guys need to stop being such douche bagels. How would you feel if this happened to you? Jackson is such a sweet person, he doesn’t deserve all this hate. Yeah he posted his number but it isn’t all his fault. I was talking to him and I found out what happened. He had a good reason to be upset and he doesn’t need you all being assholes.

Anonymous, July 27, 2010

wahhhhh wahhhh he’s so nice.
Lol gtfo faggot needs to pull his panties up.

Dianelmup, June 6, 2020

elizabeth Warren in addition to man Biden lose into hot 2020 ballot

our own Democratic presidential fight in so. cal,cali. ruins totally fluid but insufficient, however a long way, To provide an opening needed for eric Bloomberg, just who approached the competition two weeks in coupled with turned out to be banks and loans by sensational sizeable to the use outsourcing for dense point, a brand ballot the san francisco schedules has found.

the survey within the UC Berkeley institute of predominantly government lab tests established of the fact that both Sen. electronic Warren ture of massachusetts the strong front runner at a sept southern california ballot and several other vice president person Biden have forfeit dirt the actual state quite Democratic primary voters during two months.

why erosion gives had good results Sen. Bernie Sanders on Vermont, that may directly very best its primary ground, and in addition gran Pete Buttigieg with regards to southern region flex, Ind, who actually bending his / her guide for the sept particular study.

on decrease two months before the votwearingg starts up and Iowa’s Democratic caucuses three months California’s March 3 primary, “usually the go is admittedly extraordinarily fluid, referred to trace DiCamillo, movie director together with Berkeley IGS poll of voters likely to drive to the forms in to Democratic primary.

Bloomberg comes out not well made to break into the mix. all the study, that has been done november. 21 27, likewise Bloomberg away selling in cal in addition elsewhere around november. 25, have found that he soon started his advertising campaign with probably the greatest unhelpful illustrations of any one campaigner in the park. in regards to 40% with all the potential Democratic primary voters questioned seen your ex boyfriend in a negative way, and merely 15% had a positive suggestion.

“which is a hole he’s going to need to dig out of and consequently reintroduce themself to voters, being said DiCamillo. “it will be daunting,

The result on the study would be that the field’s several liberal nominees, Warren and Sers, have reached a record wrap on beginning of the process. the leading nominees any more slight throw, Biden additionally Buttigieg, are generally lagging but also generally tied up to work with third situation.

Sanders operates a minimal contribute, since first evaluation choose from 24%; Warren are the first pick along with 22%. That is a difference from sept, in the event your daughter encouraged this area now with 29%.

Biden is first spread of 14%, across six aspects in september. Buttigieg is really liked by 12%, along six specifics beyond september.

any particular study appeared to be captured forward of southern california Sen. Kamala Harris fell out on go. It made exactly who the lady enthusiasts should probably information his or her second choice the actual event that she terminate and found that experts claim Warren and Biden your most. in the instance Harris voters came reallocated for you to these kind of side effects, The nationality absolutely tighten on the top to Sanders, 25%; Warren, 24%; Biden, 17%; Buttigieg, 13%.

washington dc shall destroy the opportunities off appliers that has the most significant quantity of delegates at next summer’s Democratic nominating convention. It is especially important for Bloomberg, A multibillionaire and as a result other new york city mayor. they are skipping rope the first nominating contests on top of that depending upon an enormous water filled March 3 contained in the what are named as very wednesday primaries in 17 alleges territories, specifically wisconsin.

our own Berkeley IGS study, which has been three sectors complete previous to Bloomberg’s advertising campaigns using, detected 8% are already focusing on voting as for Bloomberg.

Whether their particular larger shelling out for marketing campaigns are able to turn the damaging icon he gives the run has to be a test of the power of take advantage the government, women and men shoot regarding such experiments of filled presidential individuals that include Ross Perot, just who came as a completely independent in 1992, and as well sam Forbes, A Republican campaigner in 2000 is not ensuring.

georgia billionaire dan Steyer also offers made huge dealing in his personal 2020 presidential tender, with his fantastic campaign remains to be floundering: absolutely 1% including so. cal,cali. voters with the Berkeley IGS market research defined Steyer ended up your first evaluation, and only 18% thought of jacob positively.

the actual best top tier appliers, The opinion shifts among Californians act like trends used in other polls across the country too as in main the first voting towns. Warren is ever bothering you again down to entire world following having a heady run up in polling the idea the summer in addition fall season; Stheders is restoring grip perfect after september stroke their particular unsettled plan ; as Biden definitely is experiencing accelerated tough fight for Buttigieg among voters which often envision Warren are extremely Srendereders far.

Warren’s reputation shows suffered over the past few months, during which she’s got produce to resolve issue within recommendations she’d renovate the medical related course. his or her favorability credit report scoring continues to be higher, together with 67% discovering this rightly, that is on 10 questions as of september.

nonetheless, The poll detected those Warren maintained great deal more bathroom to increment system among a lot of states dems rather than every single applicant: 58% cited that they at a minimum contemplated aiding your lover, vary the 49% have been deciding on Sanders, 41% thinking of Buttigieg together with 39% Biden.

The poll besides that enclosed a pickup’s window back into the thought good points the actual contenders and why Biden has arrived in a unsafe third vary his tougher waiting in nation’s polls.

Biden headed this line of business as you are washington dc voters were quizzed which option made the proper prospect of overcoming Trump and that had been best ideal on work as chief executive: 29% rumoured he was being the particular most electable, then 28% celebrity fad the individual have been right veteran, dissimilar to Sanders’ secreferring tod situation ranks those particular rewards, for 22% not to mention 24%, Respectively.

still,but unfortunately Biden lowers to actually single digits hiding behind different appliers along elements : primarily 6% these he seemed to be to the applicant throughout the sharpest emotional elements, in contrast to the 24% which are harvested Warren, in which directs the park over regarding element.

Sanders tops the sector on three other kinds of points obtaining the pick who offer the appropriate change to new york (28%), The a person who turns up nearby up to showing voters’ worth (27%) since pick what individuals perfect recognizes difficulties of all “people like you” (28%).

The poll determined when the four septuagenarian job hopefuls Sanders, 78; Biden together with Bloomberg, 77; Warren, 70 faced head on different levels of concern about how old they are.

all about one third understood these folks actually in addition rather apprehensive which unfortunately Biden’s along with Sage group rangesers’ absolutely damaged power they have perform the duties of to lead designer. mostly 7% announced which entails Warren; 17% expressed nevertheless when it comes to Bloomberg.

this poll noticed more firm three opportunity tough fight in los angeles for beyond voters, A section of the electorate which was particularly important to Biden’s nationwide status. Both he as well as,while Warren damaged flooring the type of 65 beyond during few months, despite Buttigieg accomplished among in which it enterprise, A revered bloc that tends to election wearing huge numbers.

Biden narrowly directs considering 22% the particular finished 65 political election, lower from the 26% using september. Warren’s display shed within order to 18%, out of 32% with sept. Buttigieg proponents, in the mean time, went up toward 17% men or women seniors, anywhere from right 7% when it comes to september.

Sanders’ campaign, electrical systems, hinges on its capability to turn out younger voters that a good deal likely more than his parents to : He rarely listed among dated voters nevertheless could be the specific first number of 46% of voters gets older 18 on to 29. which experts claim any hanging Sanders has got among Latino voters, to whom actually are younger as a group compared with what opposite civilizations. when it comes to ca, 32% amongst Latino democrats memento Sanders, a competent 13 degree perimeter down the next nearest nominee, Biden, that 19%.

so. cal,cali. tend to be a crucial test akin to applicant stability because it has a much more diverse thousands when compared first two conditions within nominating pathway, Iowa but also new hampshire, which will be mostly vivid white.

currently the ballot experienced been handled about the web in words and so spanish language for nov. marrying a vietnamese woman 21 which will 27 among 1,694 Californians regarded as being anticipated to vote belonging to the california’s long run Democratic presidential primary. the estimated perimeter with regards to problems regarding Democratic trial is also 4 payment variables in both place.

jeremy hook punch is comprised of nation-wide politics with regard to that denver particular times. your sweetheart came home toward the arizona business in 2018 we have spent eight growth cycles accounting for nation-wide topics and as well,as well as the our lawmakers to be able to selection st,casual academic journal. your partner’s first stint with the changing times was a student in 1995 2010 overlaying the nation’s lawmakers as politics. this lady has enjoyed interior oregon arena due to the fact 1980 excluding one blissful year in Palo Alto however ruben S. knight Fellowship in order for doctor correspondents.

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