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Okay, where do I start? This non-famous wanna be celeb who’s name goes by “Electric Luxury” is so desperate for fame. First of all, he Tweets to celebs like he talks to them & is friends with them, GET OVER IT! He’s had a few Twitter fights because people call him a fame whore, which he is. Posting disgusting pictures & videos of himself on MySpace, YouTube & Twitter, I guess he really likes to embarras himself A LOT. When he did that “Size of Your Boat” Promo from Jeffree Star & Muff Mommy, EWW.

Don’t even wanna talk about it. He photo shops himself wayyy to much. More than half of his comments on YouTube are hate comments. He sings, really????? His single “Sweet Revenge” is the only song people like NOT! Please stop exposing yourself to the internet, if you are be real because you lie to US & YOURSELF!

Just because you talk to @MUFFMOMMY doesn’t mean you’re now famous!

Stop posting pictures like these on the internet you are not so good looking, if you lose weight maybe you would haha, NOT!




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Anon, July 28, 2010

Failure self post is a failure.

Anonymous, July 28, 2010

He reminds me of Brandon Hilton. At least in that B/W picture.

…….., July 28, 2010

eww he’s so gross and wannabe.

Anonymous, July 28, 2010


dyke, July 28, 2010

your ugly. but hey, im a lesbian what do i know?

KassiKandi, July 28, 2010

Uhh, why do we care? Never even heard of the guy. Most likely a self-post.

Anonymous, July 28, 2010

ew im not even reading this cuz hes too ugly.

im gunna automatically say this is a self post.

XxsugarxcoatedxsuicidexloverXx, July 17, 2019

he deff has a slappable face XD

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