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So you may know this wannabe, or you may not. Either way he is a fucking fail. He uses friend cheats to gain friends on MySpace, he still uses Bebo (fail). And all he ever updates about is boring things about how he is spooning his pillow. He is making an album called ‘Party Trick’ he ha to get his online followers to think of a name for it, as he is too unoriginal to think of one by himself. Anyway, he has just uploaded the promo picture. It looks like he has taken and edited it himself and took it on self time. (Which he probably has) It was different the other day, well different text and when peopel started saying it was rubbish he re-edited it.

I see a new Brandon Hilton.

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Petey Plastic, June 13, 2010

Actually the song is pretty good.
I have a first hand look at it and I actually may be on the track.
Don’t diss what you haven’t heard.

…….., June 13, 2010



sn00ki, June 13, 2010

Hater! The album cover is fucking amazing! And Lucas isn’t like Brandon Hilton or
any other fail online “popstar”.

LucasBrenton, June 13, 2010

lolol, Stickydrama fails.

Hmm, June 13, 2010

Oh my God.

IN 3D!

yrrahetc, June 13, 2010

Who cares about his music when his face looks like that without all the myspace angles? Ahhahah he looks a mess, stretching a t-shirt over the shoulder and calling it fashion? Pathetic attempt at internet fame, Pathetic attempt at life.

Anonymous, June 14, 2010


hes the biggest fucking wannabe wanker!!!
ust like who?? oh yeah you said it gurrrrrl – Brandon Hilton-


Anonymous, June 14, 2010

He used to totally swing of Chris Crocker but Chris said shit to him and Lucas tried to cause a huge drama by making a hate video and spamming the link everywhere so people would watch it. He’s since ‘made up’ with Chris so now aspires to be like him and every other e-fag out there.

Using ‘whore’ trains and add-a-friend websites to gain friends is pathetic, something you done in the original Myspace days. He revamped his Twitter so he’s got like 10,000 followers but if you look, they are all autobots. He just wants to come across as popular when it’s all fake and false. He’s just a normal kid obsessed with trying to be famous. It’s time to grow up and get a real job :/

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

^^Autobots? As in Transfomers? LOL. Nah I get your point, he spams himself all around the internet and his ‘fanbase’ are a bunch of wemo girls and gay powderpuffs. I remember he kept trying to add me on Facebook coz he used the invite button and then he’s like ‘IVE GOT TOO MANY FRIENDS, JOIN MY FAN GROUP’.

I also remember on Bebo he was obsessed with being a fame kid and borrowed peoples MSN passwords who had large friend count just so he could invite them all to be his friend. What a freak. Your right, it’s all false popularity. Stupid little gay boy.

amorspermface, June 14, 2010

there should be an option//button on each post that means if enough signed up posters vote it as a self post, its gone. A killvote option. Theyve had that on body modification forums ive been on and it works.

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

Even though he is a fucking pussy, i have to admit that is one badass album cover.
But that’s it. Everything else sucks.

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

Easily done with photo editing programs, hardly original :/ The guy is a fucking failure.

Mittens, June 14, 2010

WOW 3D is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing. It’s like soooooooooooooo original.

Are you lot retarded?

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

What a faggot.

owl, June 14, 2010


Anonymous, June 14, 2010

^ exactly. Just some kid trying to be famous. Rape someone on Stickam and then you’ll be famous.

~~~, June 14, 2010

i’m actually going to shit on this kid’s lawn once i find out where in sydney he lives. friend of mine used to be close with him, apparently he used to be really fucking fat, he’s a LOSER.

Anonymous, June 15, 2010

AHAAHAH he used to be fat. What a faggot.

Hmm, June 15, 2010


I do not respect this Brenton person, but you, my good sir, sound like a total IDIOT.
Notice how I say “sound” like one.
Because you might actually be a genius who will blow me away with you scientific evidence that obesity is linked to homosexuality.

Yeah I get it, it’s a joke, but you still sound like an uneducated moron.
I’m sure you used to be tubby as a kid, a lot of people were, STFU man.

anoymous, June 16, 2010

oh the shit I have on this kid, trust me he does not have an “album” coming out, he doesnt even have a job so why the hell would he be making an album, you have no idea how much this faggot lies, hope your having fun in shitty airds luke hudswell

Anonymous, June 16, 2010

The guy is gay, literally. He has sex with underage boys and thinks he’s a ghetto gangster. He’s an idiot and thinks hes a big deal because he’s doing a free-lance album. Hell any of us could do that. It’s gonna be autotuned efag music anyway.

Anonymous, July 2, 2010

Brandon Hilton is way better than this self posted mess.
more like another wannabe Brandon Hilton.
atleast Brandon’s music is good.
this is cheap autotuned crap!

Anonymous, July 2, 2010

Brandon Hilton is a VERIFIED artist on myspace.
this kid is a nobody, Brandon has been featured on myspaces front page and has a verified tag on his name! this kid cannot compare with his autotuned crap. Brandon has myspace supported music and albums!

dont believe me, look here: http://searchservice.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=sitesearch.results&orig=search_Header&origpfc=UserViewProfile&type=Music&qry=Brandon+Hilton&submit=Search

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