OMGZ!!! @Brandon_Hilton’s New Single on the Radio? 53 comments


10 stations.  Well aren’t you Mr. Famous?  Your podunk local station doesn’t count, Brandon dearest.  Pretty sure it’s not playing on MY radio … if it ever does, I’ll slit my wrists and go take a nice little bath.

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Anonymous, January 16, 2010

no one listens to radio anymore… however everyone I know listens to satilite radio!! bahhhhhhhhhhhh ..

Anonymous, January 16, 2010

your amazing producers???? huh?
let me guess they are so amazing that they tell you to sit at home and record your voice into a mic over and over and then cod them the voice samples so you can in return make tons of money and be a huggeeee starrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….OMFG BRANDON WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Anonymous, January 16, 2010

all i can say is SAD

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