Fan’s Reaction to Beauty Killer: “Come On @JeffreeStar, That’s All You Got?” 45 comments

Alright, so all I could think was that @JeffreeStar would make the best, and I mean the sickest music video for “Beauty Killer.”  That’s actually one of my favorite songs off of his album, which was released September of last year.  After seeing his previous video for “Get away with murder (GAWM),” I seriously thought that @JeffreeStar would go all out this time.  He even said in his twitter that this is a “different” side of him.  It does show him and disgusting @DanielLucasOX naked on a couch:  WOAH, now that’s something the crowd hasn’t seen before, right?

I admit that I still love jeffree and all but, come on he has all this money that he spends on Coach bags, clothes and what not—but he couldn’t put anything into that video?  It’s seriously 3 wigs (plus his regular hair) on a white background, 1 scene on a couch nude with Daniel, and 1 with Jeffree in his blue wig on a chair.  And there’s that occasional ugly crown with his blue hair that he bought at Party City.  But honestly Jeffree, you’ve bored your crowd.  Fire @AustinYoung and get the director for GAWM because this music video SUCKED.

Beauty Killer Music Video

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xcrackxcocainex, June 20, 2010


Anonymous, June 20, 2010

I Agree. I was really expecting much from this video & i was right. the song “Beauty Killer” isnt even that great at all. Theres way better songs than that one on the Album. Even the Bonus Track “Gorgeous” was way better than the song “Beauty Killer”. & Daniel, wow have you guys seen any of the Concert videos. Daniel is just there being a disturbance, sorry daniel. i love you. but dont get involed in Jeffrees shows. your just in the way. and it turns me off. When i go to a Jeffree Star show, im there to see Jeffree Star Perform im not there to see Daniel appear on stage before Jeffree. NOPE!

Brett Tastic, June 20, 2010

i kinda liked it, i mean the GAWM video was waaaaaay better, and we all know it, but this video wasnt sooo bad i guess. it could have been better, but it wasnt the worse i’ve ever seen, seeing them naked together didnt do it for me tho, but its def. a different side of him.

Gage Lang, June 20, 2010

THIS music video SUCKED. Seriously… What the hell is Jeffree doing? I can GUARANTEE he makes tons of money, i mean his car is 120,000 (Audi R8). He needs to step his game up, i feel like he is losing fans (with his rudeness and by being so conceited) and after that he is just going to be a dude with faded pink hair buying Mary Kay makeup. Keep us interested and stop being such a diva JEFFREE.

MattyBeautiful, June 20, 2010

You can see the black editing boarder from :10 – :20. It could have used a lot more TLC and Creativity.

Anonymous, June 20, 2010

i really like the song, first time i’ve heard it tbh. i think maybe, jeffrees idea behind
the video is probably to like, keep all the focus on him? and not backgrounds or anything
i dunno, that could just be a suggestion, i would expect more from him though, and the
blue wig looked so bad ><

MiWildhart, June 20, 2010

Do I hear autotune? Hm. Low budget video, I’m not surprised.

Anonymous, June 20, 2010

I liked the video. People say In the video it’s all Jeffree well he is singing about himself, so I understand the video mainly being about him. And I think Daniel isn’t in the way I loved seeing him in concert with Jeffree.

Gage Lang, June 20, 2010

HONESTLY. I think Daniel is a good focal point of Jeffree’s show. Plus the fact that he is very sweet, but when he’s with Jeffree he’s a total ass. Sorry Daniel. Daniel was the hottest thing up their last night, he stuck the microphone in his mouth then like popped it back out. It was hot. (: ALSO he was drinking with my parents (darker tall guy, and tall blonde girl) But when Jeffree was around, he had to act like a dick. Sorry. Lots of <3

Anonymous, June 20, 2010

I fuckin’ agree with yuou guys, once I saw the video for this I was like WTF? Is this some sort of joke? I can’t believe @jeffreestar is seriously going to make this his video for Beauty Killer. I love the song! It’s my favorite, but this video is just a joke.

Ethan Vanity, June 20, 2010

it was a diff side of him cause the get away with murder one was shady and sexual and this one was light and and sweet unlike the other so it wasnt supposed to be all crazy its a sweet vid and you guys rele need to back off

Danii, June 20, 2010

Yeah you all think this sucks but not really if you think about it. He wanted it to be kinda plain. He wanted his beauty to be known. Notice its mostly his face being show with his make up. His tattoos another part of his beauty. Himself naked with his best friend. Soo uhmm yeah if you idiots took a few seconds to think you’d understand. White Background makes the colors in his Make up and Wigs Pop more. SMART ONES

xXPXx, June 20, 2010

I thought it was beautiful and perfectly simple music video.
He is utterly fucking gorgeous and many many of his fans love to stare at him.
Jeffree can’t always have expensive music videos. If you really look he has had all of these “Coach bags, clothes and what not” for years.He makes sure that he doesn’t use things to close together but he frequently uses things over.
Not everyone has endless amounts of money,and I think this music video is the most amazing piece of work that he has ever done. It really does show a different side of him.
Also,I fucking LOVE Daniel and think he added something very amusing to this video and made it so it wasn’t dull.

Kiylei_collision, June 20, 2010

I love Jeffree star and actually went to his show last night, but bitch better back off my boyfriend. haha he requested that my boyfriend “rape him” classy. In defense of Daniel I fucking love him and he’s got the body to be naked to more power to him. It makes for a good show. As for Beauty Killer it’s my favorite song from this album and it was quite a let down to see such a half-assed production 🙁 maybe next time he’ll do as good of a job as he did with GAWM.

slushieee, June 20, 2010

First he’s playing at small dusty bars and now this video.

awraddf, June 20, 2010

I love how cheap his lip injections look.ugly piece of shit

LVV, June 20, 2010

He could have done waaaaaaaaaay better on this. :/
And the blue wig is fucking ugly. I hate that wig on him.
I was disappointed in this video.

Anonymous, June 20, 2010

ITs kinda pathetic, and whats up with his teeth?
even brandon hiltons video was better than this shit., June 20, 2010

brandon’s video was 10 times better actually. hope you meant that in a good way bc thats my friend your speaking of. ANYWAY, yes this video sucked ass. jeffree blocked me when i told him i didnt like it. i was like, wtf really? blocking me? ugh. but yeah, jeffree talks shit about ppl all day long, but when ppl start to criticize back, he pushes the block button- he cant take what he dishes out. thats his problem. -____-“

Alexiss, June 21, 2010

Dont you guys dare hate on J* And Daniel!!! So this video wasn’t the best out there but hey, he tried!!! And Daniel DOSENT ruin the vid! Who dosent want to see 2 hot gay guys naked on a cough anyways! I LOVE YOU J* AND DANIEL!! 😀

Anonymous, June 21, 2010

When I went to the Jeffree Star concert Daniel and Jeffree where really nice. idk? what you people are talking about them being rude.

David, June 21, 2010

I love how 99% of his fans are fat preteen-whores who think Jeffree is LIEEK SUPER HAWT! Like he does give a damn about women… that faggot.

ajay, June 21, 2010

I love jeffree and Daniel. I also loved his last video. This one just sucked though. Seriously Jeffree?! That blue wig is from like a party superstore. This video was rushed, unoriginal, and just boring. Spice it up Jefree! We’ve all seen your makeup and hair already. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS!

Danii, June 21, 2010

Uhmm Yeahh @David yeah I might be 13 but im not fat. Everybody like screw off of Jeffree cuz he is amazing,yes at first when I started listening to him or seeing him, I thought he was a freak Im not gonna lie, but different eyes can see true art and beauty. Everything is beautiful its just how you look at it. So Hop off of Jeffree because he is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Jealous is what you all are. Maybe If you THINK agian (OMFGG thats so hard right)<{for you idoits its sarcasim} JEFFREE is on tour maybe he is saving money so he can go visit his fans who care about him and appreciate ALL his work

Bailey, June 21, 2010

Jeffree does not give a fuck about his fans. He cares about the attention he can get & the drama he can be in. The video sucks. & he was rude to me at his show too. Daniel is sweet but he used Jeffree for the fame & thinks its fun to be a dick and try to act like Jeffree when they’re around each other. I could care less honestly though, 2 years from now he’ll be living on the streets of Hollywood begging people to let him suck their dick for money.

ari818, June 22, 2010

His teeth and lips are completely trashy and disgusting. Those are the only things you can maintain hygienically for a low low price, so if you can’t even take care of your teeth and mouth, i really have nothing to say to that…just utterly disgusting.

Geoffrey Paris, June 22, 2010

I loved it! He should keep going in this direction. U go girl! <333

Anonymous, June 23, 2010

Keep doing this because if you continue in this direction maybe you can share a cot next to that washed fag Gay God. He wswindle 13 year old girl’s out of their parents money too and look where is little twig of an ass ended up. Pathetic not talent whores disgust me with the way the insult the legacy of American music.

I just wish RuPaul would shove one of her hells so far up his ass you’d have to pull it out through his mouth.

Anonymous, June 23, 2010

@bailey. people have been saying that about jeffree for years. back when he first started making music! and guess what…it still hasnt happened. duh. I am pretty sure he is here to stay.

Madison Paigee, June 24, 2010

Yeah….. I almost fell asleep. Jeffree’s cool and all, but this video didn’t do anything for anyone.

Daniel Lucas, June 25, 2010

@JeffreeStar Is An Disappointment, & Can Sing For Shit.
He Should Thank God For Autotune. Btw You Looked Like Shit
Last Night, Get Your Roots Retouched Bitch.

Daniel Lucas, June 25, 2010

*Can’t Sing For Shit.

XxXcOOki3monstAXxXx3, June 25, 2010


XxXcOOki3monstAXxXx3, June 25, 2010


Anonymous, June 25, 2010

@Anonymous, June 23, 2010, 2:25 am ru paul is just as bad. lol his show just throws the stereotype of a dragqueen out there lo.

Anonymous, June 26, 2010

lol xxxcookiemonstaxxx you’re an idiot.

KyraVonVanity, June 27, 2010

This video is not a pro video like “Get away with murder” Was So S MY D You Omg if i could spear this would not be pretty. You guys are mental Get over yourself it wasent a PRO video like get away with murder was ALEAST he took the time to make it fer his fans you no. You should be thanks full not RUDE!

Anonymous, June 28, 2010

all i know is, i am seriously SO fucking tired of J*.
all he ever does is “sing” about
1. how famous he is.
2. how gay he is.
3. his nonexistant lady genitalia.
4. designer clothes/bags/whatever.
5. lollipops/candy. [btw does he expect us to believe he actually eats candy? or anything for that matter? LOL]
6. other inane scene shit.

seriously jefree, get some new material and learn how to sing.

CaptCupcake, June 29, 2010

Hey Stfu Whores! It’s A Classy Music Video… People Can Do That Too! And Daniel Is Not In The Way. Once Again, Shut Up. Stop Trash Talking… You Are Not Successful Music Artists, So I’d Be Quiet. Bitches.

Anonymous, June 30, 2010

i like how they blurred out his nonexistant boobs

Anonymous, June 30, 2010

hahahahaha look at his bottem teeth at 2:03

Chloe McGuire, June 30, 2010


cakeyt, June 30, 2010

OMG THANKK YOUUU im not the only one who almost died laughing at this shit. i love jeffree but this is fucking crap. and i almost vomited when i saw daniels disgusting body contaminating that sofa. =/

cakeyt, June 30, 2010

also his last two videos where he documents his life weren’t entertaining or funny at all. hupefully hes not losing his “touch” =((

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