@JeffreeStar’s Candid Interview on @BOTDFmusic; @DanielLucasOX’s Singing Career 33 comments

I love jeffree star, I personally do; but there is a lot of dirt to talk about today kids!

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First off @JeffreeStar recently did an interview with “Change The Record.” Which talks about concerts, and my most favorite band Blood On The Dance Floor.

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In the interview he responds to the question, “You collaborated with BOTDF on Sexting, and Inject Me Sweetly, how did that come about?” with “I’d heard about them for a while, and it’s kinda similar to myself and BrokeNCYDE where a lot of people hate it, so I checked it out and I thought it was funny, and I thought it was catchy; they’re like me with my old shit, very low quality kinda, like mine, and they’re just finding their sound. They’re developing a lot, and Sexting was their biggest song so I thought I’d do a little remake of it. They’re fun, they’re really cool!”

Hmm, in there it says that their music is that blood on the dance floor’s music is like his “old” music, very low quality. Where the fuck is it low quality at all, and they are NOTHING like your old stuff hunny. Your old stuff was pretty fucking much about cupcakes and razor blades. Yeah you’re right that they are finding their sound, which they did, in their new album coming out in October.

Alright so that was my first order of business, NEXT!

Daniel Lucas.

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Alright so this disgusting piece of shit, that Jeffree calls a friend (god knows why) feeds off Jeffree’s fame. He now not only dances like an asshole at Jeffree’s concerts:  He sings too. LMAO, is all I can say. He trys to be good and all, and fails completely. Oh did i tell you guys?! He’s starting his own side project. Wanna know what it’s called?  It’s called Whatever. Nice name, right? You can find him on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/whatevermusicxo and he actually has a new blog up now go check it out, he talks about how hes “not” trying to be like Jeffree ;D! fail.

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Anonymous, May 19, 2010

Yeah, you’re right! BOTDF’s music is different to Jeffree’s old shit because Jeffree’s old stuff was a shitty Peaches knockoff. That, however, is still better than sounding like an abominable combination of BrokenSHIT and Scooter and having a child rapist as a lead singer.

All of the people mentioned in this post need to DIAF.

EthanKid, May 19, 2010

LOL. well I love jeffree and botdf. But i’ve got to say that Daniel really gets on my tits. He’s such a leech, strutting around like he’s earned the right to have any fame at all. Jeffree has actually done stuff ( music, make-up, modelling etc ), where as Daniel just occasionally poses with Jeffree trying to look “so fucking fierce”. Fail fail fail.

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

Daniels head if fucking huge, not in a stuck up way, I mean it’s acctually huge

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

I wish jeffree noticed how fake Daniel is, you can find WAY better friends jeffree

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

That blonde guy IS trying to be like jeffree, he wears the same contacts, does the same poses (wich he never used to do) but jeffrees acctually hot

anonymau5, May 19, 2010

they all fail. horrible shitty music from all of them.

danwritessins, May 19, 2010

I hate how Jeffree got back with Daniel.
It’s so obvious Daniel is sucking fame off of Jeffree.

Ice, May 19, 2010

They both have receding hairlines.

spaz, May 19, 2010

Don’t care. Sticky, I am bored with this site so you may close it.

Owl, May 19, 2010

Jeffree is better than BOTDF.
These posts are getting more and more pointless rofl.

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

And Jeffree’s not stuck up and fake either? Lol you people make me laugh. They’re all ugly faggots that will wither away soon.

truth, May 19, 2010

They will both get hair plugs together. What a bonding experience that will be?

Relates, May 19, 2010

So what? Jeffree is just being Jeffree. He’s a jerk- that’s his shtick. If his bitchiness still surprises you, you’re kind of behind the times.

Anonymous, May 19, 2010

@Spaz Sticky isn’t closing his huge website just because you’re fucking bored with it.
You’re a stupid fag to even consider that you can post such a comment
DIE (on the dance floor)
Where i’ll be watching and laughing

Br3ttastic, May 20, 2010

i dont understand, do you or do you not want @DanielLucasOX to go far or not, cuz if you writing about him, your promoting him, right? hmm i really dont understand how jeffree can compare botdf to his “old music” but maybe it was a good thing, saying they have potential? i love botdf and i love jeffree star, i dunno i just dont get this whole argument on who’s better

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

dahvie is finding his sound up a 15yr old’s asshole

Anonymous, May 20, 2010

why is this front page?

blablabla, May 20, 2010

Daniel, you’re irrelevant.


first of all, the person who posted this topic ( Slowbeat) is a fucking tard! i mean look at his/her other posts for god sakes! Brandon Hilton Needs Proactiv??! what the fuck!?! this person circles the “bumps” on Brandon’s face and writes ” FAIL :)” right next to it.
Slowbeat’s a fucking hypocrite because he/she says BOTDF’s his/her favorite band but alot of people hate on BOTDF >:O (ima fan of BOTDF by the way) and here’s this punk bitch hating on DANIEL LUCAS. DANIEL LUCAS IS FUCKING CHILL AS FUCK. I SAW HIM ON The 2 Drunk 2 Fuck Tour AND HE’S BADASS ON STAGE AND IN PERSON!. HE’S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN PIECE OF SHIT Slowbeat WILL EVER BE, OR ANY OF YOU FUCKS HATING ON HIM!!
shit, if Jeffree Star let me dance and sing with him onstage, i would do it too!

EthanKid, May 23, 2010

Can people honestly not see the difference between having talent and not having it? All these faggot fights are making me sick, I’d love to see some of these wannabe idiots try and get away with this shit in England. Wouldn’t last 5 fucking minutes. If you’re talentless, go live your life in another way that doesn’t make everyone angry, having more haters than fans is NOT cool. Case fucking closed.

Anonymous, May 23, 2010

Jeffree’s been to the UK ahaha.. it worked out AMAZING,

Anonymous, May 23, 2010

damn why don’t you people get a life.

Gogorama, May 24, 2010

And quit talking about them like they are musicians. They have NO musical training what so fucking ever. And just because the quote “write” their own lyrics doesn’t mean they write good ones. And if they are such great musicians they why they hell haven’t the done the world a favor and killed Justin Bieber?

atraiocatharsis, May 24, 2010

hhaha @ daniel lucas..

Anonymous, May 25, 2010

i like eggs

rf2ooo, May 26, 2010

Jeffree’s Stickam page was thoroughly ass raped ROFL, it was left without a single friend, comment, pics, vids, music, basically everything. xD

Anonymous, May 28, 2010

botdf isnt really that great. it took me a year to determine their gender, then after listening to their songs it took anoher year to figure out why they would call themselves straight…..?

Anonymous, May 29, 2010

lmaoo ah dahvie finds music inside of 12 year old little girls. with his fucking wigggg

wow, June 1, 2010

dude all these guys are posers and talentless. disco is dead and so is glam punk or whatever they try to do. god just DIE JEFFREE. and all of you who think having haters makes you “famous”. no. get your thumb out your ass and realize that having haters makes you.. well.. HATED. dipshits

Anonymous, June 7, 2010

ha jeffree star is awesome! i love him <3


wowwww so many jeffreee haters i lovee his music but he has became quite annoying ill admittt ittt

Anonymous, June 20, 2010

BOTDF’s music is low quality. I’m not saying it is good or bad but the sound quality is horrible.

Shaunte, February 21, 2019

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