Jeffree Star Kicks Daniel Hilton Off Tour 67 comments

All I can say is…THANK GOD.  I hate Daniel. It’s been so obvious to me that he was only friends with Jeffree for the fame.  He would often go on Jeffree’s stickam when he wasn’t even with Jeffree.  He was a complete bitch to every girl who would go in the room and refused to allow them on cam.  Daniel is ugly and a sad excuse for a tranny.

Jeffree’s announcement:


Daniel’s tweets:


Hmmmm … and the millionaires think he’s really their friend?  I think he’s just going to use them just like he tried to use Jeffree.

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captainstevexxx, August 3, 2009

stfu jeffree lush, the relevance of your posts are absolute zero percent, bite my taint betch

PauliePockets, August 3, 2009

Now I can read Daniel PERFECTLY! I got kicked out of a millionaires show in feburary and he was going to get me back in but I ended up leaving.

He ended up calling my cell phone everyday talking to me and sending me texts saying how he cant stop looking at my pictures and how I’m so adorable and stupid shit like that.

Than he emailed me a n00d, and spoke how he wanted to “pound my ass”. And a while later we just stopped talking.

Months later he goes in my room and asks me to party with him after the NY warped tour, good thing that never happened… or I would have caught something.

Daniels a sick fuck, with a small dick, and when I found out about this I thought of calling him to curse him the fuck out and tell him how it is.

PauliePockets, August 3, 2009

And if I had to get with one of them, Jeffree all the way motha fuckas.

DeAnna DirtyTalk, August 3, 2009


Bebee, August 3, 2009

Daniel’s noodz or GTFO.

Anonymous, August 4, 2009


mitchmazz, August 4, 2009

finally,the lord answered my prayers<3

terrellroederer, August 8, 2009

was so happy when this happened.

jasminesaidwhat, August 13, 2009

thats true and so sad

giulilovesjeffree, August 21, 2009

team jeffree <33 all the way. i was trying to get a picture at warped tour with jeffree & at the last second daniel comes in the picture. now i have to crop him out when i didnt want him in the pic in the first place.

Anonymous, August 25, 2009

when I went and saw J* down in Louisiana, his announcement was, “we had some trouble in FL last night…. etc” and that was after everyone was asking him where Daniel was, seems to me Daniel’s becoming a bigger star than Jeffree, seeing as everyone was worried about where Daniel was, BUT J*, believe it or not was really good live, sounds crazy, but true and he can scream

Rawrzellers, August 25, 2009

Thank god, that little twat was annoying me right the fuck out.

jose_tron, August 29, 2009

mathew kravenstar, would you please SHUT THE FUCK UP!

all time low suck bum cocks, October 25, 2009

Millionaires >>> js

Anonymous, January 29, 2010

my friend met him and stole his make up bag! HAHAHAHA

lol, June 11, 2010

why r ther only to different default pis

tracie parker, June 18, 2010

i hate dan he is a smart ass i saw him on tour with jeffree star 2010 and he was a straight up smart ass my aunt was bout to beat his ass thats how rude he was to me! i love u jeffree.

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