@JessiiSlaughter’s “Good Morning America” Interview Backfires, Jessi Pilloried in ABC’s Comments 44 comments

11-year-old cyberstalking victim @JessiiSlaughter got her 7 minutes of fame—true fame, not e-fame—on today’s “Good Morning America.”  But GMA’s own viewers didn’t have much sympathy for Jessi, with the overwhelming majority of them criticizing Jessi in the comments to ABC’s online version of the story.

Most commenters placed the blame squarely on Jessi and her parents, with more than a handful of them expressing outrage that the broadcast’s hosts blamed rap music for Jessi’s foul and violent language.

Interesting to note that neither the Slaughters nor GMA mention 4Chan, where the campaign of harassment against the Slaughters began, nor StickyDrama, where a MyDrama author posted screencaps of Jessi boasting of her relationship with Blood on the Dance Floor lead singer Dahvie Vanity. (In fact, Jessi is still following us on her Twitter.) Also interesting to note that ABC brought Internet Safety expert Parry Aftab into the fray.  Our readers will recall that Ms. Aftab also commented on John Hock’s 2009 sex assault, in which the so-called expert confused Stickam and StickyDrama.  StickyDrama asked Ms. Aftab how we could make our site safer back then, but we never heard back from her.  A former Stickam employee familiar with Ms. Aftab explained:  “She only advises you in internet safety if you pay her an ‘honorarium,’ a donation.  It’s her racket.”


@JessiiSlaughter “Because I Back Traced It” Remix For Sale On iTunes 27 comments

YouTuber Trey.tech Media has taken 11-year-old’s popular “emotional breakdown” video and edited it into a very popular remix.

Not only catchy and funny as hell, but for sale on iTunes. Brilliant!

For the cheap and those on cellphones, a 1.5 MB Quicktime version can be downloaded here.

@JessiiSlaughter Demonstrates How NOT to Respond to Cyberbullies 88 comments

With an astounding 300,000 views [July 18 update: 1.3 million views] on YouTube, a melodramatic video of Jessi Slaughter and her father has launched the high-pitched 11-year-old from the ranks of quotidian statutory rape allegation to one of the most popular lol-cows of 2010—to the best of StickyDrama’s knowledge surpassed only by “Gingers Have Souls” CopperCab.

Papa Slaughter’s on-camera meltdown recalls Mama Kannibal’s lulzy meltdown back in 2007, also provoked by death threats against her daughter.

Both Papa Slaughter and Mama Kannibal would do well to consider Mama Slaughter’s sagacious advice in an earlier, less-viewed video. At 1:47 until the end of the following video she can be heard saying, “It’s time to calm down … Turn the camera off.”  THAT is the best strategy when your 11-year-old child is being cyberbullied; and the very best strategy of all is not to allow your 11-year-old child to join social networking sites or have an internet connection in his or her bedroom in the first fucking place.

It is unclear as to which comments have outraged the Slaughters, but StickyDrama suspects it involves this recent Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

Scandalous Teen Model @mmmKikiKannibal Recounts Years of Cyberstalking & Cyberbullies 54 comments

The ever so well-adjusted Kiki Kannibal recently typed several small essays in formspring responses describing her experience in dealing with cyberstalkers. Few online entertainers attract more negative attention than 17-year-old Kiki:  She was banned from Myspace at the age of 14, owing to certain photos she took for a boyfriend; and her family felt compelled to move from Miami to Orlando in order to avoid cyberstalkers who brought their harassment to Kiki’s real life.

For the disturbing curriculum vitae of Stickam’s top-ranked female entertainer, click here.

StickyDrama has sympathy for Kiki: no one, and certainly no child, should have to endure the abuse she describes. But we can’t help remarking that her provocatively sexual photographs, taken throughout her teenage years, must have exacerbated the problem.

Whereas most teenagers do naughty things behind their parents’ backs, Kiki’s photographs and outfits clearly involved parental consent and funding. Tellingly, Kiki’s parents are managers of the Kiki Kannibal Corporation and owners of the Kiki Kannibal trademark. Incorporating and trademarking are wise business decisions, but have these business decisions been deletrious to Kiki’s emotional and physical well-being?


m0d the Cyberstalker 12 comments

After looking at the ‘Sextortion’ video Sticky was on I saw a face I recognised. I would like to know more about him. Whether the guy in picture is actually the pervert or if he is just using his pictures.

I talk to this guy on myspace and now want to know so I can let the myspace community know whether he is a pervert and whether people need to be warned, because thats the first time of hearing that this guy has been involved in sextortion so it is not THAT well known.

StickyDrama Featured on FOX News Investigation of Cyberstalkers & Blackmailers 60 comments

StickyDrama was featured on the last Fox Investigations Tuesday broadcast here in Los Angeles.

The investigative report referenced the several StickyDrama articles pertaining to “sextortion,” or blackmailing sexual performances over webcam.  The broadcast addressed specific blackmailers and cyberstalkers such as Aussie, Sean Savvy, m0d and r0uter.

Death threats against m0d and his family members prompted FOX to disable commenting on their own post of broadcast.  Commenting is allowed here, but any threats of violence towards anyone will be deleted and the commenter’s IP banned from this site.


How Not to Get Owned by Aussie 29 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I made a few minor edits to this commendable post, the most significant change being my suggestion to go report cyberstalkers to the FBI, not your local police.  Your local police department will probably lack the resources to investigate a cybercrime; and in my experience the FBI takes online “sex-tortion” complaints more seriously, particularly in cases involving minors.  The author “Incognito” also apparently included his cellphone number in order to contact him; but in general I do not allow phone numbers to be posted on this site, and so I removed it.]

Tutorial Written By: incognito
Tutorial Written On: July 3rd, 2010.
Tutorial Titled: How to not get owned by Aussie
Author Contact: Skype: djhutch17

A little background info:

So, everyone probably knows or has heard of  ‘Aussie’ for example. He’s a BMer (blackmailer) who gets girls to

bate on cam, by threatening to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services). This tactic is horrible, as well as illegal. If caught

DDoSing there is a minimum prison sentence of (approx) 2 years. If you add a sentence of a couple counts of sexual harassment, and

other things that time doubles and possibly(?) triples.

Step 1:

If Aussie has pictures/(?vids) of you bating/fingering on cam, or other personal humiliating things, in which he uses against you to keep you around and doing things for him, just simply block him. He cannot grab your IP (Internet protocol address) if he DOES NOT have direct contact with you.

Step 2:

Tell Aussie he is a fucking faggot and that he needs to go die/get a life, & stop fucking with girls online before you report him to the proper authorities (your local FBI).

Step 3:

Do not worry about the content that Aussie has on you, because it’s just the internet, if you ‘fear’ him he has direct impact on your IRL (REAL LIFE) just report it to the FBI.


That is the end to incognito’s tutorial. If Aussie is giving you problems, just fucking block him.  He does not have the

power/nor resources to do anything more than DDoS.


Thanks for reading this tutorial on how not to get owned,



Daniel Leask aka Aussie aka Leasky 48 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I’ve been receiving complaints about Aussie for years.  Not months, but years.  I am convinced he’s a major cyberstalker on Stickam and an infamous AnonIB poster.  If you have information or documents that would establish his real identity and home address, please send an email to contact@stickydrama.com including all relevant information.]

“Aussie” known as Leasky or Daniel gets girls naked one by one, tricking them into doing shit with house hold items, their pets and other stuff so he won’t “hack” you.

HERE IS HIS CURRENT STICKAM: http://stickam.com/cheesybite

annon video:


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