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I can only assume that kelli is refering to amor and possibly these:

is kelli justified in her request?

and why is there still a picture of amor with ryan on her page?

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kc, October 7, 2009

to anon @5:25 at matty’s going away party everyone was drinking and the baby was there. there’s even a picture with the beer pong table and her car seat underneath it:))))

also, I just happened to see that one. I follow a lot of people and kelli happens to be one of them.

chelllzz, October 7, 2009

jesus christ leave kelli alone. she’s actually a great mother, just having some problems atm. i love my kelli and audrey<333

Anonymous, October 8, 2009

really. a baby has no idea what’s going on. being in the presence of alcohol and weed isn’t going to affect the baby negatively. if anything being around a bunch of people is good for her.

Anonymous, October 8, 2009

^^ Did you really just say that? I am seriously in shock at the stupidity, wait. No I’m not. And once more to Anon @ 5:25:

“Get a life, if she chooses to update how she got drunk or does drugs. WHO SAYS HER BABY IS THERE? Who says she’s drinking a beer with one hand and the baby in the other?”

Regardless if her BABY is there or not, for an individual to be fucked up all the time and having a child, who wants to have an addict mother? So you’re implying that a ‘parent’ can be fucked up all the time doing drugs and drinking…and STILL be a good parent? HIGHLY doubt that. AND SHE HAS GOTTEN FUCKED UP WITH HER CHILD IN HER PRESENCE. Many people have seen, I myself have seen. Like I said, when that child is older…what child wants to be around that mess and the mothers trashy friends? This is speaking from someone who knows her IN REAL LIFE, not someone who is ‘obsessed’ with ‘no life’ and keeping up with ‘drama.’ Don’t speak about anything unless you, YOURSELF know what the fuck is going on. I hope that I’ve shed some light for you.

Anonymous, October 8, 2009

*yawn* to anon @ 3:18

Anonymous, October 9, 2009

anon 10:29 all you can say to anon 3:18 is yawn? lmaoooo bc you prob dont have nothin to say back to the person. they do have good points of views. urs was kinda shitty.

Anonymous, October 9, 2009

ahahahaha kelli is dumb. so is amor. i don’t see why theyre still not friends. the saying goes birds of a feather flock together. amirite?

Anonymous, October 10, 2009

No I yawned because it’s ridiculous to go back and forth on the matter. OKAY you point this and that out. It’s not your life nor your baby and posting all the things she does wrong on here solves what?

And I stand by my statement of calling you retarded stalkers. If you don’t like Kelli and talk shit on her. WHY follow her on twitter? Why check up on her new posts? So you can talk shit? So you can bash her? That only makes you EQUAL IF NOT WORSE than her.

Grow up children. There’s a bigger world than this internet and the internet “celebs”

Anonymous, October 12, 2009

i guess you didn’t see the part where they said they knew her in real life, hahaha. how is that stalking her? they dont go by internet. annnnnnd has anyone seen this shit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fKDpO_h_Hs

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