Chen-Chan: 4Chan Takes Aim at Gawker Writer @AdrianChen 22 comments

@AdrianChen, a Gawker writer who picked up the MyDrama post alleging an illicit relationship between 11-year-old @JessiiSlaughter and 25-year-old Dahvie Vanity of emo band @BOTDFmusic, reported today that Jessi is under police protection, that Child Protection Services is monitoring the family, and that a court has ordered Jessi not to use a computer for three days.

It is unclear whether Chen is aware that Dahvie was arrested in 2009 in Colorado on charges of sexual assault. It is also unclear at the present time whether Dahvie’s accuser recanted, whether the authorities declined to prosecute, whether the case went to trial or whether the charges were dismissed when Dahvie appeared before a judge.  All of the aforementioned theories abound in the comments to dozens of MyDrama posts reporting hitherto baseless allegations of statutory rape against the popular emo lead singer @BOTDFmusic.  When StickyDrama made a phonecall to the Centennial Police Department over the weekend in order to verify that the report was valid, the Police Department’s operator told us that information is kept with the Arapaho County’s Sheriff’s Office of Records, which is closed until Monday.

But it is Chen’s critical stance towards 4Chan (otherwise known as /b/) and Tumblr trolls that has had the unsurprising side-effect of drawing the ire of 4Chan and Tumblr trolls.  And the consequences might NEVER be the same.

“FOX hates it when we do a story on Anonymous or the Chans,” one of StickyDrama’s contacts at FOX News Investigations told us.  “They DOS the server and deface the websites and call our offices for days.  It’s harmless but a major hassle that they don’t want to deal with.”  For our part, StickyDrama would sooner take on a Japanese billionaire with mob connections than the Chans.  Even NYC’s Village Voice chimed in the fray, opining that Chen is must be looking for trouble.

Trolls intent on making making a mockery of Chen will probably jizz their nuts dry extracting still frames from videos uploaded to his Vimeo. And Chen’s surname seems ripe for another Chin-Chan spin-off:  Chen-Chan anyone?

@BOTDFmusic’s Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Sexual Assault; @JessiiSlaughter’s Parents Under Investigation? 83 comments

Since Sticky loves legal documents, this one is for him. Some police report on Dahvie Vanity being a sex offender?

[Sticky’s note:  LOL OMFG YES I DO LOVE THIS!  Thank you, your post is a great example of the investigative journalism that I wish all MyDrama posts demonstrated.  I’ve always given Dahvie the benefit of the doubt regarding statutory rape allegations, but this record of arrest shook my faith in his innocence.  I attempted to contact the City of Centennial so that this report can be verified, but am not sure in which state that city is located; I was on hold for several minutes with the non-emergency line for the City of Centennial, Colorado Police Department before giving up.  Any readers with more information are urged to leave whatever you know in the comments to this post.]

And Jessi Slaughter’s “You dun goof’d” pedo-stache-rocking Billy Mays of a father and irrelevant mother are under investigation by police following complaints of “concerned parents.”

As if this was not means enough to take away someone’s child…


StickyDrama Featured on FOX News Investigation of Cyberstalkers & Blackmailers 60 comments

StickyDrama was featured on the last Fox Investigations Tuesday broadcast here in Los Angeles.

The investigative report referenced the several StickyDrama articles pertaining to “sextortion,” or blackmailing sexual performances over webcam.  The broadcast addressed specific blackmailers and cyberstalkers such as Aussie, Sean Savvy, m0d and r0uter.

Death threats against m0d and his family members prompted FOX to disable commenting on their own post of broadcast.  Commenting is allowed here, but any threats of violence towards anyone will be deleted and the commenter’s IP banned from this site.

How Not to Get Owned by Aussie 29 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I made a few minor edits to this commendable post, the most significant change being my suggestion to go report cyberstalkers to the FBI, not your local police.  Your local police department will probably lack the resources to investigate a cybercrime; and in my experience the FBI takes online “sex-tortion” complaints more seriously, particularly in cases involving minors.  The author “Incognito” also apparently included his cellphone number in order to contact him; but in general I do not allow phone numbers to be posted on this site, and so I removed it.]

Tutorial Written By: incognito
Tutorial Written On: July 3rd, 2010.
Tutorial Titled: How to not get owned by Aussie
Author Contact: Skype: djhutch17

A little background info:

So, everyone probably knows or has heard of  ‘Aussie’ for example. He’s a BMer (blackmailer) who gets girls to

bate on cam, by threatening to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services). This tactic is horrible, as well as illegal. If caught

DDoSing there is a minimum prison sentence of (approx) 2 years. If you add a sentence of a couple counts of sexual harassment, and

other things that time doubles and possibly(?) triples.

Step 1:

If Aussie has pictures/(?vids) of you bating/fingering on cam, or other personal humiliating things, in which he uses against you to keep you around and doing things for him, just simply block him. He cannot grab your IP (Internet protocol address) if he DOES NOT have direct contact with you.

Step 2:

Tell Aussie he is a fucking faggot and that he needs to go die/get a life, & stop fucking with girls online before you report him to the proper authorities (your local FBI).

Step 3:

Do not worry about the content that Aussie has on you, because it’s just the internet, if you ‘fear’ him he has direct impact on your IRL (REAL LIFE) just report it to the FBI.


That is the end to incognito’s tutorial. If Aussie is giving you problems, just fucking block him.  He does not have the

power/nor resources to do anything more than DDoS.


Thanks for reading this tutorial on how not to get owned,



@KimberlyOnAir Interviews @Brandon_Hilton: Lame Hoax or Harbinger of the Apocalypse? 101 comments

A reader sent StickyDrama a link to the above video, which frankly left us stunned.  Scene on 7 appears to be legitimate, but we can’t believe they’d be so desperate for content as to devote a segment to internet lol-cow Brandon Hilton. What’s this world coming to?

Kimberly, click on our “Brandon Hilton” category to learn more about this so-called “celebrity.”

John Hock “Stickam Rape” Case Remanded Again; Watch the Sex Assault Video Recording and Vote 109 comments

To StickyDrama’s eyes, this video depicts sexual activity:

But the Maricopa County Superior Court disagrees. At least, the Court determined that the video, in and of itself, does not depict “sexual activity constituting a crime.”  And so it remanded Stickam rapist John Hock’s case back to grand jury for the second time last week, meaning Hock must yet again be indicted in order for his trial to proceed.  His case had been remanded once before. Then the grand jury indicted him a second time.  But Hock’s attorney Bruce Blumberg continues to file motions delaying the actual trial.

In both motions, Blumberg used a detective’s testimony as grounds to have the case remanded.  In the first instance, he successfully argued that the State should not have elicited testimony the detective that Hock did not want to speak to dectectives.  In the recent second instance, Blumberg successfully argued that the detective should not have described the content of the video as “sexual activity.”


Under Arizona law, penetration of the vagina or anus or mouth with the penis or tongue or fingers is a necessary element of “sex” and apparently even the phrase “sexual activity.”  To StickyDrama, such an argument is sophistry.  Grinding one’s crotch into a woman’s exposed vagina while kissing her is “sexual activity” without being penetrative sex.  Were someone to perform similar actions to a sleeping woman on the New York subway, would the perpetrator not be charged with a sex crime?

In any event, Hock’s few remaining fans shouldn’t get too hopeful.  The Court indicates it believes or at least does not reject the argument that sexual activity constituting a crime did in fact occur the night of his broadcast:


The case has not been dropped or  entirely dismissed, only remanded back to grand jury.  Since any person with half a brain would probably believe that at some time on the night of the broadcast Hock did in fact have penetrative sex with the victim, the State of Arizona should easily indict Hock a third time—even without describing the video content itself as “sexual”—allowing his trial to finally proceed.

StickyDrama thinks the video shows sexual activity—do you?

[poll id=”15″]

PS:  We were watching “Law & Order” at the time of the sex assault, and that show’s audio was accidentally recorded along with Hock’s microphone.  It’s impossible for us to separate the two tracks.  This is the same video and audio recording that StickyDrama sent to the Phoenix Police Adult Sex Crimes Unit.


I sat here for quite a while thinking of how I could start this post, and nothing came to mind.  I really don’t know where to begin so I’ll just say it.
When someone rapes a woman LIVE on the internet and turn themelves in, HOW ARE THEY INNOCENT?
You can’t fake proof like that, and I doubt this girl and John Hock (or John COCK as i call him) staged a live rape for publicity.  Especially since a stunt like that would have ruined his life.

Try convincing this girl.

Im not sure if she’s the one on the left, but it seems that in her world, she and hock were made to rule the scene kingdom.

As pretty as she is, she can be sane if she’s madly in love with a RAPIST
and a fugly one at that.

She has started a stickam page as the first step in proving Hocks innocence.
Never mind that he has scarred a poor young girl for life and that hes had a history of being a creep.  He’s hot ,so he has to be innocent right?

Her “About Me” states, “I am one of many Guardian Angels looking over and protecting John Hock from this cruel world all humans have to endure …”


She is on stickam “to Free John Hock from the injustices that have been placed on him by human society … for only GOD may judge him as he straddles Heaven or Hell ”

I think we all know where John is going 😉

Her only hobbies are “Freeing John Hock”

Unsurprisingly, the only thing she loves is “John Hock”

And the only thing she hates is “the people that are doing this to him … and all of the John Hock haters that hate him just to hate … That have never even meet him …”

It gets worse!  She has devised a plan for all her other john obsessed fans to declare their undying love for this scene peice of shit hobbit-look-alike rapist.  She claims that “if anybody would like to chat with John Hock personally … send me your phone number … and I will forward them to him … it is a collect call that costs $2.30 per 12 minutes … no cell phones … times will vary … thanks”

Who would waste money talking to that horny hobbit?


I sure as hell wouldn’t.  I’d probably say something like, “she won’t think he’s innocent when he rapes HER,” but we can clearly see she longs for his shriveled up scene hobbit crotch,and its not rape if you want it.

I don’t see why he didn’t just have sex with her on stickam.

He wouldnt have gone to jail,and her  life would be complete. / johnhockisinnocent

heres her myspace

ABC News Erroneously Reports AOL Owns Stickam 7 comments

In an ABC News story reporting social networks’ cooperation with New York Attorney General Andrew Cumo to ban sex offenders, reporter Ayana Harry made the erroneous statement that Stickam is owned by AOL.


The ABC report reads as follows:

AOL, Google, and Yahoo are teaming up with New York’s Attorney General to identify the sex offenders lurking on their social networking sites and take them offline….  The agreement with Yahoo, Google and AOL affects 13 social networking sites. Google owns and Yahoo owns, while AOL owns the other 11 sites —,,,,,,,,, and Registered sex offenders with accounts on those sites will have their memberships purged.

By now, most StickyDrama readers should be aware that is in fact owned by Advanced Video Communications, LLC (AVC). AVC is headquartered atop the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles and is an affiliate of DTI Services, a company that offers live pay-per-view sex shows to the Japanese market.  New York Times reporter Brad Stone (no relation to StickyDrama) has published a series of articles exposing Stickam’s affiliation with DTI as well as the Japanese billionaire who ultimately owns both companies.

The story was covered by all major news outlets, and Stickam’s participation with Mr. Cuomo was mentioned by FOX News, the New York Daily News, the Wall Street Journal, Cnet and several small technology blogs. ABC’s was apparently the only report containing the untrue statement that AOL owns Stickam.

ABC News has a habit of not getting certain details quite right when it comes to Stickam.  When John Hock’s live sex assault made front-page headlines across the world, ABC News reporter Emily Friedman reported that Stickam’s domain url was “”

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